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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Lonely first time mum new to Huntingdon / Cambs

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teacakes Tue 23-May-06 13:13:42

Recently moved to the area, and finding it lonely being stuck in the house. Anyone out there in a similar boat that would like to meet up for a natter?

I have a DD is 7.5 mths old.

girrafey Tue 23-May-06 15:47:50

hey tea cakes where abouts are you? i live in st. neots and have a dd who was 1 2 weeks ago.
there is a meet up in hitchin on friday if you want to go? it is my fist time going and the nearest meet up to me, as the cambs ones tend to be the other side. x

AllieBongo Tue 23-May-06 16:05:28

i'm in newmarket. don't know if that's too far for you?? welcome and you're not alone, you have cyber pals!!!!

Georgiesmum Tue 23-May-06 18:35:40

Hi teacakes the meet up is in Stevenage this time not hichin, you are welcome to come!

girrafey Wed 24-May-06 07:53:51

oops sorry blame the pregnancy hormones!!! lol

pedilia Wed 24-May-06 08:16:10

hey teacakes, I am in a village just North of Cambridge and I work in the Huntingdon /ST Ives area if you fancy a cofee !!

teacakes Wed 24-May-06 16:21:13

I am not too mobile at the moment, being a one car family DH takes it to stn. So have to plan outings in advance. Is there anything closer by anytime soon?

Don't know what it is but I am scared to venture too far - all seems like the big unknown as I am still finding my feet in the area - silly I know.

Amyjo22 - how many weeks are you?
Would love to meet up - when are yous free?

girrafey Wed 24-May-06 18:02:03

hey there i am only just over 8 weeks but it is twins so double the hormones so doubl;e the excuse!!!! lol

if you are in huntingdon you are only 10 mins away from me, by train and by car. my dp is working near the hospital there at the moment and we are their often for scans etc. there is a lovely child place called something like eat n play on the ring road if you ever fancied meeting up there for a coffee.

hitchin and stevenage are a bit far for me too, but it is a straight and easy train route from huntingdon and st. neots. ( stations are next to each other on route) and we meet in the complex that is joined to the train station. so we could brave it togther next time maybe.

well let us know where abouts you are. x

teacakes Wed 31-May-06 12:52:36

hello there amyjo22,
wow twins that is very exciting, do you know what sex they are??
i am in a village called buckden, it is north of st neots.
i know what you mean, it would be so much easier to have company when travelling.
it would be great to meet up, let me know when you are free or are you still working? i am free most days!!!

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