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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

any mums in orpington, bromley, sevenoaks infact anywhere please get in touch!

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mandalay Fri 26-Mar-04 17:20:59

Hi if there's anyone out there?

I'm relatively new to the area after moving out of london with a dd of 11 months and desperate to meet some mums out there. All our neighbours seem to be over 60 so if there's any friendly mums who live locally it would be lovely to have a few new friends.

OleMama Fri 14-Apr-06 13:33:50


pooka Fri 14-Apr-06 14:05:08

This is so funny - didn't realise so many mumsnetters near me! I live in Bickley. Have dd 2.9 and ds 7 months.
Head over Heels great. Gambados in beckenham brill but pricey now adult entry fee introduced.
EFJ - I have to say that I met most people from the post-natal group organised by the local HVs - all of us had babies born in June and July and most have had or are having their second babies now. So definitely go if the HV suggests it. It was a reason to get up, dressed and out of the house for 10am and made me feel sane.

EarthMaiden Wed 25-Oct-06 14:36:44

Hello, I live in Belvedere and my first baby is due in May 2007 - does anyone know of any pregnancy yoga (evening) classes in the surrounding areas?

Charlie3 Wed 01-Nov-06 12:17:16

Hi everyone, I am new to Mumsnet and also new to the area, I am expecting a baby in 6 weeks and would love to meet anyone in the same situation, and would welcome any inside information on the area. IE, are there any nice classes I can attend before the birth, or after, music groups or coffee mornings? Any advice gratefully recieved! Thanks.

Charlie3 Wed 01-Nov-06 12:33:02

OOps. Just realised I didn't put which area I have just moved to!!! I think they call that "placenta head"!! I live in Orpington, but am happy to travel.

mwt1985 Tue 07-Nov-06 09:42:46

HI. I live in orpington and am hoping to meet some other mums in the area to meet for a coffee and a chat and perhaps take the children out for the morning or afternoon. I have a little boy who's almost a year old and very inquisitive. Also if any mums on here know of any mother and baby groups in the orpington or bromley area as these internet search engines are showing up nothing. look forward to hearing from you. my e-mail is xx

Charlie3 Wed 08-Nov-06 11:35:45

Hi there MWT1985, as I said below, my baby isn't due for another 5 weeks but I would love to meet for a coffee and a chat on the high street maybe? I too have been looking for playgroups or mother and baby groups and stumbled upon one in the library last Wed morning, looked like a song and rhyme time, you'd have to check the times though. Also found "June's Mother and Baby Group which is held within the Highway Primary School. hope these are of some help. I haven't been to either to check them out of course so can't personally recommend or anything but at least it's a start?? Charlie

silvuple Thu 09-Nov-06 13:23:54

Hi, I am Silvie, me and my husband live in Bromley, near Bromley South station. We have a lovely 10 months old boy, called Yannick. We go for rhyme mornings every friday to the local library and we go for swimming too... is there any friendly mum nearby who want to meet up?
I'm from Czech Republic and as a housewife I need speak English with someone or I'll be useless soon ;-)))
Or is anybody in Chislehurst or any friendly group of mums? We will be moving there very soon.
Thanks, we'll look forward to meet you!

mwt1985 Fri 10-Nov-06 20:28:39

hi there. both of you have mentioned the bounce and rhyme at the local libarary. I can say it is wuite goold as i have been there with my little one.

helly123 Mon 13-Nov-06 20:36:42

Hi we are a small private fitness clinic in Beckenham. We have no joining fees or monthly fees, you just 'pay as you go'.
All of our fitness trainers are highly qualified and insured.

We are currently thinking of starting a post-natal class for new mums (baby would be invited too) the class would last 1 hour and cost just £5.
Afterwards we would provide coffee, tea or fruit juice to give new mums a chance to chat.

If you think this is something you would be interested in, or have any other ideas please let us know at
our website can be viewed at directions are provided on our website.

supermommasam Thu 23-Nov-06 22:52:21 in longfield and I can get to bromley, its only 4 stops on the train from me,

Im going there for the first time in 2 weeks if anyone wants to meet up??

