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Camberley /Bagshot/ Frimley is there anybody there???

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toofatmum Tue 05-Sep-06 10:44:13

Have lived in Camberley for 4 yrs but still no friends as such. Find 'coffee mornings' with the uber mothers a little stressy!!! Am 41 with the mind of a 16 yr old fairly outspoken a bit crazy at times. My 2 best mates live 4-5 hrs away and with kids it is major hassle to arrange anything.
Have twins b/g 11yrs + g 5rs. Anyone want to talk to me?

Krythia Tue 05-Sep-06 20:30:31

St Paul's church, Crawley Ridge, Camberley is v friendly and has a LOT of child clubs and activities. We made many good friends while we were there.

toofatmum Tue 05-Sep-06 23:29:55

Went there when my youngest was smaller but she is now in yr 1. No offence but am uncomfortable with 'churchy' groups always feel that there is an ulterior motive. Rapid ex catholic after the death of my baby so try to avoid churches altogether but thanks for the reply.

Krythia Wed 06-Sep-06 22:06:11

fair enough! No ulterior motive with the suggestion though, just thought they were a nice bunch - hope you weren't offended either. Good luck!

Quootiepie Wed 06-Sep-06 22:12:24

I had DS at Frimley im in Bracknell

toofatmum Wed 06-Sep-06 23:40:15

Hi Quootie Pie
That's not a million miles away. How old is DS? All my children were born at St Marys Paddington as I used to work there and lived in Twickenham. I work p/t as an agency nurse doing nights in A+E so often have days free that I never seem to do anything construcive with. Need to get my rear in gear and try and get a social life I just think as you get older it gets harder to find people that you can get along with as you get set in your ways. Thought this would be a good place to try and meet some new people. Hows your social life?

ellissa Thu 07-Sep-06 09:15:23

Hi I am from Sandhurst. My name is Nicky and we have lived here for just over a year, originally from Liverpool. Just started my own business in french designer kids clothes. If anyone wants a look I would be more than happy to show you.

QuootieSpookypie Thu 26-Oct-06 16:38:38

Ive just re-found this thread

DS is 7 months

nannynick Sun 05-Nov-06 09:32:37

I'm in the area, to be found in Bagshot Mon-Fri during school term time with two little ones (aged 2 and 3).

Can recommend toddler group in Bagshot, at St. Annes Hall. Hall is church owned, but the group is not 'churchy'. 9.30am-11am Wednesdays.

Jakes Playworld in Bagshot is opeing in December, so maybe we could use that as a MumsNet meetup venue.

nicola1984 Sat 11-Nov-06 15:04:19

Hi all!
I am new to mumsnet, I live in Sandhurst (elissa think I met you at that toddler group in Yately a few weeks ago). I have two girlies aged 2 1/2 and 1, would love to chat/meet with other laid-back mummies! Am a member of another site but found that all too stressful!!

Nenner Wed 18-Jul-07 13:59:09

Just thought I'd try to get this link active again, if I could! I'm in Camberley & have a soon to be 8 month old son. There are a few nice places to get together for coffee/tea/whatnot in Camberley and a lovely park with swings, etc. While we made some lovely friends through antenatal class, it's always nice to make more!

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