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Mother & Baby Groups in Harrow area????

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Rohey Wed 14-Apr-04 12:17:20

Hi there...

Does anyone know of any good mother & baby groups in the Harrow area..
DD now aged 8 months responds well to other babies and would like her to mingle alittle more..
Poor thing she is probably bored of seeing me day in day out..!!

Juno Thu 15-Apr-04 20:33:23

Hi Rohey

I lived in Harrow until the end of last year and used to go to a group called the Teddies club, which met at a YWCA just past the shops at Harrow on the Hill. Other than that, I'd suggest having a look on Harrow Netmums (confusing, huh?) which seemed to have lots of information. Also the local NCT people are good contacts to make (even if you're not a member) and know about stuff going on locally.

Good luck, and give Harrow my regards. I really miss it!

majorstress Thu 15-Apr-04 21:00:12

We recently left Harrow and I spent 2 maternity leaves there, not very happily I must admit. Netmums is THE way to find out what's on where but one pitfall is they are often shut for school hols/half-terms and if this is your first it can be hard to find out when exactly that is. It's really annoying to struggle out to be somewhere on time then find it's off. I found the church-based ones good, they mostly just used the facilities and weren't trying to convert you! St mary's on the top of the hill was my fav as suited babe and toddler, and hiking up there with a pram and toddler in tow was a good workout too. But you have to just try a few, some I found were full of older hyper toddlers who put my tiny one in danger and there was nothing for her. Great though if that's what you've got. If you're well off there is a gymboree in St george's shopping centre, that had potential for making friends as well as fun but my dd1 just didnt like it for some reason.

Rohey Fri 16-Apr-04 08:49:47

Hi Juno and Magorstress..

Thanks for your suggestions.
Will need to hunt around...
How do I look at Harrow Mumsnet???
Harrow does seem a little sparce on decent groups..
Thanks anyway.

cori Fri 16-Apr-04 21:11:19

I live in Harrow ,
I go to the Music tots most Tuesday mornings. have been going since DS was 8 months - is now 2.2- there are lots of babies there. Its quite a friendly group. Get the details from netmums

cori Fri 16-Apr-04 21:13:07

go to
click on harrow , you have to register your details. Then you will have access to all the groups in and around harrow.

Rohey Fri 16-Apr-04 23:51:42

Thanks Cori..

karen99 Sat 17-Apr-04 07:53:10

Hi Rohey, a few Mumsnetters (including myself) have repied to your previous posts but you haven't checked them! Have a look back and you will see lots of people asking you out

karen99 Sat 17-Apr-04 07:55:34

BTW, Harrow has LOTS of groups, you just need to try them out and see which one fits you and babe best. The local NW Families magasine also has a few advertised. This is also available online at FamiliesOnline HTH

Rohey Sat 17-Apr-04 23:04:20

Hi karen...
You were right.. My mistake you guys have left a lot of messages for me ..
I went on holiday at the end of Jan and returned in March..Hence totally forgot about the messages I had placed beforehand...
Karen, do any of you meet anywhere nearer my sides?? Kenton, Harrow??
I am not to familiar with Watford...

cori Sun 18-Apr-04 21:36:47

I would like to meet with some local mums as well.

I live in S Harrow.
I work part- time. So am only available on Monday and Tuesdays.

Rohey Mon 19-Apr-04 12:08:43

Hi Cori...
Would you like to meet up soon???

cori Mon 19-Apr-04 15:54:29

i could do next week. Monday or Tuesday.?
Maybe we could meet in Harrow for a coffee.

karen99 Mon 19-Apr-04 19:44:59

Hi Girls.. I'm in Kenton. Would love to meet with you in Harrow too. I can make most times on Monday, but only Tues afternoon.

I've met in the Debenhams restaurant with other mums in the past. It's got loads of highchairs and an area at the back to heat food, toys etc. The floors aren't the greatest, but I haven't found a public place that does yet!

What time suits you best and remind me how old your bubbas are? My ds is 10mo.

cori Mon 19-Apr-04 20:43:11

My DS is 2, so not quite a bub.
meeting Debenhams is a good idea.
Monday Morning say 11.00am.
email me via mumsnet if you want to know how to recognise me etc.

karen99 Tue 20-Apr-04 08:19:32

ok, sounds good. My ds gets tired around 11am but I'll try and get him down before we meet. If not he usually gets a second wind when he meets other little ones..

cori Tue 20-Apr-04 13:22:59

are you coming?

Rohey Thu 22-Apr-04 15:21:18

Hi Cori and Karen...
Sorry, have not been checking the messages till now..
I cannot make it for Mon or Tues.. I have relatives staying over till the 8th May..
Anytime after that would be lovely..
I cannot wait to meet up with you all..
I am so sorry I cannot come for Mon or Tues next week :-(

karen99 Thu 22-Apr-04 22:39:41

Next time then Rohey.

Cori, do you still want to meet? I know our ds' are different ages but I'm sure mine will be quite happy to just follow yours! Really don't mind. Will probably be in Harrow at some point on Monday all the same, but it would be nice to meet. Let me know.

cori Mon 26-Apr-04 17:57:46

Sorry, i havent checked messages in a while. I was in Harrow at Debenhams today, but i couldnt stay for long as i was expecting the gas man.
What about next week, a bit later if you prefer

karen99 Mon 26-Apr-04 19:23:40

Hi Cori, I'm really sorry. As I hadn't heard anything I took my m-i-l up on her offer to watch ds today so I could get on with some work Ended up in S Harrow and Kingsbury but not Harrow! Very very sorry.

I'll email you via COT so we can arrange something off line!

karen99 Mon 03-May-04 13:19:22

To any other Harrow MNetters... Cori and I are meeting up in Harrow on Tuesday (tomorrow). Let us know if you'd like to join us and I'll fill you in on the details.

Rohey Wed 05-May-04 10:30:42

Hi Cori & Karen99...

Are you going to meet up again the following week??
If so I would love to meet you both..

karen99 Fri 07-May-04 09:57:45

Hi Rohey

Cori and I aren't meeting up next week, but hopefully Cori is able to make this meetup - here . See if you can make it too.

Otherwise I'm sure we can arrange something late May/early June?

leomummy21 Fri 19-Mar-10 14:15:21

Hi There,

I live in central harrow and have a 7 week newborn, and would be interested in meeting up with other mums :-)

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