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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Next Derby Meet-up.

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JanHR Thu 08-Jan-04 22:50:03

Anyone like to suggest any date?

Hulababy Fri 09-Jan-04 20:16:57

I was thinking we needed to get round to another one. Me and DD are still available most Monday and Fridays.

JanHR Fri 09-Jan-04 20:32:21

I can do Weds-Fri, but I know Ronniebaby can only do Thursdays

Hulababy Fri 09-Jan-04 20:39:10

Can only do Thursday in half term which here is 19th. Can do any day that week.

fairydust Fri 09-Jan-04 21:19:31

right- well i'm a sham so most days are good for me -

JanHR Fri 09-Jan-04 21:21:18

Don't you mean SAHM or are you really a sham.

popsycal Fri 09-Jan-04 21:21:38

i feel left out

fairydust Fri 09-Jan-04 21:22:00

yep - i'm a sham. lol

were do you mostly meet up

fairydust Fri 09-Jan-04 21:22:46

buggar off pops. only joking.

I'd really love to meet you - so if you can get down that's be great

popsycal Fri 09-Jan-04 21:23:45

not a chance

fairydust Fri 09-Jan-04 21:25:07

never mind - were's your nearest town?

popsycal Fri 09-Jan-04 21:26:02

am in newcastle!!!

JanHR Fri 09-Jan-04 21:26:25

Markeaton Park Play area

fairydust Fri 09-Jan-04 21:28:43

May have trouble getting there - marketon that is

right pops if we havn't meet by next xmas i will come on the train n we'll have our own meetup

JanHR Fri 09-Jan-04 21:30:56

FD how would you be getting into derby?

popsycal Fri 09-Jan-04 21:31:34

awh fd - what a sweety!

Hulababy Fri 09-Jan-04 21:32:28

FD - whereabouts are you? Can't remember - sorry.

Popsycal - I sometimes meet myself in York or Leeds. She comes on the train from Newcastle. Not sure how practical it is but maybe a possibility for another time???

fairydust Fri 09-Jan-04 21:38:17

i'm in ripley
- will be comming on the bus jan which goes into the bus station

Hulababy Fri 09-Jan-04 21:40:58

Is that North Yorkshire?

fairydust Fri 09-Jan-04 21:41:52

no - derbyshire - about 20mnis from the city centre

Hulababy Fri 09-Jan-04 21:43:59

Oh right. I would be coming from North - down M1, then A38. If it is anywhere vaguley near I could meet you.

BTW, there is a Ripley in N. Yorks too.

JanHR Fri 09-Jan-04 21:47:30

FD, Maybe someone could collect you from the bus station..

The first meet I went on I was offered a lift from the train station, but did not need it in the end as Ronniebaby joined in an dshe picked me up on the way.

JanHR Fri 09-Jan-04 21:50:36

Is 19th FEb ok for everyone then?

popsycal Fri 09-Jan-04 21:51:30

hulababy 'I sometimes meet myself in York or Leeds'

fairydust Fri 09-Jan-04 21:51:33

right thankyou all - once a date has been decided i will look into it all.

anyone got any ideas yet?

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