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Art Trolley @ The Tate on Sunday 15 February

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mammya Wed 11-Feb-04 20:23:37

Following on from this thread , is anyone still up for going along to the Art Trolley thingie at Tate Britain on Sunday? I will definitely be going even if I'm the only one, so anyone wanting to join me is more than welcome.

beetroot Wed 11-Feb-04 21:43:15

Message withdrawn

mammya Wed 11-Feb-04 22:11:24

This is what it says on the Tate website: Saturdays, Sundays, 12.00 - 17.00
Plus Thursdays 19 February (half term), and 8 and 15 April (Easter holiday) 11.00 - 16.00
Maybe you should go next Thursday rather than Monday?

mammya Thu 12-Feb-04 09:32:16

Anyone? Salt? Do you still want to go?

bundle Thu 12-Feb-04 10:03:31

if you do go, I hope that the room with all the dressing up clothes is still there - you can get a polaroid of dd/ds dressed up inside a frame like a Grand Master ! (dd1 refused point blank to do it, of course l)

Fizog Thu 12-Feb-04 10:24:45

Only just logged on, I think I can still go.

If I send you an email through contact a talker can we sort out details tomorrow (time etc) as I need to check the train times. I'm not sure I will be able to get online tomorrow but will be able to email. (salt)

Fizog Thu 12-Feb-04 10:50:19

Just to let you know -

I just rang the tate as dd is well under 3 and they said it shouldn't be a problem. The Art Trolley is literally a trolley where kids can get art and craft material to make things related to the arts on show. However on the same floor there is also the "Art Space" which is more of a room with activities in it, there is noa ge limitations on this.

I've checked the train times and should be able to get into London for 11:30. What were you thinking of doing about lunch?

mammya Thu 12-Feb-04 17:16:24

Got your email Fizog so will reply that way.
Anyone else interested?

sykes Thu 12-Feb-04 17:18:19

I was but am away this weekend. Hope you all have a lovely time.

Evita Fri 13-Feb-04 12:28:44

Gosh, am I too late to join you for this? I think I probably am, but will check this thread again later today just in case.

mammya Sat 14-Feb-04 00:22:30

No of course you're not too late to join us Evita! So far it's only me and Fizog, we're meeting at Euston tube station at 11.45. Please join us! Do you want to meet at the Tate?

Evita Sat 14-Feb-04 11:20:05

mammya, I would LOVE to meet you but since I posted dd's been really unwell. Check the drama out in the 'health' thread! Another time? I DO hope so ...

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