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Aberystwyth - is anybody out there?

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YouKnowNothingOfTheCrunch Fri 01-Mar-13 14:26:42


I've just moved back to the area and have realised that I really don't know many people any more. I'd love to meet up for coffee sometime. Are there any Aber mumsnetters out there?


siilk Sun 19-May-13 09:59:34

Nice sunny day. Hmm I think ice cream in Aberaeon might be the order of the day!!

YouKnowNothingOfTheCrunch Sun 19-May-13 19:30:23

Siilk that sounds too lovely.

I'm sure I wrote a post yesterday but it seems to have vanished. Very much an agreement on the hunger consensus and briefly mentioning my own uneventful trip to the art's centre yesterday.

Any hoo... I am sitting here very shamefaced as despite normally slathering myself in factor 30 all day, today I was a plonker and have a very deserved all over sunburn.

angry <--- this is me

MabliD Mon 20-May-13 21:36:18

I feel your pain, I managed to burn just a stripe on my forehead. Painful, and fetching! We spent nice sunny day in Lampeter, I def missed naice ice creams though.

I will admit that today and Saturday at work I was trying to spot mn giveaways on all my customers! You are either v well disguised, shop elsewhere or mnetters are not as easy to spot as we have been led to believe grin

siilk Mon 20-May-13 22:59:01

Yes I must agree that it was lovely
And sunny In Lampeter. We ended up spending the day in the garden with ice cream from co-op! Pity about today was not nice. Hoping for nicer tomorrow!
I still think we need a secret handshakesmilesmile

YouKnowNothingOfTheCrunch Wed 22-May-13 16:22:19

Ooh Mabli I'm going to be giving all retail people suspicious looks from now on, and occasionally lament loudly about the lack of Naice ham for sale around here grin

The secret handshake may need to be a secret nod or wave. So if I wave at someone using only my little finger on my left hand, a mn'er would know that the required response would be a cat's bum face and an offed of a Pom beat. It's infallible.

MabliD Wed 22-May-13 19:45:46

I'm going to do that everytime I suspect possible mnness from now on. Can pass off as nervous twitch when necessary!

About 6 months ago a lady did ask if we sold pom bears. I was v suspicious. Care to admit to anything YouKnow? wink

siilk Fri 24-May-13 21:16:35

Well mil found pom bears in Lampeter co-op!!! When I saw the kids eating them I was too busy laughing!!

SoMuchToBits Fri 24-May-13 21:18:02

My sis lives in Aber, and I will be there for a week in July (with my ds)...

YouKnowNothingOfTheCrunch Fri 24-May-13 22:52:51

Mabli I wish it had been me smile <tries to work out where Mabli works so she can torture her with subtle MN references>

Must go on a Pom bear hunt and keep them with me at all times.

Somuch, hopefully there'll be a summer this year and ice creams on the prom will feature!

SoMuchToBits Fri 24-May-13 22:54:22

I'm sure we will be at the Hut at some point, eating either ice creams or baguettes! smile

MabliD Thu 30-May-13 21:51:05

So I shouted v loudly "There are no Pom Bears!" in the Arts Centre today, ate a disgustingly large ice cream at the Hut AND wore a scarf, but I saw no funny waves or cats bum faces! Foe shame, for shame wink

YouKnowOfTheCrunch Thu 30-May-13 22:07:52

Damnit! I was at work (signing all my emails off with a hmm face

MabliD Thu 30-May-13 22:17:09

You are forgiven then grin. Town was heaving with tourist types, you were probably better off at work!

JammySplodger Thu 30-May-13 22:28:44

Only just noticed this thread is still going, and there you are talking about the UK's tastiest ice cream - I spent a summer as a waitress at The Hive and lived with a group of friends just back from the beach.

Nice spot of nostalgia smile

JammySplodger Thu 30-May-13 22:30:25

It might even have been the No.40 I would catch up to Aberystwyth to do my dissertation lab work.

alteredimages Tue 18-Jun-13 16:33:21


I am back and forth between Aber and France.

I have a soon to be 3 year old DD and she gets lonely as we don't know any other small kids in aber and won't put her in nursery this time because it seems silly in the middle of summer. Should be around from mid July til the end of august. Anyone like to meet up?

I tend to hover between the blue creek cafe and the upper limit, though now it's summer the hut will be top of my list. Will try and invest in the requisite pom bears. smile

YouKnowOfTheCrunch Sun 30-Jun-13 19:44:14

Jammy you'll have to come back for an ice cream smile

Altered I should be around, give me a shout when you know when you'll be here and maybe we could arrange a mini-meet.

Sorry for the delay in reply.

Startail Sun 30-Jun-13 19:54:30

In infants I wrote in my 'News book' about eating Orange ice cream in Aberystwyth.

In later years my dad dragged me sailing there.

Sadly I am now 99 miles and 2.5 hours away (according to google who is wearing rose coloured spectacles) 3 hours more like.

YouKnowOfTheCrunch Mon 01-Jul-13 07:35:43

Startail then you're practically next door. There is an Aber rule that everywhere is either 2 and a half hours away or four hours. Nothing in between. It's a strange place. I think that's why time runs slower here smile

puddleduck1980 Fri 16-Aug-13 07:24:22

Hi there, I haven't read every single post in this thread so I could be out of date but getting the gist that you have found very few mummies in the Aber area. Well now, I am from the area and despite nomadic inclinations for a decade, am now back. Been kiving in Cwmystwyth (which, trust me, really is nowhere on the way to nowhere, albeit very beautiful!). On the cusp of moving to Aberaeron this weekend though - which is only half an hour away from Aberystwyth.. I have a lively 14month old laddy and we're always up for meeting new mummies and tots...

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