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*Moving to Saffron Walden, Essex , in August - does anyone live nearby?*

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SaffyCat Mon 31-Jul-06 23:05:25

I am moving from Surrey to Saffron Walden in mid-August with my husband, 7yr old son and 1yr old daughter. We don't know anyone in the area yet and I would love to meet other local mums (am happy to drive a few miles) and also to find out about toddler groups/recomended family activities.

bluebear Mon 31-Jul-06 23:20:37

Saffron Walden is on my list of potential places to move to (we are looking to move as dh is thinking of taking a job in Cambridge).
I'm also interested in hearing about any family activities in the area, so I'll lurk if you don't mind!
I spent a bit of my youth in SW but can only really remember horse-riding and reading in the sunshine, oh, and some sort of strange maze made out of paving stones on the common.

SaffyCat Tue 01-Aug-06 22:05:43

Anyone from/near Saffron Walden?

bluebear Wed 02-Aug-06 18:05:31

bumping for the early evening crowd

SaffyCat Wed 02-Aug-06 21:01:56

hi BlueBear, thanks for your reply. We are moving also because of dh's job, fortunately I will still be able to get to mine in London 2 days a week (just!). We fell in love with SW, It looks like a great place to live with lots going on, but not too big and crowded. How likely is your move?

Caribbeanqueen Wed 02-Aug-06 21:14:00

Don't live there - about 20 minutes away - but go there quite often. I can't tell you anything about the toddler groups, schools etc., but it is a really nice place, quite quiet and there seems to be plenty to do, especially in summer - lots of fairs etc.

Hopefully someone who knows more will be along soon.

bluebear Wed 02-Aug-06 22:34:18

Hi SaffyCat - dh is going through a long interview process with a firm just North of Cambridge - we did an initial look at house prices etc, before he went to his first interview and thought it might be worthwhile.
SInce then we have visited Cambridge but only really liked about 3 roads (too fussy I know) and so we are now looking at other places too...SW came up as a favorite as I spent time there as a child..I've been looking for house on but haven't seen much in the town..just in surrounding villages.
I also work in London (33 hours a week but with some flexibility thank goodness) so need to be not too far away from a Station.

Are you moving to SW town and using Audley End station?

SaffyCat Wed 02-Aug-06 22:51:56

Hi BB, we are moving to SW town and I'll be using Audley End. It does seem to be a fast link to London, but will reserve judgement till I start the commute including the drive to the station and tubes. We were also avid watchers of Rightmove and found v. few properties for sale in SW. We have a theory that it's such a pleasant place to live in that people don't move away! We were very lucky to have found a house we liked quickly. Dh has been doing a weekly commute to new company for 4 months now - I'm so looking forward to sharing the parenting again after moving.

SaffyCat Wed 02-Aug-06 22:53:30

Hi also to CQ. Thanks for replying, so whereabouts are you? Have you lived in the area for long?

Lilymaid Wed 09-Aug-06 14:51:31

I live near SW - but my children are teenagers and I don't know about the toddler groups etc. I think there are activities at the Lord Butler Leisure Centre and there seems to be an active NCT. As regards Audley End, I'm afraid that the commute to London is tedious (I do it daily in term time) taking at least 1 hour. There are frequent delays due to overhead lines, cars running into level crossings - you name it we have had it! Audley End station car park is very busy. Oh, and the trains are old and not air conditioned so the commute home is appalling in the summer.
After all that, SW is a very nice town and there are good primary schools/secondary schools.

bluebear Sun 13-Aug-06 19:08:23

Well, we visited SW today, and loved it - so if dh still wants this new job we are looking at moving there.

I did notice a dance school on one of the main roads, it advertised a mother/toddler session.

twoboysmom Mon 04-Sep-06 13:40:34

I've lived in Bishops Stortford for a year now (having moved from the States) but I understand Saffron Walden is quite near my modest markettown home. I have a nearly 7 year old boy and a rising five year old boy. How's the kids shopping in Cambridge?

