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Meet in the middle at the schultuete shop!

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PiratesKnittingTreasure Mon 20-Aug-12 20:13:31

Here we are smile.

LaGuerta Mon 10-Sep-12 20:26:39

Thanks for the reassurance. She's an experienced teacher that everyone rates so I know that really she is unlikely to completely pre judge a child although I know enough about teachers to know that some pre judging does go on wink even if it's just over the names on a class list.

I can sympathise with mentally checking out of a job when you know it's not for ever. I have done that more than once myself blush.

Secret- I meant to sympathise re your DS wanting a sibling. That must be really hard to respond to and hard on you to know that this is what he is thinking.

Better go as I am meant to be sewing name tapes whilst dh cooks blush

PiratesKnittingTreasure Mon 10-Sep-12 20:54:02

We never judge LG! shock wink

LaGuerta Tue 11-Sep-12 07:34:54

Of course you don't

Gigondas Tue 11-Sep-12 14:39:55

Lag sorry that home visit was less than reassuring. It does sound like pre school making mountain out of molehill about behaviour (and none of it sounds any different from what boys in big gigs pre school- I know at least one of those was constantly being "reported" by over zealous ta for basically being 4). Did they say anything about how will help with his speech or not? Tbh that would bother me more.

Scans and tests good as can be (ie chemo seems to be working and I am well) which is massive relief. Just picc line now...

secret big hugs for you with worries about period. Big gig never asked (and I think there are times when would give mini gig to your ds) but have you looked in only children thread for advice as know it's not an uncommon issue as seen threads on it (just can't remember advice).

deb how is it going?

LaGuerta Tue 11-Sep-12 15:41:59

That must be be hugely encouraging Gig. Great news. smile

The teacher is going to pass the SALT's latest report on to the SENCO. The teacher having failed to get much dialogue going with DS thought that there wasn't much of a problem with the stammering. It tends to come and go which is typical of the condition. She did think though that DS had introduced DS2 as "Vivienne" grin which kind of proves a point about his speech not being clear. Ah well, actions speak louder than words, so we will have to wait and see how DS settles and how the teacher does too wink. BTW I hate the teacher bashing that goes on on MN and that's not how I am wanting to come over on this.

I saw a podiatrist this morning following a GP referral because my feet hurt in a variety of ways. He dismissed me as not having anything that he could help with, but did tell me to buy new shoes, so that's a bonus grin. Frustratingly he told me that I need to see a chiropodist regularly to get hard skin removed but this was obviously beyond his remit. I have a childhood friend who trained as a podiatrist and I know for a fact that she spent much of her time removing hard skin from old folks' feet! Ah well I might just make a private chiropody appointment for an easy life.

No other medical updates from me for today

MySecretSelf Tue 11-Sep-12 19:40:45

V quick post for the playmobil addicts - I sooooooooo want to buy the school for DS while it's half price at Argos. DS would be very put out if Santa left that instead of a Batcave though...

Gigondas Tue 11-Sep-12 19:44:39

Oohh new shoes- any thoughts on what? But foot pain is not great as its not like you can stay off them.

Yes good news with tests but have bit of a battered arm after new line went in (and had to strop to get it in today as was not booked in). But as pirate knows , mixed blessing as some of people on cancer support thread not had such good news as cancer has come back in other places- bastard disease. So am appreciating that my treatment working, hospital for all it's faults is so good and how nice (if scary) my dr is.

Are we on for gbbo chat? Pie week.. grin

Gigondas Tue 11-Sep-12 19:45:33

At least he wouldn't be tempted by playmobil princess wedding like big gig would -- but I really want the safari--

MySecretSelf Wed 12-Sep-12 16:03:27

Oh, I don't know... Safari looks good. but I still want the school

PiratesKnittingTreasure Wed 12-Sep-12 17:43:47

I wasn't sure how to take the emoticon-free post LG! blush

KWYM about teacher-bashing, but still good to have an outlet to vent if you're frustrated. Hope tomorrow goes well for him x

DS1 has already announced he thinks school is great but the 'work' is boring sad. I stand by what I say about them being far too young to start school sad.

grin at playmobil chat!

Hope you're doing ok gig smile.

MySecretSelf Wed 12-Sep-12 18:58:28

DS says he's glad we don't live in England because he likes nursery! I met someone a few weeks ago with a 3 yr old (Nov birthday) and they were saying what a shame it was he couldn't go to school this year as he was really ready for it?!?! He's 3!!! I have to admit I'm glad we've got another year here before I have to worry about school holidays.

Gigondas Wed 12-Sep-12 20:14:09

I am doing ok- chemo fine but bruising time putting line in which means am on late schedule doing chemo (basically if I start late that means start at same time eAch day so makes for a late night).

Am playmobil mad now (school for you secret).

