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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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Schmauskin Sat 03-Apr-04 20:06:51

I am a first time expectant mum (due 7th August) living in Highgate. I'd love to meet up with other girls who are expecting in the area, for tea/coffee/comparing notes/moral support! Have tried the local NCT but they don't appear to be running their 'Bumps & Babies' meetings at the moment. If you'd like to meet, do e-mail me:

Ixel Sun 04-Apr-04 08:25:18

How about me... its 5 months since I had the little one, but I still love doing the whole pregnancy conversation!! We're in Muswell Hill.

Schmauskin Sun 04-Apr-04 11:53:13

Hi Ixel,
thanks for responding - be great to pick the brain of local mum!! I often go up to Muswell Hill to shop or get my hair done in Toni & Guy so it would be lovely to have a coffee sometime. Do you have a little boy or girl?


Ixel Sun 04-Apr-04 17:13:10

He's a boy. Not sure i have much local knowledge re baby friendly things, but it'd be great to chat. Are you working, or a creature of leisure now?! Coffee would be great. Make the most of Toni& Guy; you won't have time for ages after the big event!! I think I'm getting broody again already....I loved being pregnant once the first three months were over...

Schmauskin Mon 05-Apr-04 11:36:37

I'm a semi-creature-of -leisure, because I'm self employed. I've worked as a model for the last 21 years, and I also do some TV presenting/voice-overs. I've joined a pregnancy model agency ( but apparently my bump is not quite big enough for clients yet!!
Sounds like you had a grotty first 3 months like me - I hid under the duvet with a box of biscuits for most of Dec, Jan & Feb!

Ixel Wed 07-Apr-04 08:35:39

The first couple of months I had so few symptoms, I spent all the time convincing myself it wasn't true! Then the morning sickness hit!! But after about month 4, I loved it...once the bump was noticable, but not too cumbersome, and he started squirming round! Will email you.

LD Sat 10-Apr-04 08:23:29

I have just moved to Alexandra Palace and have an 8 month old baby boy. Like you I would love to meet other mums with babies in this area. I am often up at Muswell hill so if you would like to meet up I can email you.

Ixel Sat 10-Apr-04 10:48:54

LD... I'd love to meet up. Give me your email address. We were thinking of meeting this monday, if we all want to get together. Otherwise, it'll have to be the week after next, as I've actually got plans for a change! Starbucks has no baby changing, but I usually do it on the big sofa downstairs (probably get banned if they read this!). Cafe Uno used to be the most child friendly, but its closed down!!

LD Mon 12-Apr-04 18:09:16

That would be great and yes starbucks is a bit baby unfriendly, in fact there are not that many places in muswell hill that are. My email is

Schmauskin Tue 13-Apr-04 10:31:00

Monday 19th April suggested day to meet up in Muswell Hill! Those in so far: Schmauskin, Ixel, L.D? Littletree? Anyone else... Cafe Nero in Highgate is very nice too...K x

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