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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Lincoln - anyone with toddler fancy meet up?

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Twohoots Wed 27-Sep-06 21:50:03

Hi - I live in Lincoln although not from here originally. I have a 17 mth DD and would love to meet up with Mums with a little one around the same age.....

Piffle Wed 27-Sep-06 21:50:40

I've got a nearly 4 yr old who is the size of a 2 yr old and very gentle
I'm near Lincoln

themoon66 Wed 27-Sep-06 22:27:29

I live near Lincoln, but don't qualify for your meet as I have vile teenagers

They did used to be cute little toddlers once though.... i think

Twohoots Thu 28-Sep-06 09:25:24

Thanks ladies. I was hoping to meet Mums with lo's around the same age as DD really so that they could play together! Piffle, I think 4 may just be a bit old for DD - she is advanced but not that much ! ha ha. themoon66 - mine isn't going to turn into a teenager, I am not going to let her !

Twohoots Fri 29-Sep-06 16:20:01

Is there no-one on here with a toddler in Lincoln area? I am very surprised!.... what a shame

themoon66 Fri 29-Sep-06 22:13:58

When my vile teenagers were toddlers, all the villages used to run their own mum and toddler groups..... where abouts are you? I might know someone.

Twohoots Sat 30-Sep-06 11:40:32

moon - thanks for that - get out and about loads so not a prob. It's just it would be nice to meet some more new mums There are loads of toddler groups around like you say which is great but sometimes it's nice to go somewhere like a farm/soft play with lo's but also with adult company too! I go to two lovely toddler groups but find when you go to new ones people can be a bit cliquey....

I already have a few 'mummy' friends it's just nice to have more (as it can get a bit cliquey being with the same people all the time IYSWIM). I'm one of these people that likes a big social group .

I 'spoke' to you a while back on the 'North East' home thread - I was under a different name then though - too much like my real name so have now stuck with this one....

If you ever fancy a meet up for a few bevvies/pizza let me know (we didn't get to meet up on yr work night out as I was heading north that weekend).

themoon66 Sat 30-Sep-06 20:40:53

Have you been to Rand Farm with your DD yet? Lovely cuddly bunnies to play with etc. Lambs in the spring. It's on the way to Wragby.

Also, a bit further is Sundown - near rampton village. Quite expensive and always seems to have a mega wasp problem from July onwards, but lovely in early spring. My DD says even now she would love a day there, messing around in the Sleeping Beauty castle etc. Fond memories.

themoon66 Sat 30-Sep-06 20:42:21

Oh, and by the way, Lincolnshire is famous for its 'cliquey-ness'. I was warned about that when I got here 20 years ago!

Twohoots Sun 01-Oct-06 15:18:38

Thanks for that - have been to both places - loved Sundown especially and plan to take DD for the xmas 'spectacular'. I take her all over really - there are not many places round here I haven't been with her! Am afraid I am not one of those Mums that stays in a lot - out most days or I'd go insane

mrspnut Mon 01-Oct-07 13:21:46

I live in Lincoln and have an almost 15 month old girl.

We recently moved here and I'm struggling a bit to find a social network but getting there slowly.

More friends are always welcome though. grin

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