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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Bristol/Bath Mums!

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dingdong Mon 05-Apr-04 22:14:11

Hello, I live in the Bristol/Bath area and am finding being a new Mum and not being from this area a really lonely experience - I'd love to meet some other likeminded Mums in the area - anyone there?!

wobblyknicks Mon 05-Apr-04 22:16:04

I'm in deep dark Cornwall but happy to travel to Bristol for a meet-up, though I expect you're looking for a more regular thing.

lalaa Mon 05-Apr-04 22:19:04

me too! just moved to Bath a month ago and would love to meet up!

Podmog Tue 06-Apr-04 08:29:22

Message withdrawn

littlerach Tue 06-Apr-04 08:36:39

Live in Trowbridge, Wilts, easily travel to Bath.
When and where?!!!

beetrootant Tue 06-Apr-04 14:18:01

Message withdrawn

momof2 Tue 06-Apr-04 14:24:28

I am inbetween bristol and bath, would love to meet up but work FT at the moment so would have to be a weekend or evening.

dingdong Tue 06-Apr-04 20:44:47

fab! perhaps we can arrange to meet somewhere that would be convenient for everyone??? where do you think would be good - I can do pretty much any day although wednesday mornings are tricky as I go to a baby group...

wobblyknicks Wed 07-Apr-04 10:23:59

What about somewhere in central bristol (easy to get to) at a child-friendly to have lunch one saturday?

wobblyknicks Wed 07-Apr-04 10:24:14

A child-friendly PLACE that should be!!!!

dingdong Wed 07-Apr-04 16:07:09

I'm happy to meet in Bristol or Bath - or Cribbs if its easier, just need it to be somewhere child friendly... does anybody know of anywhere???

littlerach Wed 07-Apr-04 19:42:44

How about Cribbs on a Monday morning?
Or a Saturday, or would it be ridiculously busy?

WideWebWitch Wed 07-Apr-04 21:43:19

Ooh, you don't want to go to Cribbs on a Sat morning. Well, maybe you do but I don't - it's *hideous* IME. I've just got a job so can only do weekends or evenings but will come to the next meet if it's one of those. The @ Bristol square is quite a nice place to meet with kids if they want to run about, though I suppose you'd want to bring toys for littler ones and it's only any good if it's a nice day. Err, so maybe it's a rubbish idea?! Ah well, someone else suggest something then

musica Wed 07-Apr-04 21:45:07

fantastic news www - well done you! I was wondering how you'd got on. I'm really pleased for you.

dingdong Wed 07-Apr-04 22:17:33

if we do meet at Cribbs I'd rather avoid a saturday too or I will end up mowing everyone down with my push chair!!! Molly is only 6 mths old so she woont be doing any running around just yet tho she make a bit of noise... eeek!!! Im not really clued up on the child friendly places to go in the area as its all still a bit new to me!!!

sobernow Wed 07-Apr-04 22:23:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WideWebWitch Wed 07-Apr-04 22:53:10

Sobernow and musica, thanks! I have one Jasper Conran suit (Debenhams, so not as posh as it sounds but still, not a *really* cheapie one) and need to buy more work clothes so maybe I will end up at Cribbs this weekend. Yes, dp is going to be a SAHD from Weds next week, ha ha. Says he'll be here so look out for him. And he reckons it'll be a doddle, Ha! Says he'll keep a clean house and a meal on the table every night so that makes him a better sahm than I ever was but I had a mumsnet addiction to feed And yes, we should be able to afford a house at last, hoorah! Sorry to go off topic everyone.

beetroot Thu 08-Apr-04 11:37:50

Message withdrawn

lalaa Fri 09-Apr-04 20:14:55

just reviving this as there were no firm conclusions. maybe we should go for cribbs on a weekday? not everyone will be able to make it, but maybe we could do a weekend next time?

dingdong Sat 10-Apr-04 20:25:44

i can do cribbs on a weekday - would like to avoid wednesday a.m's though ideally....!

littlerach Sat 10-Apr-04 20:28:53

Mon am? Or Thurs pm?
Who's around?

dingdong Mon 12-Apr-04 20:02:03

ok! I can do thursday afternoon (15th) or I could do tuesday 20th p.m,??? would love to meet some Mum's - I don't know that many people in Bristol- only ex work colleagues and I have no family nearby so it would be great to have a chat to some people who understand!!
I live on the Bath side of Bristol so can travel to either - or stick with Cribbs if its easier for parking etc...

dingdong Fri 16-Apr-04 12:08:00

err was it something I said???!!!!
it would be great to meet - anyone interested???

Podmog Fri 16-Apr-04 12:22:14

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Sat 17-Apr-04 07:51:56

I am interested but can only do evenings now. So do arrange daytime and count me out if it's easier.

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