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Wow! So many people from Europe... Anyone from Canada?

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Sabbertron Tue 04-Dec-12 09:25:22

Since I've joined here I've realized that there are a lot of parents from London, or other places in Europe. I thought that was cool. I went to Europe in May. :D I don't know why im posting this, really. I'm from Surrey, British Columbia (west Canada) and I wanted to know if someone was even from Canada on here.

I also thought I'd mention that I'm 15. But this website does really come in use. I'm assuming that Europe is more accepting, because all the opinions on here are nothing like my mom would say.

I always wanted to ask, but why do parents say "because I said so."

Where is the logic in that. Is there no reason. I hate that. Anyone else? I prefer an actual explanation... Not like I ever get that anyways but whatever.

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