Dior Mon 04-Sep-06 13:47:30

Message withdrawn

USAUKMum Mon 04-Sep-06 14:17:41

Hi I live in Bishops Stortford too twoboysmom (also an American -- though her for 11 yrs now!). BS is about 20min away from SW -- I love SW. The train from Audley End is one of the fast trains -- something about a clause in from olden times to do with the Audley End house there That a train has to stop. From Stortford it takes about 45 min into Liverpool St. Think it is about 15 min longer from SW. I don't know about toddler groups, but there is a great swimming school in Newport called the Potteries. Both my DD(5) and DS (2) go there. Would be happy to meet up sometime.
DH works in Fulborn, so we are considering moving up that direction in a few years when DD is due for secondary school.

twoboysmom Mon 04-Sep-06 22:35:20

I've met two american moms since moving here. One's just moved to Italy...poor woman I imagine the buses make it to SW from B/S. Oh, I must plug the Bishops Stortford Museum over in the new Rhodes Art Complex. We just finished our summer programmes of workshops which had African Drumming, WWII experience, SummerArts and Craft. The fall/winter schedule will have Kite making, Halloween, winter story telling, and holiday decoration workshops for children 7+ and there will be drop in arts and crafts on Saturdays (closed Sunday). Call and ask for details: 01279651746. We're still settling the schedule for the fall, but get on the mailing list and a flyer can be sent out to you. It's a short walk from the train station and free parking on site for visitors. Disclosure: I do work for the museum and know it to be an underused resource for the surrounding community, especially parents and children. So contact us.

Delyth Tue 12-Sep-06 12:29:34

I moved to Saffron Walden in August my kids are older (11,13), but I would be very happy to meet up for a coffee ?

beckymacca Sat 23-Sep-06 17:49:24

Hi we moved here about a year ago from London. It's a great place to be with lots of toddler groups. Jelly Beans is a Monday morning group at Gold Street Chapel, Parent Centre is held at the church with Drop-in sessions on a Tues and Thursday Morning, NCT Tots and Tiddlers on a Thursday. There is so much to do and plenty of people that have recently made the move.

exLondon Fri 29-Sep-06 13:54:59

Hello, We are, hopefully, moving to Saffron Walden in December. I have two girls and wondered if anyone knows if there are swimming and ballet classes, or anything esle on locally for them? Thanks.

mouseman Fri 29-Sep-06 14:02:05

Hello, i live in Saffron Walden and have a baby and a child in school. It is a great place to be. The local NCT is by far the easiest way to meet people and find out whats going on. There are lots of groups, toddlers, swimming, french, dance sports etc. Swimming lesons are a nightmare - get on the waiting list now!! Would be v. happy to meet for a coffee if you need showing around!

Lilymaid Fri 29-Sep-06 14:08:14

I had aproblems with getting on waiting list for swimming lessons for DS2 when he was 6. After six months, I enquired again and found that he had risen to page 11 on the waiting list!
If this is still a problem at the Lord Butler leisure centre, you could try Sawston where there is a small (less attractive) pool but where I managed to get lessons for DS2 without so much difficulty.

laurasmiles Thu 05-Oct-06 12:29:06

I was pleased to have come across this thread, as I'm moving to Saffron Waldon from London hopefully shortly before Christmas. I have a twnty month old boy and a six week old daughter so will be looking for new friends for me and them and places to visit and things to do. It's nice to find some friendly posts from people in the area and I look forward to posting and possibly meeting up with some of you when I move later this year...?

2boysmacca Thu 05-Oct-06 16:37:38

Make your first port of call NCT group, held Thursdays at the Bell Nursery. 10am

Bluebear Thu 26-Oct-06 19:40:38

I'm bumping this thread again - We are set on moving to Saffron Walden in the new year and I was wondering whether those of you who are already local could give me the low-down on the schools (they all look very good from their Ofsted reports).

Bluebear Mon 30-Oct-06 20:25:46

Another bump!

2boysmacca Tue 31-Oct-06 16:10:15

They are all pretty good. RA Butler seems to be the 'favourite' but their catchment area is getting smaller and smaller. Katherine Semar also has an excellent reputation for the infant school

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