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TONBRIDGE, KENT anyone out here???

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suus Wed 15-Mar-06 19:21:10

Recently moved here from SW London. Cannot find playgroup for my three year old and am frankly going a bit crazy. Anyone in the area up for a cuppa?

romany4 Wed 15-Mar-06 23:19:27

There used to be a playgroup in St stephens church in Tonbridge because when i lived there, my neighbour used to take her son there.
Its in Waterloo Road.
Hope that helps

angelp Thu 16-Mar-06 08:48:11

There is another meet up thread called Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells/Sevenoaks or something. Keep an eye on it because meet up planned next week I think
Have you got a Grapevine magazine - all playgroups advertised in there and there are plenty. Also look in the Angel Centre pretty sure they do lots of things for young children too

suus Fri 17-Mar-06 11:44:38

great, thanks for the tips.

Vix2 Wed 22-Mar-06 12:54:27

Suus, I've recently moved back into the area with my 3 year old son. I work Tuesdays to Fridays (so can't do the Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells meet which seems to be on a Friday) but would be up for a cuppa on a Monday if you (and anyone else out there) fancy meeting up.

OleMama Fri 14-Apr-06 13:39:13


I have a 14 month old daughter so she is a little younger and isnt walking yet, but id be up for meeting up if you are interested.

Vix2 Fri 05-May-06 13:55:12

Sorry, haven't logged on for ages. Yes, I'd be interested in meeting up. On the assumption that the weather will be good, how about Tonbridge Park on Monday 22 May? My son is at playschool in the morning but sometime in the after lunch would be good, say 2.30/3 but let me know what suits. Anyone else like to join us?

Vix2 Fri 05-May-06 14:02:17

Alternatively Knole Park would suit me too (have just seen your suggestion on the Tonbridge meet-up thread).

emmaella Fri 05-May-06 20:00:53

I have just Moved from Central London and am also feeling a little crazy at the Moment. As my Daughter (was 2 in feb) has no Nursery place as yet.
Would love a coffee!!!

Vix2 Wed 10-May-06 13:27:37

Great. Shall we go for the Knole Park option? We could meet at the Sevenoaks Leisure Centre (which is next to the Park) and grab a coffee in cafe there. If the weather is good, there's a nice play area outside and we can have a stroll in the Park. If its miserable, there's a little soft play area in the cafe.

OleMama Sat 13-May-06 13:56:27

That sounds like a good idea, if we're meeting up p.m. I probably wouldnt get there much before 3pm as daughter has a sleep after lunch, or alternatively mornings are good for me. Cant do Monday, my best days are Wed or Fri but can do Tuesdays if thats the best day for everyone.

Vix2 Tue 16-May-06 13:36:22

As I mentioned below, I can only do Mondays as I work the rest of the week, so if anyone would like to do something on a Monday afternoon, let me know.

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