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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Hackney City Farm, Wednesday 21st April

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hoxtonchick Wed 14-Apr-04 00:43:40

So far I think me, kid, peamo & frogs are going (earlier discussion on the Milo Mo thread). Anyone else want to come & join us? Don't think we've arranged a time yet, but can I vote for mid-morning.

kid Wed 14-Apr-04 11:44:28

Mid morning sounds fine to me. It will probably take me about 1/2 an hour to get DS and baby nephew out the door!

Posey Wed 14-Apr-04 20:54:36

Where is it, apart from being in Hackney (obviously )
Can I say possibly and let you know for definite later?

hoxtonchick Wed 14-Apr-04 21:10:50

Hello Posey, it would be nice to see you again. The farm is on Hackney Road,here . Hope you can make it.

Evita Thu 15-Apr-04 14:39:18

Hi, I'd be interested to come too though it'll take me a little while to get there so may not be until closer to lunch time. That might be awkward I guess?

hoxtonchick Thu 15-Apr-04 14:50:35

Do come, Evita! You can get the 48 bus from London Bridge which stops right outside & it shouldn't take that long. They have a really nice cafe - we could do late morning drifting into lunch?

kid Thu 15-Apr-04 16:55:48

seeing as i practically live on the farms doorstep I can make whatever time just not too early! Will just go with what suits everyone else

Posey Thu 15-Apr-04 21:00:08

Is there any parking nearby (meters, pay and display)? I looked at my bus map and there are no buses from here to there. Or is it much of a walk from Bethnal Green tube?

hoxtonchick Thu 15-Apr-04 21:01:35

there are meters, posey. or if you like you can drive to my house & i'll give you a parking voucher & we can walk down together (about 10 mins).

kid Thu 15-Apr-04 21:57:19

Posey, I live next to the park, you are welcome to park in my flats and use one of my permits. let me know and I'll give you my email address or use cantact another talker for my address.

kid Thu 15-Apr-04 21:58:30

sorry hoxtonchick, didn't read all of your message, not trying to steal your walking partner

hoxtonchick Thu 15-Apr-04 22:12:10

ha ha. see, we are keen, posey! we could all walk together?

peamo Thu 15-Apr-04 22:38:45

Hi all! Been busy with friend visiting from Sweden but happy to see this has moved to a better forum. Just e-mailed frogs, kid and hoxtonchick but then spotted this. Wednesday is great, will check description so that I will find the farm. Prefer lunchtime to morning, but ds milo and me will go with the majority!

Posey Fri 16-Apr-04 22:08:50

Oh decisions decisions
Since Hoxtonchick got there first will go to you if thats okay and walk down with you. I'm also with you on a mid-morning meeting, purely so I'm not clock watching for getting dd from school.
Will contact you with my email address so you can let me know where you live.
Looking forward to it.

peamo Sat 17-Apr-04 00:25:34

ds finally asleep so some time for me to internet... Perhaps 11 or 12 o'clock at the farm?! Is there a main entrance to meet by or where is good? A cafe? If Evita e-mails me I can give my mobile number if you want to join later. Will call hoxtonchick and come around yours to walk down if that's ok...

hoxtonchick Sat 17-Apr-04 13:37:26

We are going to be a posse walking down the road! How about 11:30 at the farm, so peamo & posey do you want to come to mine about 11? Have e-mailed the address.

Posey Sat 17-Apr-04 21:28:47

Got your address Hoxtonchick, thankyou.
Will be round at 11am.
Looking forward to meeting the rest of you.

kid Sun 18-Apr-04 18:27:16

I'll meet you on the corner (by the park) at about 11:15. I'll probably get myself a bad name hanging about on street corners!!!

hoxtonchick Sun 18-Apr-04 18:37:45

cool. i've got your mobile number just in case. your computer's working ok?

peamo Sun 18-Apr-04 20:34:51

Looking forward to seeing you all, hoping the weather will be better than it is today! I didn't get e-mail with address from hoxtonchick but unless you mail it I will call you and turn up for 11 as well. Will Posey be bringing any baby/child, ds/dd?

kid Mon 19-Apr-04 07:11:57

yes, I seemed to have fixed whatever was wrong with the computer. Look forward to meeting up on Wednesday.

Posey Mon 19-Apr-04 21:08:46

Peamo, I'll be bringing 15month old ds, who is MAD on animals. Have to be back by 3ish to get 6 year old dd from school.
Who are you bringing?!

kid Tue 20-Apr-04 16:34:17

I've just sent frogs an email as she hasn't posted here and I'm not sure if she knows what time we have arranged to meet.

frogs Wed 21-Apr-04 09:15:25

Hi guys

Have belatedly realised that I probably won't be back from taking ds to Eye Hospital in time for the meetup, so I may not make it.

Hope to meet you all another time...

peamo Wed 21-Apr-04 09:54:59

Getting ready to leave with 10 week old ds, posey, see you soon!

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