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anyone in leicester?????

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rachc Mon 27-Mar-06 19:03:10

is there anyone in leicester who fancies a chat.

jersey Wed 29-Mar-06 12:57:18

Hi I'm in Leicester expecting son no.2 and would like to chat.

Are you preg?

I live in Leicester and work in Nottingham full time until end of June when I go on maternity.

rachc Wed 29-Mar-06 13:16:38

hi jersey, great to hear from you, was beginning to think there was no-one out there from Leicester. i had my second little girl in Dec, will still be on Maternity leave when you finish. how are things going, pregnant, working and another child is really hard, how old is your first?

bonkerz Wed 29-Mar-06 19:41:33

rach: i am in Leicester too and we had our little girls on the same day! MAybe we could meet up!

rachc Wed 29-Mar-06 22:40:14

bonkerz, that sounds good, are you working? how old are your DD's? i am still on mat leave for a while.

jersey Thu 30-Mar-06 08:38:02

Hi rachc things are very busy as the moment. Working full time, my son is 20 months and I'm expecting son no.2. in july. Also trying to finish a course at the univ before this one comes along.

Would love to meet up when I finish as don't think I can fit it in at the moment, but good to talk to another mum as I am not from Leicester, and not working in leicester I don't know many other mums in the area.

Hi bonkerz glad to see there are more of us.

rachc Thu 30-Mar-06 09:56:40

hi jersey, you poor thing, you sound like my SIL. will have to keep chatting til you finish work, then would be lovely to meet, i don't know too many mums, have moved back from london (not from leicester but lived here before).
hey bonkerz, hows it goin?

KathH Sat 01-Apr-06 21:55:55

ANother Leicester mum here - have dd1 who's 13, dd2 who's9, ds1 who's 7 and ds2 who's 18 months. I'm in Wigston.

jersey Mon 03-Apr-06 08:57:22

Hi rachc and welcome kathh.

Spent yesterday going through my sons newborn clothes to see what we need to buy, (already bought some I just couldn't resist). Was he ever that small!!!!!!!!!

Wow kathh you must have your hands full. Does it get easier as we are planning on 3 and this is our second and I'm worried about coping with a newborn and a just 2 yr old?

rachc Thu 06-Apr-06 22:31:50

hey both
nice to see we are slowly building up. have had a hectic week, not sure doing what though. hope work is going ok Jersey, not long now, how are you feeling?
Kath, how do you manage? i have enough with 2, what do you do with them on school hols?
cant believe how quickly DD2 is growing, she is no longer a tiny baby , although she is still really dainty which is nice (don't know where she gets is from). she is laughing now which is sooo cute.
anyway, hope to hear from you all soon.

jersey Tue 11-Apr-06 09:07:25

Hi rach, they do grow up so quickly. DS was 6lb 3 when he was born and in premature clothes, you wouldn't believe it now looking at how tall he is. Mind you we expected him to be tall as we are 5.6 and nearly 6 foot.

Work isn't too bad as the company is very quiet at the moment (a bit worrying as very little work coming in at the moment!). I finish the last week in June so with a weeks hols at the end of May only 11 weeks left !

Just got 2 essays left to do for college as the course finishes in June as well.

On a team building day for the management team at work tomorrow. It says come in warm clothes and sensible shoes as we will be outside . That will be interesting. Will have to see what they say when faced with a 6 and a half month preg woman who can't run. I guess I will be sitting watching for a lot of it.

Speak soon.

KathH Wed 12-Apr-06 20:36:56

no it doesnt get easier! Only joking, it kind of gets easier but different! dh cant cope with falling over dd1's hair straightners & then ds2's toys!

jersey Wed 26-Apr-06 15:31:23

HI everyone, not been on here for a while as had a bit of scare with the baby last week. They thought I could be in premature labour, turned out to be a water infection. So that with decorating, the general stuff, etc... Not much time.

Hope everyone is well. Speak soon.

rachc Wed 26-Apr-06 22:18:46

hey jersey and kathh
hope you are both ok, glad no probs with baby jersey, hope you are feelin ok.
had probs with comp so not been on for a while. things a bit hectic, redoing the bathroom at mo so a bit messy and trying to organise everything aswell, but not too bad. not been up to much otherwise, both dd's are fine and growing so quickly, especially dd2 who is now 4 months.
well speak soon, going to bed.

jersey Thu 03-Aug-06 12:07:47

Hi, is anyone still out there?

Just to let you know Matthew Colin arrived 18th July at 9:44am 7lb 8oz. Doing very well and putting weight on well. DS1 bit jealous and going through terrible 2's at the moment, any suggestions welcome!!

Anyone still up for a meetup in the afternoon one day?

kayleighsmum Thu 03-Aug-06 18:06:23

hiya i am from leicester i have two dd, would love to meet other leics mums

jersey Fri 04-Aug-06 21:40:01

Hi Kayleighsmum where are you in leicester? I'm on Henley Rd off Fosse Road North, Glenfield Rd.

I have 2 DS's one 2yrs the other 2 weeks, I would like to meet other mums as I may not be going back to work due to lack of childcare and all my friends with kids work.

rachc Fri 04-Aug-06 21:54:57

hi jersey
long time no speak, hope the birth went well, congrats on new bambino.
i am still off work and would love to meet up if poss.
have been really busy with house lately so have not been on much, just let me know when you are free, and anyone else.

bonkerz Fri 04-Aug-06 21:59:48

im free once kids go back to school at end of month!

jersey Sat 05-Aug-06 15:59:05

After next week i should be free, where do you want to meet?

kayleighsmum Sat 05-Aug-06 19:34:17

hi i live in braunstone town. i have a 4yr old daughter and a baby who is 5 months!
would be great to meet up

rachc Sat 05-Aug-06 22:31:46

should meet somewhere to entertain kids (dd1 is 2.5 and will not sit still), what about pre school gym at braunstone leisure centre, i think it is on a tuesday and friday, could have a coffee after if anyone wanted to.

louise1baby Mon 07-Aug-06 18:39:05


I've just found this site so hope you don't mind me crashing this post. My name is Louise and I live in Leicester near Victoria Park. I'm mum to a ds who is 7.5 months old. I;m off work til end of August but then due back full time (boo!!).

Look forward to getting to know you all better.


jersey Thu 10-Aug-06 19:48:07

Hi Braunstone leisure centre sounds good, let me know when and the time and we will aim to be there. Hope it might tire my DS1 out as he is driving me up the wall with terrible 2's at the moment!!!!

Hi Louise the more the merrier.

kayleighsmum Fri 11-Aug-06 07:19:16

that sounds good when do you guys want to meet up then

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