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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

any mums in orpington, bromley, sevenoaks infact anywhere please get in touch!

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mandalay Fri 26-Mar-04 17:20:59

Hi if there's anyone out there?

I'm relatively new to the area after moving out of london with a dd of 11 months and desperate to meet some mums out there. All our neighbours seem to be over 60 so if there's any friendly mums who live locally it would be lovely to have a few new friends.

issypiggle Thu 29-Nov-12 23:18:20

I've just moved to Orpington with my lil girl, (well shes nearly 3 so I dunno, slightly little girl). I've just been looking for parent and toddler groups. We already go to a local dance class but some of the children in the class are a lot older than my daughter. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some good places for parent and toddler groups.

S. x

Jwindus Fri 23-Nov-12 09:54:33

Hey, I am new to mumsnet and this is my first post. I recently had my DS and am finding now all the visitors have calmed down and my husband is back at work it can be quite a lonely long day. I moved to Orpington 5 years ago but I work in central London, went gym in my spare time so never had time to make friends in my area.
I am interested in joining baby groups, although I am still rubbish with finding my way round Orpington and don't really know where these groups are taking place! I would also be interested in meeting up with new mums. Please get in touch if interested in meeting up for a coffee or something. Thanks

pamdam Fri 04-May-12 15:07:12

Hi everyone! I live 10min from Bromley (in Penge) and I also have twins (they're 8months)

sheree13 Sat 28-Apr-12 23:26:59


hi i live in sevenoaks and have 3 daughters my oldest is 5yrs and twins are 7months.
i would be interested in meeting up if you would like to

marghe72 Fri 13-Apr-12 10:34:26

Hi there, this is may first time in mumsnet!
I live in Orpington, we moved here 2 years ago and used to live in London where all my friends are unfortunately...
I've tried a couple of mums and baby group in the are but always up to meet up new people.
My daughter is 7 months.
btw: the average age of my neighbours is 80! So i totally understand!
Keep in touch

AngeCam Tue 09-Jun-09 21:07:30

Hi,I'm a mum living in Orpington, looking for a dance partner to have a bit of a laugh with and perhaps learn something new on Wednesdays nights. I started going to beginners ballroom dancing classes with a friend in January but unfortunately she can't commit to going every week so has stopped. I continued for a few more weeks on my own but it's not the same not having a partner. I'm looking for someone who is happy to take it in turns dancing the male steps and wants to have a bit of fun. Let me know if anyone is out there. It's much more fun than aerobics.

wotulookinat Tue 19-May-09 10:26:02

Does anyone go through or near Paddington - this MNer needs help! 492972

elle23 Fri 15-May-09 23:43:41

jinnalx 12 is ok smile
I need to pick up a book in WHSmith, how about I meet you outside?

crystalsangel Fri 15-May-09 23:36:09

no cant sorry dd is away for the weekend so got my pantner to myself for once lol

jinnalx Fri 15-May-09 21:24:27

any were is good for me and is about 12 o.k for u both?

elle23 Fri 15-May-09 19:22:31

crystalsangel will you be joining us tomorrow? smile

elle23 Fri 15-May-09 19:20:53

Angua I'm glad your DS enjoyed himself
So sorry I couldn't make it - I feel lots better now though, thanks smile

How about AK again next week? Thursday afternoon? Or do any of you have any other ideas?

jinnalx what time would you like to have coffee Saturday? Do you have anywhere in mind?

AnguaVonUberwald Fri 15-May-09 18:42:29

elle23 - I'm afraid I didn't see it, but DS did get to run around AK, and really enjoyed himself.

I am so sorry you were sick, I hope you are feeling better.

Saturday is DH's birthday, so not available, but could probably do a day next week?

elle23 Fri 15-May-09 12:23:17

Thursday or Friday next week is good for me too smile
Saturday: I'll be in Bromley from about 11am so anytime after that is fine with me, I'm in no rush to get home grin

jinnalx Fri 15-May-09 09:21:26

yeah im in bromley saturday at some point so would be great 2 meet up! what time do u wanna meet? i can do thursday or friday next week if everyone else is o.k with that!!!

elle23 Thu 14-May-09 19:03:25

Hi JINNALX smile
I've never been to AK before,I was really looking forward to it sad
I hate being sick sad

Angua/jinnalx could we rearrange? How about going to AK one day next week? When's good for everyone else because I'm flexible grin

I'm going to Bromley on Saturday, would anyone like to meet for coffee?? smile

jinnalx Thu 14-May-09 13:22:18

hi peeps, im back lol! let me no when your next going ak because would love to take little one !

elle23 Thu 14-May-09 12:23:14

Angua I'm so sorry I'm not going to be able to make it today - I apologise for such late notice...I'm sick sad

I hope you see this before you set off for AK.
I'm terrible sorry, I was so looking forward to today sad
Hope we can rearrange...?

elle23 Thu 14-May-09 00:50:21

I posted a new thread!! lol don't think anyone else saw it! grin
I will still be going to Adventure Kingdom tomorrow, so I'll see you there at 2pm! smile

AnguaVonUberwald Wed 13-May-09 21:07:20

elle23 - are you still up for meeting tomorrow? I hope you see this message and can confirm, if I don't hear anything, I will be there outside Adventure Kingdom at 2 as arranged.

crystalsangel Wed 13-May-09 18:16:26

cant do tomora my sisters staying a few days and not seen her in months

crystalsangel Mon 11-May-09 09:24:26

yer 2 sounds good

elle23 Sun 10-May-09 21:34:11

2pm sounds good to me smile
are we meeting outside AK then? I haven't been before but if the price of food is anything like Gambados then I will be sneaking in my own food grin

AnguaVonUberwald Sun 10-May-09 18:46:16

chrystalangel, I took DS from about 6 months, you do end up sitting with them in the baby's bit - i.e. the ball pool, and that keeps them safe.

The Buzz Zone sounds good, what time suits you all (I can do any time after about 12) How about 2 O'clock?

crystalsangel Sun 10-May-09 18:43:54

good i just worry about the older kids knocking her over

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