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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

South Yorks meet-up

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katzguk Wed 24-Mar-04 21:04:12

i'm not competing with the Derby one, i just can't make it. So anyone interested? was thinking maybe a saturday soonish meet at Graves Park in Sheffield or somewhere else more weatherproof! any takers?

Hulababy Wed 24-Mar-04 21:42:34

Me - hopefully! Will depend on dates and DH too - weekends is his only time with me and DD - awh

katzguk Wed 24-Mar-04 21:51:57

thought it might be quite nice to bring DH/DP's. gives them a chance to bond with other dads what do you think?

dottee Wed 24-Mar-04 22:27:41

Me too - please keep me informed. Good idea to include dads. What about Rother Valley Country Park assuming people have transport? (thinking about parking etc.)

katzguk Wed 24-Mar-04 22:33:27

open to all suggestions, never done this before, complete mumsnet newie!!

katzguk Thu 25-Mar-04 09:52:49

hi was thinking that Saturday 24th of April might be a good date?

katzguk Wed 31-Mar-04 22:19:02


right PhD viva out of the way (passed yeah!) shoudl change my nickname to Dr Katzguk but hey!!

I was thinking if there aren't too many South Yorks people and provding my new sofas have arrived (due this saturday) then i'm happy to hold this meet up at my house, i've got a nice big living room and if the weather is nice there is a park in 5 mins walk from my house with swings slide ect and fields to kick balls ect

ks Wed 31-Mar-04 23:09:16

Message withdrawn

WedgiesMum Thu 01-Apr-04 13:26:26

I'm interested too (especially as I have to stalk Hula wherever she goes). Have a DS and a DD, and weekends often have a DH as well!!!!

dottee Thu 01-Apr-04 13:31:58

Still in touch katzguk. Will tell Pennypocket. She might be able to track down Hula. Whereabouts are you katzguk?

Hulababy Thu 01-Apr-04 14:48:10

Oy WM! You following me again

I'm on. Can drag DH along if you like too, if others are coming. He's been on one MN meet already and survived

I love Graves Park. DD likes the farm, and there is loads of grass for picnics, and football, etc. And a little playground too. I think there may even be a cafe??? And parking isn't too bad either.

Pretty easy though!

katzguk Thu 01-Apr-04 17:29:06

graves park is good, the little cafe is closed until the summer, at least thats what i was told last time i went. Thoguht dragging DH's along would be good, might help to convince mine that everyone on here is a mum and not a weirdo who gets off on mums talking shop!!!

WedgiesMum Fri 02-Apr-04 10:21:47

Stalk, stalk, stalk........

We were very easy on your DH at that last meet Hula!!!! Now we know him we will give him a MUCH harder time

katzguk Tue 06-Apr-04 09:23:22

just bumping this to say am away now for just under two weeks, might be able to get online, so will finalise details when i gt back if people are still interested

gingerbear Tue 06-Apr-04 09:32:09

I am in Doncaster, but a little bit shy, chickened out of a meet up a while ago
You aren't all breast fixated lorry drivers are you????

katzguk Tue 06-Apr-04 09:35:27

join the club - i'm really nervous about this meet-up which is why i'm organising it, thought if i planned it for somewhere i knew then could run for the hills if i got scared!!! but know i promise you i'm not a lorry driver with a breast fixation!!!

Hulababy Tue 06-Apr-04 19:41:16

Hi gingerbear! I can only vouch for me and Wedgiesmum (only one I have met) and she seems pretty normal Met her a few time snow and her kiddies are lovely

I am definitely a mum - see my picture on the moderators page!

Hulababy Tue 06-Apr-04 19:41:56

Oh and I been taking to pennypocket via e-mail for about a year now, and seen piccies. She looks just fine too

Pennypocket Wed 07-Apr-04 10:20:24

Ooooh - missed this one! I'd be up for a meet up too though don't have transport. Dottee - could I cadge a lift with you as you would probably be driving right past my road on the way. (I'd pay ya petrol money if not)

Dp would probably be working so it would be just me and DS though I wouldn't be able to come between 24th April - 8th May as I am probably moving then off to Devon for a week. Don't worry if this is the planned date - I will have to come the next time.

Gingerbread - I am definitely not a breast obsessed lorry driver either!!!! Please don't be shy - we are normal (well normalish!!)


Pennypocket Wed 07-Apr-04 10:21:28

Sorry - GingerBEAR - not Gingerbread. sorry!!

Easy Wed 07-Apr-04 10:25:10

Can we come?

I know we live in Notts, But I'm Sheffield born and bred, and consider ds an honorary Yorkshireman.

Don't know how dh will react to actually meeting MNers tho'

Pennypocket Wed 07-Apr-04 12:08:47

Easy - the more the merrier! How old are your kids?

Easy Wed 07-Apr-04 15:03:46

Penny, I have just the one ds, 4&1/2.

We already know Hulababy and Wedgiesmum too

Hulababy Wed 07-Apr-04 17:43:56

Hi Easy. Course you're welcome!

WedgiesMum Wed 07-Apr-04 20:39:06

I am a lorry driver obsessed (ex) breast feeder - does that count???

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