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Southampton meet-up

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bunny2 Wed 07-Jan-04 00:21:12

So, there's me, Stressyhead, HMC. Adell can you get to Southampton?

What suits everyone? Any ideas?

Anyone else??

bunny2 Wed 14-Jan-04 13:53:58

Oh pleeese, where have you all gone?? Looks like it's Bunny-no-mates then.

Surely someone is up for a meeting, I have loads of interesting things to talk about. I do, really.

Kittypickle Wed 14-Jan-04 13:58:09

Sorry Bunny2, managed to miss this! I can make it to Southampton. If no-one else is interested maybe we can meet for a coffee in Bournemouth or something. (Just to confuse matters I've changed names, was Adell)

bunny2 Wed 14-Jan-04 14:03:35

Hi Adell oops, Kittypickle, sorry.

Yes, lets meet. You are in Salisbury arent you? There are some nice places to take children here byt the coast, or we can come to you. I like to visit other places

Kittypickle Wed 14-Jan-04 14:12:53

Hi, I'm in Colehill, don't know if that's as appealing as Salisbury ! Shall we contact each other through "Contact another talker" and sort something out ? Then if anyone else is interested we can expand it again!

bunny2 Wed 14-Jan-04 20:38:27

Sorry Adell, I got it wrong, you're near Wimborne arent you? We love Wimborne so can come to you if you like. Look forward to your email.

Anyone else up for this highly exclusive meet?

lucysmum Wed 14-Jan-04 20:50:05

I haven't posted before but couldn't miss this. I live in Winchester, 2 dd aged 3 and 8 months. Work Tuesday to Friday so Mon would be good for me. Has a date already been suggested ?

Oakmaiden Wed 14-Jan-04 20:55:57

Oh - I live in Poole - can I come too?

Kittypickle Thu 15-Jan-04 09:39:10

Mondays are fine with me, what about everyone else ? And if you're coming from Winchester lucysmum, shall we shift it along the road a bit further ?! Oakmaiden, where would be convenient for you ?

lucysmum Thu 15-Jan-04 17:44:53

soton is fine. dd1 is at nursery in the morning so i need to pick her up at 12 or could do after lunch

bunny3 Thu 15-Jan-04 21:45:04

Wow, this is great!! I am not alone after all.

Lucysmum, do you have transport? Is Winchester good for you or Southampton? Or even lovely Bournemouth?!

Oakmaiden, we are practically neighbours! what's best for you?

bunny3 Thu 15-Jan-04 21:46:27

Sorry Lucysmum, just reread your post, how about meeting up in Southampton one afternoon? Cant be next week now, it's a busy one for me but any day except Monday of the following week is good.

Oakmaiden Fri 16-Jan-04 13:23:54

Are we going for the w/c 26th Jan? I am busy on Wednesday lunch time, and have to pick my son up from school at 3 every day, but apart from that I have no immoveable plans. Don't mind when or where - could do Southampton, but wouldn't mind anywhere that was more this way either. What'll we do, select a cafe type place and meet up for a civilised drink and buns???

StressyHead Fri 16-Jan-04 13:29:02

message withdrawn

Kittypickle Fri 16-Jan-04 16:09:33

W/c 26th Jan looks pretty good, nothing on that can't be changed. I have to get my daughter from school around 3pm. If we decide to go for something a bit closer, what about something like Poole Park in the cafe ?

bunny2 Fri 16-Jan-04 19:09:37

Lucysmum, can you get to Poole?

I just suggested meeting at Poole Park on the dentist thread. How great minds must think alike!

Oliviab Mon 26-Jan-04 22:09:17

Hi ladies

I'm organising a Nappuccino coffee morning in April in Southampton and you're all welcome to come along.
It's £1 entry (incs a free coffee) but you have to at least pretend to be interested in cloth nappies... they're more interesting than you think!
Details on
Hope this doesn't count as spam because we are a voluntary group and the website does not make money.
Southampton Real Nappy Network

kiwisbird Mon 26-Jan-04 22:13:21

OOh sounds like a thing I would like to do too
xx J

handlemecarefully Tue 27-Jan-04 08:32:45

Have just seen this thread (not been on Mumsnet much in last fortnight - since first dd and then me poorly). Would be keen to come along to a meet up in So'ton during W/C 26th Jan. You'd spot me - I am the fat frumpy one (28 weeks pregnant and not exactly blooming)

How about Friday lunch time in the top floor John Lewis restaurant West Quay (yes I know not very inspired or original - but has the virtue of being quite easy). If we met there from 11.45 (i.e. just prior to lunch time) we could bag a couple of decent tables? Sorry its a bit bossy of me to wade in at the 11th hour and try and narrow down the time and venue - feel free to tell me to butt out...

But to recap, suggestion is:
Friday 30th January - 11.45 in the top floor John Lewis restaurant (West Quay)

Any takers?

handlemecarefully Tue 27-Jan-04 08:34:27

Sorry - just reread the thread and have seen that there is also a suggestion of Poole....Whats it to be then?

Kittypickle Tue 27-Jan-04 11:05:14

See thread

DSW Tue 27-Jan-04 11:35:45

If you ever do meet in Southampton / Bournemouth I would be interested - I am about an hour away though.

Oakmaiden Tue 27-Jan-04 20:15:54

I think a Southampton Meetup is a good idea, but we had decided to do a Poole meetup on that day. Do join us - Kittypickle has posted the thread where we discussed it. I think I will post a thread of that name too, because there might be other locals who missed these threads (as not being specific to the topics!).

I know what I mean...

kiwisbird Mon 09-Feb-04 19:49:38

Bumping this up a bit
Is anyone else interested in a West Quay or Southampton meet up soonish?

handlemecarefully Tue 10-Feb-04 08:44:26

Well, Bunny2 and I are planning to meet up at Marwell Zoo (very close to Southampton) this Friday. Would that interest you kiwisbird / DSW ?

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