I have 4 children but only taking 2 as the others are at school full time

MrsLoveToChat2U Wed 06-Dec-06 12:44:40

Hello to all you girlies out there, Does anyone of you live in near SIDCUP in kent. Im 34yrs old, have a DS who is 3 on new yrs eve and a 19mth old DD. I would love to meet up with any mums in the area, as the winter draws closer in to gloomy days, I thought it would be good to be able to meet up for coffee or just take the children somewhere.x
Hope to speak to anyone who feels the same.x
speak soon.xx

DEBD Mon 08-Jan-07 20:14:53

Hi there,

Just discovered this thread.

I live in Bromley/Downham and would love to meet up with some other local Mums. Although my daughter is 11 months i haven't really met many other mums to have coffe and a chat with (I must be going to the wrong places)

margo1974 Sun 14-Jan-07 16:06:31

DebD - I live on Bromley / Downham borders too. I have 2 girls dd1 = 2yrs and dd2 = 1 month.

I think i have been going to the wrong places too


Tootiepegs Mon 15-Jan-07 09:49:20

At last! Someone from this neck of the woods!
I am mum to DD of 10 months and am very keen to meet more local mums. We live in Hayes (about 2 miles from Bromley), so could easily make it there if you fancy meeting up.

margo1974 Mon 15-Jan-07 17:37:47

we were going to move to Hayes but our house sale fell through

Would be good to meet!!

Tootiepegs Mon 15-Jan-07 21:13:15


Where did you move to after the sale in Hayes fell through? Closeby?
I'd definitely be interested in meeting up for a coffee and a chat? Bromley, West Wickham, Hayes ...we're within walking distance of all of these.
If you fancy a meet next week I'll send you my e-mail address and maybe we can go for a cuppa.

margo1974 Mon 15-Jan-07 21:24:43

Mounthurst Rd, Marden Avenue, any houses round there.

I am feeling brave - I would like to meet. (I have a 2 year old and a 5 week old!!!)

I tried to CAT you - you can CAT me if you want.

Any day except Tuesday!!!

Margo x

Tootiepegs Tue 16-Jan-07 09:17:48


Sounds good. Would you be able to get to the coffee shop in Hayes quite easily? (That's if you did actually end up moving to the area). I think it's called the Village Cafe, Between the library and the George Pub. I'm free Mon and Thurs ...let me know.

margo1974 Tue 16-Jan-07 21:15:49

monday will be good - will leave dd1 with dh (one less to worry about)

11ish sound good to you?

Tootiepegs Wed 17-Jan-07 09:54:13

Excellent. Will see you there.
Check this thread on Mon morning just to make sure there haven't ben any last minute disasters, otherwise, see you Monday.

Tootiepegs Sun 21-Jan-07 09:47:48

Hi margo1974

Just checking we're still on for tomorrow.
DH has taken the day off of work so Hannah may or may not be with me, but I'm still on to meet.
I'll probably be wearing my beige fleece and look very windswepped as I tuck into my large latte! Hannah, if she's with me, will be the one wingeing because the food isn't getting to her mouth fast enough, or throwing her lunch across the cafe!
Still want to meet ...???!!! See you tomorrow!

margo1974 Sun 21-Jan-07 20:43:41

Yes. Will only have my 5 wk old. I'll be the one who looks like she's not capable of dressing, bags under eyes - you know - the usual new mum look.

I am a spectacle wearer and will probably be wearing black (with baby sick on the shoulders)

See you tomorrow

margo1974 Mon 22-Jan-07 22:47:07


just wanted to say thanks for this morning. your dd is beautiful and has a wonderful smile!

Looking forward to Friday

Margo x

Tootiepegs Tue 23-Jan-07 11:08:01


It was good to meet up...DD2 is a real sweetie and i can't wait to meet DD1 on Friday! Maybe when we meet on Fri we can sort out a spot of lunch for next week or a bit or retail therapy...???

Tootiepegs x

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