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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Ne mums in Watford/Bushey?

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sum41sbombette Fri 16-Apr-04 22:41:08

Hi, I really would like to get to know other mums in the Watford/Bushey area. My dd is very sociable at 16 months but is not around other toddlers of similar age often. Im quite young myself, at the age of 19 (20 in July) which kind of puts people off me, so I was wondering if ne1 just wanted to have a chat. I wont bite your head off! HONEST!!

karen99 Sat 17-Apr-04 08:02:27

Hi sum41sbombette! Have a look at this thread . A few of us around your area are meeting up next Friday. You are more than welcome to join us And mumsnet is ageless so don't worry about it

meandthomas Wed 28-Apr-04 10:57:22

hi, i'm new too.. im 19 on saturday! can i come 2? I'm feeling really bored! my son is nearly 6 months and i would like to get out more.

Janstar Wed 28-Apr-04 11:05:42

Hi, meandthomas. Of course you would have been welcome but unfortunately time has passed and we met *last* week.

However we meet up every few weeks so this won't be the last time! I will be starting a new thread soon about our next meet-up.

Where do you live?

meandthomas Wed 28-Apr-04 11:19:34

hi, i live in potters bar. Ooh yes please keep me updated... going crazy right now!

Janstar Wed 28-Apr-04 11:40:33

I live near the M25 juct 21A, meandthomas, and one of the ladies who met up last week lives in Enfield.

Don't worry, there are plenty of mumsnetters around you! Do you drive?

meandthomas Wed 28-Apr-04 11:42:54

yes I do drive. Fantastic.. i'm really looking forward to getting out more, theres only so much baby babble you can take!

Janstar Wed 28-Apr-04 12:06:16

I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel as if my brain is turning to mush with the standard of conversation you can expect sometimes for 12 hours a day. Then the men come home and often don't feel like talking because they are tired or stressed out.

Mumsnet is great for a bit of adult conversation.

Kayleigh Wed 28-Apr-04 12:11:11

Hi meandthomas and sum41sbombette. Look forward to meeting you both at next meet-up. We are hoping to do an evening sometime soon as it occasionally gets a bit hectic with the little ones and you never seem to be able to finish a conversation !
(I'm in Barnet by the way)

Janstar Wed 28-Apr-04 12:27:37

Kayleigh, after you left on Friday dh asked me if we had actually managed to talk to one another!

meandthomas Wed 28-Apr-04 13:34:38

an evening sounds good. Where abouts in barnet kayleigh? My nan lives there and so am there loads. How old are everyones babies?

Janstar Wed 28-Apr-04 13:37:02

I have two dds 11 and 14 and ds 3

Kayleigh Wed 28-Apr-04 13:42:37

I'm near high barnet tube. Not going into any more detail than that on here ! I have two boys, one 6 in august and one 3 in June, so not really babies anymore - although still my babies
We swim at the Furzefield centre most weekends ! I am always in the pool looking at mums and wondering if they are mumsnetters.

Janstar, i am looking forward to meeting up in the evening. On friday I felt I'd had at least 8 different conversations all of which had no ending ! (ps love the wee in the bin thread, by the way )

tammybear Wed 28-Apr-04 13:44:11

My dd is 16 months, and Im in Watford. I would love to meet up with everyone in the next meetup. (btw iv changed my name to tammybear)

ash001 Thu 13-May-04 18:18:17

I have just joined this forum as I live in Watford and have a 7 month old. When is your next meet and how old are your children?

tammybear Thu 13-May-04 21:10:36

hi ask001, i have a 17 month old dd (darling daughter). You'll get use to the abbreviations on here. Where abouts in Watford are you? Im by Bushey Arches

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