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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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sarahlou1uk Sun 30-Apr-06 18:32:31

Hi. Only been on mumsnet a few months but have noticed majority come from down south. Are there any Sheffield/South Yorkshire mums on? As you can probably guess, I'm from Sheffield!

Squarer Sun 30-Apr-06 18:41:02

Hulababy is from Sheffield, keep a look out she has been known to organise meetups at a spa in Sheffield and I have seen meetups arranged for Meadowhall - there's quite a few in Barnsley. Gingerbear lives somewhere near my old stomping ground (Doncaster). There's to be a big northern meetup in July in Manchester too. Keep a look out - there are quite a few!

sarahhal Sun 30-Apr-06 18:43:06

Hi Sarahlou! There's quite a few West/South Yorks of us about!

Keep an eye out as we're hoping to meet up again soon prob Barnsley area.

Gingerbear Sun 30-Apr-06 18:45:12

Hi Sarah, yep, quite a few mums here from Sheffield/South Yorks. I am near Doncaster, but often get to Sheffield / Barnsley for meet-ups with other mums. Hulababy is away this weekend.

katzg Sun 30-Apr-06 18:45:33

me i'm in sheffield and great friends with hula

we could use an other meet up!

Gingerbear Sun 30-Apr-06 18:46:18

the Spa meet-ups are great. Do you know it - Spa 1877 off West Bar?

Yorkiegirl Sun 30-Apr-06 18:47:42

Message withdrawn

katzg Sun 30-Apr-06 18:48:28

am now

Nbg Sun 30-Apr-06 19:00:53

Theres 4 of us in Barnsley.
Soon to be 3 as I'm moving in 2/3 weeks time but they are a lovely bunch (bit mad but...)

sarahlou1uk Sun 30-Apr-06 19:29:46

Hi everyone. Yes, Gingerbear, I know the Spa 1877. My brother bought me a gift voucher for it for christmas but I haven't used it yet. He's got me the pregnancy massage as I cannot go in the sauna or plunge pool. My mum also got a voucher (but not for pregnancy one!) so when I get round to it I'll book us both in! Nice to hear that there are some mums in this neck of the woods. I've got one ds age 3 and currently 24 weeks pregnant with 2nd (girl). Have seen a few familiar names on other threads but didn't realise northerners!! A meet up would be great (but I'm not volunteering to plan it!!)

Yorkiegirl Sun 30-Apr-06 19:31:47

Message withdrawn

Nbg Sun 30-Apr-06 19:35:32

Ahhh your on the August ante-natal thread aren't you?

I thought I'd seen your name before

sarahlou1uk Sun 30-Apr-06 20:21:10

Yep, I'm due 16 August but it's my second so it's anybody's guess!!! My first was one week over which I DON'T want to repeat!!

hulababy Sun 30-Apr-06 21:55:25

Hi I m away at moment but borrowning the computer, s everyone else is watching soem invasion programme - not my thing.

I live in Sheffield, yes. We used to have more regular meets at one time. We need something setting up again don't we? When is everyone free?

I am free Mondays and Fridays generally.

Gingerbear Sun 30-Apr-06 22:16:59

We'd better get some summer meet-ups in because I am back 5 days from September.

hulababy Sun 30-Apr-06 22:23:24

Definitely summer then GB. Actually come to think of it, although I will be free 2 days a week, DD will be at school Keep forgetting. I am away for two weeks from 13th June on holiday, but not much more on other than that.

katzg Mon 01-May-06 08:10:59

mon and fri are my free days too!

bet purpleturtle would come too!

what about a friday lunchtime meet - i can get DD1 from nursery before lunch - we could meet at Zooby's!

Gingerbear Mon 01-May-06 10:09:04

Great idea. Not been to Zooby's for ages

katzg Mon 01-May-06 14:38:34


hulababy Mon 01-May-06 19:45:15

Sounds good to me too. Can also collect DD from nursery before lunch time.

What dates can you all do? How about we choose from some in next few weeks, or is that too soon?

Fri 5th May
Fri 12th May
Fri 19th May
Fri 26th May
Fri 2nd June
Fri 9th June

I can't do Friday 16th or 23rd June as on holiday Suppose I ought to be unpacking on 30th but could maybe manage it. That then takes us into July.

Gingerbear Mon 01-May-06 22:49:35

can't do 19 May - that is my posh frock do in Cardiff w/e

yorkshirepuddling Mon 01-May-06 23:45:21

Hi Sarahlou - I'm also in Sheffield.

I didn't realise there was so many S Yorks mums on mumsnet.

katzg Tue 02-May-06 08:49:39

any of the below i think!

Shall we go for the 12th?

say 12.30 in Zooby's?

Piccalilli Tue 02-May-06 09:01:58

I will shortly be a Sheffield mum! Not moving up til mid-June so won't be able to make this meet-up but next time would love to as I won't know anyone up there and will be embarking on life as a SAHM unless a minor miracle occurs with my job-hunting.

trace2 Tue 02-May-06 09:05:19

hi Sarahlou am from barnsley

i want to come to meet to, but am away from 21st of may to 28th, so can do most days

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