Big gig liking school a lot (helps it is same as pre school and small class) but gets tired and did say to me why does have to stay til 3 .

Any news on curtains for us secret?

lag when is actual first day for ds1?

deb what happened with house offer - did I miss that? Hope all well but assume you are busy.

Gigondas Wed 12-Sep-12 20:15:15

And as lag knows pie week was good but some of pies a bit odd to say least.

MySecretSelf Wed 12-Sep-12 20:20:45

Curtain update for Gig - we have decided to buy two pairs of pencil pleat curtains to hang on existing curtain rail. So there will be 4 curtains hanging on the rail. A bit random, granted, but no need for expensive made to measure or having to remove existing rail to replace with straight across pole etc. New plan is much cheaper, no hassle and no need to get the drill out which we're rubbish at. grin

Gigondas Wed 12-Sep-12 20:42:46

Can you develop a new household decorating issue for us now curtaingate over? But glad resolved .

disguisedeb Wed 12-Sep-12 23:16:24

Quick hello from up here.

Gig so pleased all going Ok for you

LaG - judge, not us????

Update here - Ethan settled into school but is a bit lost at lunchtime on big playground and crying. Tristan then also upset that Ethan crying and played with him but different lunchtimes mean tears again when Tristan went in to eat.He appears to have teamed up with dinnerl ladies now so hopefully it won't be too long beofre this resolves itself. SALT review next week, even though he's only ever had assessment a year ago, what can they be reviewing. Also seen by salt at school and his problems are too complicated that she needs 2nd opinion of other speech therapist! Physio appt the week after.IEP being written at school Pirate because of diagnosis/disability (gulp) their words

Work fine but HARD!!! Long days , work to do when boys go to bed, so little of me to spread between 3 boys, Nigel and student Lisa.I feel guilty most of the itme.All my new starters settled ok , 1 boy has been very poorly(blood disorder, epilepsy, jaundiced) and he and his mum are coping very well with the separation and I've put him on a 3 day week to get him starting positively and not burning out.

2nd offer on house refused, waiting to make final offer

Big boys started scouts tonight

Lisa Ok but turns out she's left boyfriend in germany and she spends a long time on skyp to him.

excuses for typing errors, off to bed

disguisedeb Thu 13-Sep-12 16:29:01

Home early today doing planning so have time to post again!!just something to make you all laugh, I nearly sent home a letter to parents today saying "We have willies for most of the children but we still need more willies in bigger sizes" I meant to say wellies of course but it gave everyone in school a laugh. Just imagine if the letter had actually gone out to parents blush

Gigondas Thu 13-Sep-12 16:38:21

Sorry to hear been hard for ethan settling and that reassessment (and use of "d" word) all a bit unsettling but hope it brings the right kind of help.

I hardly dare moan about feeling bit frazzled as sounds frantic deb but I did grin about willies.

Am afraid too much time on hands meant some a few playmobil Xmas presents bought.
Oh and my lovely nurse has brought forward last chemo so I can be out before my 40th 21st birthday (would have been last day in and I will be over worst of chemo so can go to George Michael concert smile.

disguisedeb Thu 13-Sep-12 20:15:54

That's great Gig smile

MySecretSelf Fri 14-Sep-12 00:00:27

Quick post, apologies for ignoring other chat, but I'm going to visit GP tomo re: ttc, so Pirate and Gig - if you see this before the morning I'd really appreciate a reminder on the kinds of test I should be pushing for.

MySecretSelf Fri 14-Sep-12 00:01:49

Ps - envy at going to George Michael concert but grin you can go!

PiratesKnittingTreasure Fri 14-Sep-12 07:50:33

Quick post for Secret - FSH wld be the main I would think, testing your levels of follicle stimulating hormone. Day 21 LH testing would check your ovulation and then there's the newer AMH test which you may need to a fertility clinic for.

Good luck x

Gigondas Fri 14-Sep-12 09:28:19

Thyroid function and general bloods too but also ovulation check but the ones pirate mentioned too- also make sure you tell em cycle length as these are highly dependent on right day (waste of time as I was put on timing for 28 day cycle when cycle was 30 days by my gphmm)

LaGuerta Fri 14-Sep-12 12:04:16

Quick one from me. First day at school yesterday seemed to be a happy affair as far as I can tell. He seemed very keen to go back - pretty much ran in all the way.

Secret - hope you get a helpful response from your GP.

Gig - great news that you should make the GM concert.

Deb - what alot you've got on your plate at the moment. So sad about T and E crying at school together sad. Hope YOU are ok in the middle of everyone else's needs.

Gigondas Fri 14-Sep-12 12:06:23

That's good news he enjoyed it and seemed to want more grin lag.

I am out but not quite home (seeing counsellor) but feeling Ok which is good smile.

deb hoping you have a peaceful weekend.

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