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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

2013 Durham/Teesside/Tyne and Wear greet, meet and eat thread

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ArrowofApollo Thu 04-Apr-13 07:44:58

Thought I would start a new thread as the old one is getting full.

Next meet up is on Wednesday 10th April, 10ish at the Durham Botanical Gardens. We will either be in the entrance or staking a couple of the picnic tables by the pond.
I will be giving Vikinglady a lift.

spiffysquiffyspiggy Mon 20-May-13 08:12:11

And golden- your mother in law is a total cow. How you didn't belt her I don't know.

LeggyBlondeNE Tue 21-May-13 07:18:09

Damn, Indith just got reminder about dentist tomorrow, so no shopping for me this week.

spiffysquiffyspiggy Tue 21-May-13 07:41:44

Oh forgot to say yesterday- definitely up for curry on the 1st. Juney I think I will get the bus to Sunderland. It has worked pretty well the last few times and is cheaper than the taxi from Washington (v important point at the moment)

Indith Tue 21-May-13 13:20:41

Ok so


I'll book tonight (if I remember!) 8.30 for curry with time for drinks first?

Anyone seen sticky?

StealthOfficialCrispTester Tue 21-May-13 13:23:43

envy have fun

Indith Tue 21-May-13 13:48:32

we must do something. stupid quiz being cancelled.

FrozenNorthPole Tue 21-May-13 17:18:40

Thanks for booking Indith smile

juneybean Tue 21-May-13 17:19:36

Gateshead Council drop a huge clanger today, they sent a mass e-mail and forgot to use CC... sent them a swift reply!

Any who, Sunderland for a taxi should alright Spiggy!

juneybean Tue 21-May-13 17:19:51


why do I never proofread!?

Indith Tue 21-May-13 18:16:32

booked capital, my name, 8:30 on sat 1st June. booked for 6 so there is room for one more if we spot anyone else.

StealthOfficialCrispTester Tue 21-May-13 19:52:30

Hmmm wonder if I can make it up from sherwood forest...

juneybean Thu 23-May-13 21:28:49

Is it too soon to start asking what we're wearing?

Indith Thu 23-May-13 21:55:30


goldenretriever Sat 25-May-13 16:15:04

Attained a holy grail this week by having my son's (pretty poor) birthday card read on CBeebies!

Indith, I don't mind driving there and back on the 1st, or attempting public transport. I am trying to save my pennies (as well as for starting Uni in September) as I got a text on Tuesday from a large Coke company (the drink, not the first class drug) to say that I had won tickets to see Beyoncé. Mmm, I thought. I rang them back after a garbled voicemail from them and it was actually for a trip for two to New York in August for three days (with spending money) to see Beyoncé on her American tour, hurrah! My second best ever win and proof that my pathetic hobby/obsession with entering competitions occasionally works!
Sorry for the ramble, was as giddy as a kipper. Anyway, Indith, let me know what you reckon, don't mind picking you up or can stretch to a cab if need be.

Indith Sat 25-May-13 17:05:57

yes uni gets expensive! shall have to check last bus time, I'd rather avoid taxi expense if poss as bys will be half the price.

youand spb can have a cbeebies card club grin

Indith Sat 25-May-13 17:11:00

10:20 or 11:20 for bus, how does that sound?

goldenretriever Sat 25-May-13 18:13:15

Bus sounds good, then a few crafty shandies can be consumed!

spiffysquiffyspiggy Sun 26-May-13 09:12:26

Ooh well done on the Cbeebies card Ds1 wanted us to do one for t but I don't do craftygrin

Am looking forward to next Saturday. Mmmm curry...

Indith Mon 27-May-13 08:24:15

Anyone want to go to the Botanics either Wed or Fri? Ds1 has specifically requested a visit over half term smile

Ds1 and Dd are at my mum's until Tuesday. Last night we began the night weaning again. There are a couple of molars coming through but the antibiotics have got rid of the neck lump so I think we are healthy as we are ever going to get and dh is off work for the week so tough luck baby boy! I slept in dd's room, a whole floor and 2 door between me and them so I slept reasonably well grin. Apparently it wasn't too bad so fingers crossed. Dh is cuddling and singing and walking around with him for the first 2 or 3 nights. Once we have a few nights under our belt of no milk then he will move to settling him in his own bed. Going to miss my snuggly bedfellow but given that I'm starting shifts on delivery suite where I'm not going to be there for bedtime etc and I may well be following my mentor onto night shifts at times it kind of has to be done.

ArrowofApollo Mon 27-May-13 10:08:14

Sounds like the night weaning is going well. And you are right this is the kindest thing to do in the circumstances.
I was going to try with DD but she was poorly, all better now but probably not best to do it when we are about to go on holiday. Will try after we come back.

juneybean Mon 27-May-13 11:18:43

I could do botanics Wednesday? Got all three of my beasts.

LeggyBlondeNE Mon 27-May-13 11:30:40

Wednesday sounds good.

StealthPolarBear Mon 27-May-13 13:25:28

Hope it continues to go well Indith.
Hi to everyone else smile

spiffysquiffyspiggy Mon 27-May-13 19:41:12

Wed good for me grin

Indith Mon 27-May-13 20:42:17

ace. what time? another friend coming too and she doesn't really do early grin

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