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whatsthestoryinbalamorytoday Fri 21-Apr-06 04:11:04

Need help deciding where the best places to bring up a family in Durham is. We are relocating from Essex and would appreciate any info on the local areas from locals!!!

CarmenH Sat 22-Apr-06 10:05:16

Sorry that I can't really help. I live in Newcastle and have lived in Newcastle/Northumberland all of my life. You are coming to a lovely part of the world, Durham is a very pretty city but I appreciate that you perhaps don't want to live in the city itself. Not sure where is good for a family around Durham. When are you relocating?

ruey Mon 24-Apr-06 18:46:31

Not far from Durham...8miles approx,,,i a lovely little village called Lanchester. village Green etc and local village centre.

sarahlou1 Mon 22-May-06 14:29:04

I agree, Lanchester is lovely, I used to live in Wolsingham, about 15 miles from Durham, has a lovely park, primary & comprehensive school, swimming pool with parent & toddler sessions, nice parent and toddler group etc. It also has rainbows, cubs, brownies & scouts etc., football acadamy. We moved to Worcester last year although all my family lives in Wolsingham. Not bad commute to Durham, I know quite a few people who do it.

nellie245 Mon 22-May-06 14:38:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

singledadofthree Mon 22-May-06 14:58:56

agree that its an excellent move. i dont live in durham but family is from the area and get over there now and then. it depends on what lifestyle you want of course. would suggest a tour round and stay over if you can.
will sound crass but house prices are always a good guide - my lot are from well over spennymoor/willington way - a bit rough maybe, some of the pit villages struggle for employment - apologies in advance to the locals.

aelita Tue 23-May-06 12:45:28

My sister's lived with her daughter in Langley Moor for about 10 years. I'll ask her what her ideal spot would be, if not there!

orangewow Tue 23-May-06 16:00:09


I'm Aelita's sister and I live in Langley Moor which is one mile outside Durham. We are having lots of new houses built and prices are much cheaper than in Essex! It is not the most appealing of places, but then maybe where you currently are in Essex is comparable.I'm able to walk to and from my workplace in Durham each day and my daughter is at an excellent Comp which is being re-built within the government's BSF project. St Margaret's Primary School is wonderful. Durham City is great for properties but prices are high. Of all the suggestions made in the other messages, I would say Wolsingham is your best bet; good schools and amenities, lovely houses and countryside with a 30 minute commute into Durham itself. If you are looking for a good estate agent, Robinson's in Durham City are the most honest and reliable JW Wood is just about OK

EmmaKB Tue 23-May-06 17:24:26

I live in Spennymoor which is about 10-15 mins from Durham. 5 Mins to Motorway. Quite a small town but has excellent leisure centre (won a national baby/family friendly award last year)ASDA, Woolworths, fab park. Lots of primary schools. There is a new development of luxury houses which has just been started. There will be about 800 houses built when its finished. House prices quite reasonable, about £180,000 for 4 bed detached. We moved here 8 years ago and love it.

coffeebeanz Thu 25-May-06 11:35:42

I suggest you find out where your new colleagues all live, its usually a good starter as you all have someting in common ie occupation.

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