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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

BRIGHTON - May meet up

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desperatehousewife Thu 13-Apr-06 11:28:27

How about lunch Saturday 27th or lunch Sunday 28th May?

China Garden - for a slap up Chinese?
Nooris - for a slap up Indian?
Bankers - for a slap up fish and chips?

noddyholder Thu 13-Apr-06 12:28:57

Oh hello DHW I am going to mail you as I want to ask you a quick question if thats ok.Would love to do lunch any of those places is fine!!

Cam Thu 13-Apr-06 18:58:28

27th can't do as dd is performing in a ballet show (matinee and evening in a local theatre)

28th, yes please

Cam Thu 13-Apr-06 18:59:29

Prefer China Garden or Nooris

No fish and chips please

Cadbury Thu 13-Apr-06 19:03:46

May I butt in and ask if any of you Brighton mumsnetters go to the Mother Funkers Nights?

I go down to Brighton for them when I can and am fairly sure that there must be Mumsnetters among the groovy mums - who are you ?

noddyholder Thu 13-Apr-06 19:24:03

Glad you said no fish and chips cam didn't want to be icky pants but I don't really like them!China Garden sounds good xx

noddyholder Thu 13-Apr-06 19:24:43

meant picky pants not icky my pants are v clean not icky at all

desperatehousewife Thu 13-Apr-06 20:22:49

cadbury - i think spidermama goes to mother funkers? the rest of us havne't but do keep talking about it (all mouth and no trousers!)

Noddy - really don't want to think about your icky pants!

Those were only ideas of where we could go - just trying to think of somewhere different....

There's alfresco on the sea front as well for pasta.

MABS Mon 17-Apr-06 18:50:22

can i come???!! tan'll be all faded by then....

Blossomhill Mon 17-Apr-06 19:16:19

Wish I lived in Brighton.

Your meets always seem so much fun!

sunnydelight Tue 18-Apr-06 21:20:36

I'll go anywhere as long as there are definitely no children and lots of alcohol I can do either of those dates at the moment.

MABS Tue 18-Apr-06 22:09:27

both dates ok with me tho i'll have to get rids of kids as dh workin. Sun perhaps a bit better.

noddyholder Tue 18-Apr-06 22:10:35

Sunday good for me Hello Mabs i am v pissed on cheap pink wine so have to stagger off to bed See you all soon xxx

desperatehousewife Wed 19-Apr-06 19:21:08

OK, so far sunday seems the best day.

Any more takers?

If nice weather we really should be on the beach don't you think? Boardwalk? Not amazing food, but ok - pasta, salads, burgers, CHIPS (YEEEEEES!) and vino.

Or Alfresco which has lovely outside raised up overlooking the sea. How civillised would that be?

MABS Wed 19-Apr-06 19:32:04

very civilised, fab idea, as long as i don't fall over railings... xx (Dhw - are u about on Thurs for a cuppa with Nodders and me?)

desperatehousewife Wed 19-Apr-06 19:33:24

do you mean tomorrow?

MABS Wed 19-Apr-06 19:34:49

Am so jetlagged i dunno wot the day is!! I meant next Thurs, Noddy moves tmrow/fri i think.

MABS Thu 20-Apr-06 18:43:36

Custy - you around 28 May? come on the rest of you... xx

desperatehousewife Fri 21-Apr-06 09:30:08


sunnydelight Fri 21-Apr-06 16:57:46

Alfresco sounds good DHW - am currently sitting outside a cafe in Paris with DH drinking white wine - how amazing is wifi! (and how sad am I accessing mumsnet!!!!!)

desperatehousewife Fri 21-Apr-06 17:19:26

Have a lovely time SD - also get off this and enjoy Paris and your husband! I agree think Alfresco would be best...on the errace, under umbrellas with a view to die for!

Cam Fri 21-Apr-06 17:26:19

Can you arrange for it to be hot and sunny as well Des?

desperatehousewife Fri 21-Apr-06 17:49:23

see what i can do.

MABS Fri 21-Apr-06 18:17:15

went there today and it was fab and almost seemed like summer

MABS Sun 23-Apr-06 18:38:59

RnB,Jakb,Monica2,Custy,Lou,Spidey - you coming?

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