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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Walton/Weybridge/Hersham/Shepperton Area

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allyden Fri 04-Aug-06 03:45:55

I am in my mid thirties and I am looking to meet other local Mums from Walton and the surrounding area. Having always worked before I had my son who is now 17 months....... it would be nice to meet up with other like minded mums for a chat and coffee.

If you also find at times you are at a loose end especially, now in the holiday season please drop us a line!
Bye for now Ally

suejonez Fri 04-Aug-06 16:45:54

can I hijack a second? sorry!

I'm very vaguely deciding whether to move somewhere further out of London but easy commute and have thought of Hersham. I'd be an older single working mum - any advice on the area, cost of childminders, etc?

To be honest I'm not likely to do it for a couple of years but wanted to start considering the pros and cons now.

allyden Sun 06-Aug-06 10:41:23

Hersham /Walton/ Shepperton are reasonably priced areas to live in Weybridge is more expensive. Biggest advantage of all these areas is you are near to the river Thames for walks etc and only 30 mins out of London with fab train links. We have major shopping town called Kingston and Walton is currently, undergoing a major shopping redevelopment so in summary it does have loads of facilities from shops, nurserys, to gyms etc ... As to child minders etc guess it's like every area. It's a nice area but, having moved around with work in the past I guess all areas are what you make them .......Hope this helps........ Alison

Once again, any bored mums out there who fancy meeting up...Walton, Hersham, Shepperton, Weybridge Areas then drop us a line.

ComeOVeneer Sun 06-Aug-06 19:38:21

Hi I am also in my mid 30's. Currently living in n. london, but are in the process of buying a property in Weybridge. I have a son 19 months (and a daughter (starting school in september) . Not sure when we will be there but hopefully in the next couple of months.

allyden Mon 07-Aug-06 16:40:46

That's great I think you will like the area keep in touch ...Ally

Tutter Mon 07-Aug-06 16:59:03

<<hehehe hi suej - so you're thinking of it too then >>

sorry - another lurker here, thinking of a move to weybridge. have already been to see one house, and am now thinking of renting while we get to know the area. may i pop back to run locations of rental properties past you before comitting prerty please?

HeyThereGeorgieGirl Mon 07-Aug-06 19:25:05

Hi ladies. Am also thinking of moving to Weybrdige. We've found a lovely place but are stuck in SW19 at moment as haven't got offer on our house so can't put offer in on house in Weybrdige <ggggrrrr>.

Anyone want to buy a house in Wimbledon???

Have got DD1 4yrs11m and DD2 7months.

allyden, good to know that there's someone down there if we ever get to move. will contact you in a heartbeat if we ever get down there!

allyden Tue 08-Aug-06 12:14:32

Well, Good luck with the moves I am amazed at the people trying to live in Weybridge .. For facilities and shopping Walton is by far better... Currently, I live between both but always err to Walton its just had a new leisure centre built and is due a new shopping centre shortly......Weybridge for shopping is full of charity shops! Weybridge however, is good for restaurants and it is a nice area but so is Walton and happy - house hunting ...

Once again, there must be a few mums home alone who fancy a meet up who live here already!

allyden Tue 08-Aug-06 19:44:32

Hi, any mums in the area fancy a meeet - up. xx

Cherryblossom Thu 24-Aug-06 11:27:23

Hi, i'm 34 and have 3 children 11, 8, and 2. The older ones are obviously at school during the day so i take my 2 year old daughter to toddler sessions in shepperton, sunbury and occasionaly walton. I live in Laleham but shortly moving to shepperton so if you fancy meeting at a toddler group then let me know. xx

DreamingIguess Sat 26-Aug-06 13:11:06

hi; was pleased to see a friendly thread. am currently ttc in shepperton - so will keep a look out and hope to join you in .. 9, 10, 11, 12 months ...please no longer

good luck with all your moves girls, and thanks for starting a local thread Ally

Ps any ideas on shops for The Heart (new shopping centre).I have only seen New Look and Next announced so far - v exciting - will be nice to have a 1 mile stroll with pram when on maternity leave.

(counting eggs and chickens LOTS here)

fattiemumma Sat 26-Aug-06 13:23:42

i don't live there anymore but just wanted to pop in and say hi,

i moved from Wimbledon to Hersham! and then from Hersham to Crawley (oops lol)

wish i lived in Hersham still.....could have met you all.

Lara2001 Fri 01-Sep-06 21:54:51

Hi Allyden. We live in Egham at the moment and we are hoping to move to Weybridge area. I have a little boy who is now 20 months old. Would you like to arrange to meet up? I am in Weybridge several times a week, as my husband works there. Look forward to hearing from you.

allyden Sat 02-Sep-06 00:07:26

Hi, sorry about my slow response ...I was kinda giving up hope of any replies. So its great that Cherry Blossom, Dreaming Glass and Lara replied and fattimuma acknowleged what a great area this is!

I would love to meet up and form a social get together ...what toddler groups do you go to in Shepperton Cherry Blossom ?
Good luck with the moves Dreaming glass and Lara u see to instant mates who have common ground the joys of moving...(don't eny u there... Anyway keep posting to make this club grow!! I'm on my hols now but speak soon Ally xx

allyden Mon 18-Sep-06 16:43:30

Hi, still looking for like - minded mums in the Walton, Weybridge,Shepperton,Hersham Area. Who would like to make new friends.... I am in my mid 30's and have one son who is 18 months...Would like to widen my social circle. Would you? If so drop us a line

sally100 Mon 18-Sep-06 19:53:37

I live in East Molesey which is quite close. I have just moved here from Clapham so I am looking to meet new mums. I have a 16 week old daughter and I am 27. I am loving maternity leave but do get bored occasionally!

ComeOVeneer Tue 19-Sep-06 10:31:30

Hi since I last posted our plans have changed and we are now moving to Thames Ditton, but it's not a million miles away from Weybridge so I would still like to be counted in when we actually move.

Lara2001 Thu 21-Sep-06 00:32:55

Hi Ally

Please let me know when you could be available to meet up. My e-mail address is

Looking forward to meeting you.

suzxie Mon 09-Oct-06 04:23:00

Hi everyone! I'm really glad to have found this website and this thread. I'm living in Weybridge, in my thirties and have a daughter (1 month). I would like to widen my social circle too - do count me in for any meet ups. I am currently also researching childcare in the area - grateful for any advice.

BuffysMum Tue 31-Oct-06 14:05:20

Message withdrawn

lucymc Mon 12-Feb-07 10:43:16

Hi Ally,
I've only just found mumsnet and therefor this thread. I live in walton with my husband and 19month old son and would love to meet new friends, hope your still looking. my email is hope to hear from you. Lucy

cjs76 Mon 12-Feb-07 21:02:30

Hi I have recently moved to Hersham I have 2 boys aged 2 and 5 months - I go to various playgroups but would love to meet new people.

WaltonMum Tue 13-Feb-07 13:13:44

Hi there! I live in Walton too. I'm 33 and have two daughters, one 2,5 year old and one 2 month old baby. Please let me know if you guys are meeting up.

hazel1975 Wed 14-Feb-07 18:28:15

Hi there
I live in staines but work in Hersham.
Do work school hours but happy to meet in holidays or weekends
Anyone fancy doing something tomorrow!!
Am considering Bocketts Farm or the Look Out.....
I know its short notice but email me if you do!


PS DS is 4.5!

cjs76 Wed 14-Feb-07 18:51:29

wots the look out?
I could make morning av to be bak by lunchtime
Brockets Farm is on Burhill Road right?
I only live round the corner

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