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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Derby Meet up (for April)

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Ronniebaby Thu 19-Feb-04 18:56:46

Hiya Ladies

Next meet up for the Derby mumsnetters is looking like it is to be April 8th.

Hopefully in Ripley - Derbyshire.

Looking forward to it already.

Hulababy Thu 19-Feb-04 18:57:59

I can do it with DD!!!

Sorry, don't sound to eager do I?

Ronniebaby Thu 19-Feb-04 18:58:15

Planet Happy
Industrial Est, Heage Rd
Ripley Derbyshire

Tel: 01773 748600

JanHR Thu 19-Feb-04 19:42:39

I will join you if we ar not away on holiday by then

Ronniebaby Thu 19-Feb-04 21:11:18

Now then, I started it, so I suppose I better say I'm coming tooo

fairydust Thu 19-Feb-04 23:04:49

I really hope i can come - it's only 5mins from my house and it's a really nice place

Helsbels Fri 20-Feb-04 08:59:51

I've got no valid excuse - it's just round the corner for me so ds and myself will be there all being well!

WedgiesMum Sat 21-Feb-04 20:38:28

Me and the terrible twosome can come

Glad you all enjoyed last Thursday, thought about you all


Jagienka Mon 23-Feb-04 13:00:25

Finally something for us... I hope that we will have settled in Ripley by then.
What time is the meeting? How old are your kids? My Dominik is only 14 months so I hope that there will be something for him to do there.

nutcracker Mon 23-Feb-04 13:02:46

Is the 8th in the easter hols ????

Easy Mon 23-Feb-04 13:12:50

Yep, as long as there are no disasters, we'll come too.
You never know, I might be managing without crutches by then (not promising yet tho'

JanHR Mon 23-Feb-04 14:44:01

Yes nutty, 8th is during easter holiday.

Ronniebaby Mon 23-Feb-04 15:34:08

All are welcome.

Yes 8th April - Easter Half term.

Jagienka - there are all ages of children coming, ranging from 14 months to 5-7?

Janhr - do you wanna call the Planet happy and get some details prices etc, as you good at that, cheers mate

WM - Excellent you and yours are coming, DS is moaning he hasn't seen your DS, and you didn;t come last time.

Easy - you know you always welcome, and it would be even more excellent if you didn't have crutches, but didn't matter last time

Nutty - you coming then??

Anyone else, welcome to the Derby meet you are very welcome and wil have loads of fun.

As it gets closer to the date I will clarify numbers and email according if necessary.


JanHR Mon 23-Feb-04 15:38:13

Will do.

Hulababy Mon 23-Feb-04 15:39:51

I hope everyone can make it; sounds like it should be fun.

Dd will be just 2 years by then (her birthday is the Monday of that week) but as RB says, there will be children of all ages there. DD has loved soft play from before a year old!

fairydust Mon 23-Feb-04 16:01:02

Plant Happy

£3.50 per child -

In half term it is 2hours play only

open from 9.30 - 6pm

Gets very busy in half term so earlier the better

We've been there with DD lots and she loves it.
It's got a seperate are for the smaller children

Serves nice food and amazing capuchino.

It is diectly off the A38 ripley junction -5mins from it.

JanHR Mon 23-Feb-04 16:10:56

Right,I have just spoken to Joanne @ Planet Happy.

If there are 10 or more chldren they will give us a special rate of £2 per (walking) child. This includes a drink and snack.

The price is usually £ per child if they are walking, or Free if not walking.

The price is for 2 hours.

She has suggested that as it is the holidays that we get there for them opening at 9.30am.

FD - I asked if there is a reduction for children with CP, she has said that they will sort that out on the day, so you may get it cheaper or free.

I have said that I will confirm the numbers nearer the time so can we please have definite replies by ther monday of that week.

JanHR Mon 23-Feb-04 16:11:51

THat will teach me to preview first. That should read £3

Hulababy Mon 23-Feb-04 16:13:28

Sounds good to me; and I am sure I can manage 9:30!!! Might have to put the alarm on though

JanHR Mon 23-Feb-04 16:24:33

JUst spoken to DP, WE are going away on Good Friday, Si I will be able to make it after all.

RB - DP has said that he may come along to if he is not working. If he can't make it can I please have a lift. RAC route planner satys it take about 40 minutes from mine.

mez75 Mon 23-Feb-04 16:54:53

This sounds like fun, but I am not sure DS & I will be able to make it as we would have to come on train and if we need to be there for 9.30 I'd have to leave at the crack of dawn. Have a nice time though! :0

mez75 Mon 23-Feb-04 16:56:13

That thing on the end was meant to be a smile i will try again :0

mez75 Mon 23-Feb-04 16:57:02

Oh I give up! Stupid smile thing i am sending you a smile.

Hulababy Mon 23-Feb-04 16:57:11

Where will you be coming from Mez?

We can also make it later - I am sure it can't get THAT busy can it? FD, do you know?

mez75 Mon 23-Feb-04 18:46:56

Coming from Great Barr so would get a train from Birmingham. I will look at train timetable and see how long it takes!

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