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mums in Donegal, Ireland?

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irishmammy Sat 17-Apr-04 20:44:36

any mums out there from Donegal...or anywhere else in Ireland?

dinosaur Mon 19-Apr-04 12:28:33

Hi there - I live in London now, but just wanted to say hello as I am from Donegal originally - my parents moved to England when I was 10. We go back quite a lot though - have just come back from a four-day stay, actually.

Whereabouts are you, if you don't mind me asking?

miracleabie Tue 20-Apr-04 17:31:41

Hi Irishmammy, i'm in belfast so not too far. Good to know there are others on the island typing away.

crystaltips Tue 20-Apr-04 18:13:04

Hi there I'm from Belfast too! Have you been lurking long irishmammy ?

Was it you miracleabie ( ? ) who I said could chat via contact another talker ... ? Cannot remember - sorry if you tried but changed my email address ... and if you didn't no worries

prittymoma Wed 05-May-04 14:40:17

hello irish mammy,

just found your message, again i'm not much help as i live in england now, but i grew up in donegal, near letterkenny. and just wanted to say hi!.
you could always advertise MN in your local libraries doctors surgery etc and rope in a few more cyber mums. then you'll have a 'wile' lot of people to talk to.

miffy2 Wed 05-May-04 14:56:07

I am in (and from) Dublin. Have lurked on mumsnet for ages and started posting recently. (Very weird, felt like busting in after eavesdropping on a very long conversation!).
I don't know many people here who log on to mumsnet, there are two big ireland-based parenting sites that are v popular, but I love getting the wider perspective of mumsnet (plus more people = more messages to read...)

dinosaur Wed 05-May-04 14:58:20

oh prittymoma - me too! (about 8 miles from L'kenny)

gloworm Wed 05-May-04 15:23:22

pretty momma and dinosaur...where exactly you from??? u know the names of the irish websites?

by the way, i was irishmammy but changed to less naff gloworm!

dinosaur Wed 05-May-04 15:25:49

Ooh, do I dare say - why not, I used to live in a little town called Ramelton. Long time ago now though...

gloworm Wed 05-May-04 15:29:36

Message withdrawn

gloworm Wed 05-May-04 15:32:30

Is is just me or does it feel slightly wierd losing some of the anonimity that comes with MN?
...maybe its the "small gossipy town thing"...everyone knows who you are, knows everything about you, etc etc!!!

dinosaur Wed 05-May-04 15:33:15

yes...tbh I don't think I'd have posted that if I still lived there!

gloworm Wed 05-May-04 15:37:32

maybe I'll have to move now

what age are yoy kids (if you have any!!)
mine, ds 2.2yrs and dd 6mths

dinosaur Wed 05-May-04 15:38:25

DS1 - 5 in july

DS2 - 3 in August

DS3/DD1 - due in August

gloworm Wed 05-May-04 15:41:07

how is your pregnancy going? what do your 2 boys think about idea of new baby?

dinosaur Wed 05-May-04 15:43:34

It's going fine, thanks

DS1 is quite curious about the whole thing, and has been going about rounding up all the "baby" toys saying "This is for the new baby".

DS2 thinks we should call it "Suzie" (the name of Spot's baby sister) and insists that we read about Spot's baby sister every night before bed!

gloworm Wed 05-May-04 15:48:12

its amazing now adaptable they are at that age.
ds can probably never a time when dd wasn't here....he has no idea that most of the clothes/toys she uses were his not so long ago!
He insists that all the baby photos of himself are pictures of her have tried telling him otherwise but he doesnt believe me!

ghengis Wed 05-May-04 16:08:33

I'm from Dublin (Malahide) but have lived in UK for years, married an Englishman, etc. Considering moving 'home' again but house prices are sooooo expensive now.

gloworm Wed 05-May-04 16:11:50

agree re:house prices, its horendous will probably be renting forever! when are you moving or is it "just a thought" at the moment?
what part of uk are you in?

and why are none of us marrying irishmen

ghengis Wed 05-May-04 16:44:34

DH taking redundancy in September and we are planning at the mo. We are currently in Exeter which is lovely but miss out on family support and the craic! I know lots of lovely Irishmen but I fell in love with DH!

gloworm Thu 06-May-04 10:05:18

Message withdrawn

miffy2 Mon 10-May-04 14:22:55

the Irish websites are (European in fact but the Buletin Boards are mainly populated by women in Ireland for some reason) and Rollercoaster is quite informative but the 'craic' is better at eumom.

1980louisiana Wed 09-Feb-05 22:37:39

hi all irish mums, im from co.antrim. Are there any other co.antrim mums on mumsnet?

1980louisiana Wed 09-Feb-05 22:37:42

hi all irish mums, im from co.antrim. Are there any other co.antrim mums on mumsnet?

irishbird Wed 09-Feb-05 23:07:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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