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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Battersea Half term meet up

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fisil Wed 14-Jan-04 18:55:44

Here goes. This is the continuation of the meeting other mums thread.

It's Friday 20th February, venue to be decided - Latchemere one o'clock club or Latchmere Playzone, I think.

swanny Wed 14-Jan-04 22:57:35

oh well done. now we're getting somewhere. i'm not worried about where we meet 'cos i've only got the one child to worry about (dd 3.5 yrs old) and she's never had a routine as such so time's not an issue

wilbur Mon 19-Jan-04 10:53:43

Can I vote for the Playzone? Being lazy mummy on Fridays I can give ds tea or lunch there, depending on what time we meet. Happy to do any time after 10.30 in the morning or 3pm onwards. What's good for everyone else?

fisil Mon 19-Jan-04 10:55:03

I'm going to have to duck out of this. It is the only day over half term that dp can get off work, so we are going to do family things that day. Have fun anyway!

swanny Mon 19-Jan-04 18:41:59

yeh, playzone is fine

wilbur Tue 20-Jan-04 10:06:19

That's a shame fisil, but another time yes? Who else was interested in coming along - evansmum, bossykate, lamin? I think you posted on the other thread but I don't know if you've seen this one.

fisil Tue 20-Jan-04 10:53:45

any other day over half term, though ...

bossykate Tue 20-Jan-04 10:54:08

hi there

weekdays not good for me, actually. if you decide to meet up saturday pm ever, i would love to come along.

thanks for the reminder

wilbur Tue 20-Jan-04 13:18:54

What about swapping to the Tuesday in half term then? Would that suit you fisil? Swanny? I could also do the Thursday afernoon that week.

swanny Tue 20-Jan-04 16:39:33

that's fine but i need to know for definate because i usually visit my mum and dad up north in the holidays.

Lamin Tue 20-Jan-04 17:28:46

Hi - only just seen this, I can only do Monday or Friday that week, so go ahead without me if everyone else can do Tuesday.


fisil Tue 20-Jan-04 19:01:36

Any day other than Friday at the moment (but slots are getting booked up fast!)

eddm Tue 20-Jan-04 19:03:56

Oh no, just as we are moving house hey ho hope you have fun!

swanny Thu 05-Feb-04 18:47:14

hope our meet up is still going ahead. Any descisions yet?

swanny Tue 10-Feb-04 17:12:32

wilbur, fisil are you still keen to meet up in half term?

fisil Tue 10-Feb-04 18:57:35

Yes. I can do Thursday or Tuesday after about 3pm

swanny Tue 10-Feb-04 19:56:40

Tuesday is better for me but thursday would be ok too so let me know

wilbur Mon 16-Feb-04 12:38:04

Sorry, only just got back to this thread - been away for a long weekend. Are we too late to meet up tomorrow afternoon? How about 3.30pm at The Latchmere PlayZone?

wilbur Mon 16-Feb-04 14:27:57

Reactivating this in case we can still salvage something for tomorrow.

swanny Mon 16-Feb-04 19:38:08

yes tomorrow is fine by me. Please get back to meto finalise. I'm looking forward to it

wilbur Tue 17-Feb-04 10:34:38

Swanny, I didn't see your post last night - I'll try and contact you through another talker to see if that's faster. I'm still around this afternoon so we can meet even if the others are not around.

swanny Tue 17-Feb-04 11:14:00

that's fine. i'm going out for a while but i'll be back around 1 pm so i'll contact you then

wilbur Tue 17-Feb-04 11:15:28


wilbur Sat 21-Feb-04 14:15:56

Nice to meet you last week, Swanny! Anyone else on for a meet-up if we try another date? I know lots of people are not around during the week, but maybe a Saturday afternoon on Clapham Commn or Battersea Park when the weather is nicer?

fisil Sat 21-Feb-04 15:01:01

sounds excellent. This totally passed me by last week, sorry. I had a very hectic week, and I needed to try and get rested for a busy half term ahead. Shall we set some dates?

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