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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

any mums in orpington, bromley, sevenoaks infact anywhere please get in touch!

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mandalay Fri 26-Mar-04 17:20:59

Hi if there's anyone out there?

I'm relatively new to the area after moving out of london with a dd of 11 months and desperate to meet some mums out there. All our neighbours seem to be over 60 so if there's any friendly mums who live locally it would be lovely to have a few new friends.

Jimjams Fri 26-Mar-04 17:26:48

used to live in bromley..... sorry not much use! I can recommend monkey music as a friendly way to meet people

mandalay Fri 26-Mar-04 17:30:38

Thanks Jimjams. I might try that...where have you moved to now?

LIZS Fri 26-Mar-04 18:04:00

Isn't there a large soft play area in Bromley - ds was invited to a party there once - think at a sports centre. They may have specific toddler sessions and once your dd is more mobile you could hang out there to meet mums with kids of a similar age (go mornings if it is open to avoid the larger kids). Otherwise you could try your library for a list of mums and tots groups and classes in the area.

Jimjams Sat 27-Mar-04 09:31:03

Devon mandalay

There's a huge soft play opposite the glades (across the road). It's good, but better to go with a group rather than by yourself.

The sports centre in Beckenham holds good toddler sports sessions. Again better to go with someone.

gold123 Sat 27-Mar-04 10:19:39

Hi mandalay - I used to live in Tunbridge Wells and work in Sevenoaks - I know thats no help at all - but just wanted to say hi. Dh sisters live in Dartford I will ask them about places to go and get back to you.

Twinkie Mon 29-Mar-04 10:58:26

I live in Sidcup and sure there are a few other mumsnetters who live near me!!

Marina Mon 29-Mar-04 12:47:31

Twinkie is absolutely right, mandalay, I'm in New Eltham. Technically London not Kent but only round the corner from her.
You've specified quite a big part of North Kent in your subject line...I know Bromley better than Orpington or Sevenoaks. I would guess all these areas have NCT branches and that can be a good way into the parent network locally.

Stargazer Mon 29-Mar-04 13:08:09

Hi Mandalay - I live in Bromley and know it quite well. Have a DD 2½ and DS 8. The Adventure Kingdom (the one Jimjams mentioned) is okay, but can get very busy at the weekend. It's a popular place for birthday parties. I also take my DD to Sproggs - nice creche in the Glades - and there are lots of nice places to drop into with the kids - ELC allow you to play and the Library has some nice sessions. Hope this helps.

mandalay Mon 29-Mar-04 15:42:04

Thanks's really nice to know that some of you are out there. I'm quite new to mumsnet as well but I think it's brilliant although highly addictive.

Everythings fairly daunting as we moved house shortly after DD was born. (Don't ever do it! It was a nightmare!!!) and so I don't get to see my friends as often as I like. Plus my closest friend had a baby 2 months earlier but now she's moved to NY.

I find it's quite difficult to make the leap from recognising a few mums and saying "Hi!" and becoming good enough friends to visit each other's houses. Maybe that comes with time.

Also I think it will get easier as DD gets older...then we'll be able to do more things without her getting so tired.

scrummy Tue 06-Apr-04 13:58:57

There are a few mother and toddler groups around the Orpington area. They always welcome people with babies as well. There are normally notices up at the doctor's surgeries. The NCT group is also a good way of meeting people.

Runner Thu 08-Apr-04 20:03:06

Hi - I live in the Beckenham area and have a 6 month old daughter. Have met local mums through joining the NCT / through pregnancy yoga classes (obviously bit late for that until the next!). I think also be possible via Beckenham spa with their parent and baby swimming - very popular. Am looking into Monkey Music as hear it is v.good. Anyway if in the Bromley area and fancy a coffee, give us a shout.

Miriam2 Sat 10-Apr-04 15:10:06

You can get a list of mother and toddler groups through your GP, Tumble Tots is alive and well in the area, not sure of minimum age, and when the weather a bit more predictable, Kelsey Park in Beckenham has it all, lake, lots of ducks, cafe, playground, lots of grass for picnics, often have puppet shows in school holidays etc. Spent lot of time there over the years on those days when you just have to get out of the house.

bambi06 Sun 30-May-04 00:33:17

beckenham mom with 2 under fives looking for local momsnetters to pass the time of day with, meets up in the park, anyone up for a walk in kelsey permitting?help my sanity please!!

amysoph Sun 30-May-04 00:45:16

Mandalay, I am in Grove Park, if that helps? It's on the same train line as some of the places you mentioned. Have lived here for 1 and half years, having moved from N London, and agree, it can be hard to make leap from simply recognising people.....since I had dd2, 2 months ago, have found it easier to get chatting to people, because no-one can resist a baby!!

Anyone else in the area - how about a meetup? I am new to MN, really enjoy reading it and posting the odd message - it would be nice to put faces to names!

judetheobscure Sun 30-May-04 00:57:29


I'm an active NCTer so if you need any of the contact details for NCT groups in Bromley, Orpington, Beckenham, Sevenoaks etc. just do the "contact another talker" thing. There's a new hall group starting in June in Orpington, and Bromley aslo run a hall group, plus we all have bumps & babies groups meeting at people's houses.

I'm also up for a meet-up.

amysoph Tue 01-Jun-04 01:43:07

Judetheobscure - thanks for the contact details for NCT. Also, Jude, Runner, Bambi and Mandalay - shall we try to organise a little meetup in Bromley? I am away for next 2 wks, but I'd be happy to organise it when I come back, if interested?

BatLady Fri 01-Oct-04 10:25:04

Hi I'm 5 months pregnant and live in Sevenoaks - are any of you still out there? Would be great to meet some other mums and have some plans for socialising when I become one...

clairemarie Fri 08-Oct-04 14:54:56

hello, Any one in the Beckenham area wanting to meet? I'm a mother of a nine month old baby and am new to the area so would like to get to know some other mums.

poppyh Sat 09-Oct-04 14:40:41

Hi there,im in Sydenham with 19 mth old dd.
Would love to meet up with Beckenham mums as its local to me.
Am checking out Beckenham Tumble Tots next week.

Portly Sat 09-Oct-04 21:34:02

hello. I'm having my first baby in December and live in Bromley - anyone want to meet up sometime?

clairemarie Mon 11-Oct-04 20:09:30

Hello Poppy, Hello Portly,
It would be good to meet. I think my little one is too little for tumble tots at the moment but anything would be good.

Does anyone know of any other baby groups in the area good for a crawler as we don't go to any at the moment and I feel like she's missing out.

poppyh Tue 12-Oct-04 13:43:38

Hello Claire marie,
I dont know that area well, but they do Tumble tots for crawling babies.Check out their website.
How old is your little one?

bambi06 Fri 15-Oct-04 19:50:53

its me again in beckenham, has anyone got a daughter similar age to mine(3 1/2 yrs) as she thinks she`s a boy i swear and hasnt made any girlfriends at playgroup as she only knows boys from her older bruv and now totally relates with boys only and i`d desperately like her to have a few girl friends and for me of course!!!!any body>>???

poppyh Sun 17-Oct-04 18:35:01

Hi there Bambi06
My Dd is 20 mths old but is a tomboy too.She has 10 yr old brother and only wants to play with the bigger boys too.
Ive taken her to loads of playgroups but she only follows the older boys around and they dont like it!
So I understand!

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