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Moving to TUNBRIDGE WELLS in 6 weeks!

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wilkojones Tue 06-Jun-06 16:32:37

We're moving down from North London with my 2yr old DD and am expecting again in November. Can anyone recommend any good playgroups/ activities for mums and toddlers as will not know a soul? Thanks!

charliecat Tue 06-Jun-06 16:43:09

Welcome!!! Central tunbridge wells or on the outskirts?
I am in Rusthall with 2 dds but they are older, 5 and 8.
Theres a vibrant toddler group at St Johns church, although I hated all the parents turning thier backs whilst Herbert battered Phillip but others seem to love it....give it a gop see what you think.
Pick up a copy of the grapevine as it has all the local nurserys/playgroups listed.
There is at the sports centre twice a week
a toddler type gym where they have mats and a bouncy castle and things for your toddler to do whilst you mingle with the other mums.
Theres lots of jo jingles/hop skip and jump type activitys around...see the gravevine for this.
Get your dds name on the swimming lesson list if you want her to start when shes 4/5.
Out of town there is a plastic ball place...erm...Runaround in frant 01892 750070 i think they do toddler mornings, as do planet carnival
there is toddler time at all the librarys too HTH

gingernutlover Tue 06-Jun-06 19:54:00

hi we are in Twells too, which part are you moving to? I have a dd 9months and can recommend the st johns toddler group very freindly. we also go to a music class once a week and another toddler group. loads to do. also, there is an active NCT in T wells, although I am not involved apart from going to Nearly new sales (which are fab), I hear theres lots of coffee groups and other stuff going on if thats your thing.

this website is also good (might be - I'll check)

it has local meet a mum pages and lists of classes and groups. I have met several freinds through it and would recommend a look.

gingernutlover Tue 06-Jun-06 19:55:59

mrsdarcy Tue 06-Jun-06 20:10:22

Oooh, I'm jealous. I left TW a couple of years ago but I loved it.

The NCT coffee group are very good (at least the one I went to was). There's a lovely music class called Jack in a Box.

I found people really friendly and met several friends just around and about - playground etc.

TW also has the best cookery shop in the world: Trevor Mottram.

Whereabouts are you moving to?

I am soooo jealous!

Posey Wed 07-Jun-06 21:10:05

A very good friend of mine is moving there in a month or 2, also from north London, with her dd! Are you her?!!

mrsdarcy Fri 09-Jun-06 13:50:14

Wilkojones, there's a lovely hairdressers as well: The Chapel (near the Pantiles).

FioFio Fri 09-Jun-06 13:51:37

Message deleted

wilkojones Tue 11-Jul-06 15:39:37

Hi All,
Laptop has been out of action, which has been driving me mad! Thanks so much for all replies and recommendations, v useful indeed (especially hairdresser, as am looking rather haggered!).

Am so excited about the move, we're going to be living on Upper Grosvenor Road. So only a short (albeit uphill) walk to Fenwicks!

Posey no idea if we know each other... what is your mate's dd called?

Will log on far more frequently over the next couple of weeks.... xxx

jamjarparmar Sun 22-Jul-07 10:27:52

HI Wilkojones good luck with the move! we are planing on moving down there from S London in the next 6 months.. I grew up there and now feel the draw back, having a 3 yr old and another due this October. When I go back to visit my parents I'm surprised by the number of 'young' families.. it seems to ahve all you need in a nie compact (and beautiful) place.
Upper Grs Rd is great and central, you'll be able to walk everywhere really easily.
Plus I've heard TW gets the most sunshine in the south east! hoorah. I'll keep an eye out for posts from you as we get nearer our move down.

jamjarparmar Sun 22-Jul-07 10:28:43

crikes excuse my crappy typing. ~Time for a coffee..

Shivs1974 Fri 10-Aug-07 12:18:22

There's a lovely M&T group at St Barnabas's church hall (on Quarry Rd - so not far from you at all) on Thursday mornings (9-11) during term time. Small, friendly and really well organised.

LizFurze Tue 10-Mar-09 14:34:46

I stumbled across this discussion and it made me want to join the site!
Im moving up to Tunbridge wells from Brighton with my partner and 7 month old Alice in a few weeks and can't wait to get involved in baby/toddler groups.
I think the area we are moving to is called Hawkenbury and Im stuggling to find ut what goes on online.
Does anybody know if there is much round this way, or if it would be easy to get to some of the places already mentioned from there?

(Also I have no idea what DD means??sorry!)

slnko Fri 20-Mar-09 08:34:55

Hi, Im also from Tunbridge wells and have 2year old boy, and 3 months old baby boy born in november. Would you like to meet sometimes?
Im Slovak and husband is from South Africa. Have a lovely day

AnaKi Mon 20-Apr-09 21:48:52

Hi Liz and Marta, there are so many things going on in TW. It would be great if you can get hold of The grapevine, it's a magazine with info about playgroups, lessons of all sorts for little ones, etc. You could get one at the library.
My DD (dear daughter) is 2 and my DS (dear son) is 3 months. We could meet at some of the playgroups sometime, what days in the morning are you free?

Ka18 Tue 28-Apr-09 20:50:04

Thought you might be interested in new Mumsnet Local - Tunbridge Wells.

laraCA Fri 21-Aug-09 00:23:27


We are moving this weekend to Tunbridge Wells central area, its called the village area not far from the station, we don’t know a sole, hoping to find something for our two girls to do over the next two weeks of the summer hols, we have a 3 year old DD (thanks for that, I didn’t know what that meant either!) and a 1 year old DD, they love to be out and about and at play groups, and so does their mum!

Does anyone know if there are any coffee morning/playgroups or activities that we could do over the next two weeks of the summer holidays?

The other thing we'd love to find is a good place for lunch where the kids are welcome and they don't mind lots of mess?

Much appreciated


Rosemary18 Tue 28-Aug-12 09:40:39

Hi wilko jones
I'm also down from London with a 2year old in Upper Grosvenor road! Would be happy to meet for coffee ( at fenwicks! ;-)

ginajacques Fri 22-Aug-14 15:59:12

Were moving on Friday if anyone fancies coffee terrified of having NO friends or family!

ekp81 Fri 26-Jun-15 20:28:53

Hi Ginajacques
I just wondered how you got on with your move and how you're finding TW life?
I'll be moving down with my other half and two boys in the next few months and a little scared too �� we currently live in Southwark near borough market and I'm a little sad about leaving... But excited for a new adventure. I hope you've met some nice people and enjoying your new life there! smile

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