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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Highgate (North London incl) mums-to-be meet up this Monday!!

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Schmauskin Thu 15-Apr-04 22:21:25

Tentative plan to meet up in Muswell Hill this Monday, 19th May...Schmauskin & Ixel are in - any others wanna join? Be fun to to have a chat and make new friends!!

alamel Fri 16-Apr-04 14:12:00

Would love to meet normally but can't make Monday. Any other time you are in Muswell Hill would be good.

PS Try to send you an email saying this but got a note from the Mumsnet facilitator to say that your registration was set up so that they couldn't forward emails to you.

Schmauskin Fri 16-Apr-04 16:43:38

Hi there...don't know why you had aproblem e-mailing me...
So where do you live?

Ixel Sat 17-Apr-04 22:28:20

LD and me are meeting sometime Monday... we seem to have two strands of arrangements going here!! Are we all meeting together? we haven't arranged a time yet. Schmauskin, if you want to meet with LD when I do, email me... I'll pick it up tomorrow night, and let you know what's going on!

FranWalsh Thu 22-Apr-04 23:04:06

Are new people welcome? Just found mumsnet tonight and I am in Crouch End so very near. Can you tell me where and when you are meeting? I have a one-year old boy in tow...x

LD Mon 26-Apr-04 07:43:26

Ixel (and Lexi), Schmauskin (and bump)and Myself (and Connor) met up for coffee and a chat last week - it would be nice to arrange another meet up though so how are you all placed for the end of this week, or next -anyone else want to meet up, the more the merrier!!
You can email me on
Lauren xx

Ixel Mon 26-Apr-04 19:06:57

Hi Franwalsh... would love to meet up. Anytime from next week on. Any good baby friendly places in Crouch End, or shall we make it Muswell Hill? Are you coming LD/Schmauskin?

LD Mon 26-Apr-04 21:31:29

hi Ixel/Franwalsh,
Yes I'm keen! Ive found another baby friendly place in Muswell hill too - 'Giraffe' on the roundabout by Boots. It has changing facilities etc also if we decide early enough we could book a table and get near the big windows at the front which open up, nice on a hot day like today. But if you want to try Crouch End I can get there easily enough although may need directions on how to get there by bus!!! any other thoughts on a day - I cant make Weds and Thurs though, shall we make it friday this week -or next week?

Ixel Tue 27-Apr-04 15:25:36

Lets do next week, as we go swimming on Fridays. Where was the baby changer in Giraffe? I must be going mad, as I couldn't see it when we went, so was fuming as I thought it had been removed when the place changed hands!!! Or, you get the 102 and then the W7 for Crouch End. I dont think there's an easier way for you, but I may be wrong.I'm glad the wobbly bottom lip of the little pest didn't put you off another meet up!!

LD Wed 28-Apr-04 16:55:41

Oh he isnt a little pest, just a bit sensative to my ones loud noises I think! Giraffes baby changer is believe it or not next to the door for the mens!! which is off to the right as you go down the stairs to the ladies loos, a bit mad but there alright! I cant make next friday now but what about Monday 10th or tuesday 11th.

Ixel Wed 28-Apr-04 18:13:22

Hi LD... 10th or 11th are both fine for me; afternoons would be better. Perfect timimg, as I'm having 3 fillings done on the 12th, so will be dribbling as much as ds that day!!
So that's why I missed the changer! Foolishly tried to look where it used to be, above a toilet in the ladies! Didn't think anyone would bother moving it. Giraffe is a bit pricey, but they do a lovely falafel burger, so I could easily be persuaded... By the way, have you seen the thread about being on telly? It's in the Media section. What you you reckon? Come and hold my hand??!
And, yes, I know he's not really a pest. But he used to be so amiable... going through a narky phase lately! He's been crying today because I don't shovel the beby rice in fast enough!!

Schmauskin Thu 29-Apr-04 15:19:14

Hi all! Been hectic so sorry to have not been in touch.
Am free on the 11th and would love to see you chaps again, so let me know what the plan is.

Kate x

Ixel Thu 29-Apr-04 15:36:48

ok, lets try for 11th!

LD Fri 30-Apr-04 12:59:29

Great! I am fine for the 11th too so do you want to name a time and place?

ragtaggle Fri 30-Apr-04 13:05:59

Can I join this? Have six month old baby and live in Highbury. Is there a time and place or are you still trying to organise?

Ixel Fri 30-Apr-04 13:08:14

Hi LD... ok, lets do 11th, at Giraffe, say 1pm? Totally random time, so alter it if you want, but I think i'll be taking ds to be weighed, which is between 9 and 11.30, so I could only make 12 to be on the safe side! Do you think we really need to book? It shouldn't be too bad on a weekday.

Ixel Fri 30-Apr-04 13:10:29

Hi Ragtaggle... just saw your message! Please come along.. the more the merrier!! Is it a boy or a girl? Not that it has any bearing on you being welcome!! Is the venue ok for you?

LD Fri 30-Apr-04 16:14:05

thanks Ixel for making a decision!! 1pm is fine by me at muswell Hill, Giraffe (shall I ring and book a table near the windows just incase it is nice and warm). welcome Ragtaggle, would be lovely to meet you too, I have a DS who is 8 1/2mths. See you on the 11th
Lauren x

Ixel Fri 30-Apr-04 20:49:05

Yes, book a table.... say about 5 plus babies, but warn them its an approximate figure as we dont yet know for definite. And I think you're very optimistic re the weather... dont you realise summer was last week?!!

ChicPea Thu 13-May-04 23:24:19

Hi there! I never did do the ante natal classes as I was too busy nor did I meet mums post partum so I feel I have really missed out! I live in Hampstead and would love to join you. I would bring my DS of almost 7mths with me. Do you only do Mondays or is Thur or Fri an option?

Ixel Sun 16-May-04 14:28:15

Chicpea...just seen your message! Fancy a coffee? Thurs and Fris are fine by me, as a rule. Let me know how you're fixed.I'm sure LD would like to come too.

LD Mon 17-May-04 11:02:51

Hi Chickpea and Ixel, Im ok for Thursdays or Fridays too and would love to meet up also so let me know where and when.

ChicPea Tue 18-May-04 09:01:50

Oooh! How exciting! I've never got together with other mums! Shall we do this week or next? What suits you both according to your routine, a morning or an afternoon and where? Muswell Hill? I don't know where you both live.

Ixel Tue 18-May-04 09:33:29

This week is better for me actually, as dh has the thurs and fri off next week, so we actually have a chance to spend some time together!! Muswell Hill is good for me, and I think for LD as she's never complained before. But I dont mind Hampstead either. The bus routes aren't very good between the two, so someone will lose out, whatever we decide!

ChicPea Tue 18-May-04 09:45:44

Okay, I can do do this Thursday or Friday: shall we do Giraffe in Muswell Hill on Thursday at 11/12-ish or after 3pm or Friday at 11.30am. If you do want to come to Hampstead or Belsize Park, there are lots of places to sit outstide which would be nice as weather is just gorgeous. Belsize Park has a Starbucks with seating outside or there are the pasta places where you can just have coffee. Don't want anybody to miss out so I am v.flexible on area.

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