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Meet in the middle at the schultuete shop!

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PiratesKnittingTreasure Mon 20-Aug-12 20:13:31

Here we are smile.

LaGuerta Tue 04-Sep-12 16:11:37

Yes grin I have just been nursing the happy thought that Dh will be at squash this evening and as long as I can pack boys off to bed in good time I can indulge in GBBO at 8pm.

Teacher visit is on Monday afternoon.

How did your DS get on today Pirate?

LaGuerta Tue 04-Sep-12 20:10:30

Not having much joy texting you Gig for GBBO. Will try again.

Gigondas Tue 04-Sep-12 20:36:10

Sorry ! Left phone While was eating

PiratesKnittingTreasure Tue 04-Sep-12 20:47:43

Get your priorities right Gig!!! grin wink

DS1 loved his first day at school, and was very excited about the thought of going back for Day 2 smile. Long may it continue!

Deb, his schultuete arrived - unfortunately not in time for his first day but we're going to give it to him tomorrow morning.

grin at Prince Andrew - I was so thinking the same thing grin (plus a list of other people who I'd like to push off the Shard, starting with Jeremy Hunt!).

Off to finish some chores - not liking being back at work at all sad.

Good luck for Ethan tomorrow!

disguisedeb Tue 04-Sep-12 23:47:30

Ethan is excited about tomorrow, his schultute is filled and I've just made Lisa one for her 1st day at 6th form smile I've decided to make them with my class tomorrow too, and at lunchtime I'll secretly put in a pencil , a biscuit and some sweets for them to take home on their 1st day.I'm glad that Tristan is still at the same school though otherwise he would seem very small to be getting the school bus, at least he has Tristan to look after him.

MySecretSelf Wed 05-Sep-12 15:00:28

Ooh, school talk - how exciting. Though I feel sort of left out grin I hope all your DC enjoy their first few days at school. Love your pics Pirate - I don't think I've seen any more.

Sorry, not been about much of late. Had a brilliant weekend away and having spent much of the last few weeks manically report writing I found out that I passed. My study days are done! but I was looking at some employment law courses today

My next project is finally to sort out DS's bedroom. We've gone from pirate to superhero now (there's a batman obsession going on). I finally decided just to go with the red curtains I found, but lo and behold - they're not in stock any more!!!! It's very annoying because they're actually wide enough, blackout and pencil pleat, but most importantly were a good shade of red (bedroom, bright iyswim rather than dark living room colours). Gah! Anyone seen any bright red or any feckin colour blackout pencil pleat curtains that come in 3m wide?

My other thought (I hope you're really in need of mind-numbingly boring posts today Gig [grin) is to actually get another pair of the luvverly star print curtains I already have here and pay someone to convert them to pencil pleat for me, and then hang two pairs of curtains on the rail. Is that a bit bonkers? Then I wouldn't have to do the wierdy straight curtains thing or have to buy blinds too.

I'mn at work and very grumpy because of onset of (early) very painful period pains so I'd best go. OVer the last couple of months my cycle has started to become a bit unreliable (I've always been scarily reliable on a 28 day cycle - you could set your watch by me) which I don't think is a good sign. Will come back later and catch up properly when I'm more cheery.

PiratesKnittingTreasure Wed 05-Sep-12 21:04:01

That sounds lovely Deb smile.

Sorry to hear about the painful periods Secret sad. Did you have any further thoughts on the blood tests I mentioned?

I'm knackered and not enjoying work at all sad, DS2 starts pre-school tomorrow, yikes!

TheScottishPlayer Thu 06-Sep-12 12:28:51

What, no-one wants to talk about my curtain saga anymore grin

Sorry you're not enjoying work Pirate sad. I have been thinking about blood tests so will maybe get around to making an appointment soon. It'd be nice to have an idea whether it's within the realms of possibility or not. Poor DS keeps telling me how it would be really nice if we could have a baby in our family too (all his little friends have younger siblings now) sad sad. It's really hard to answer him. I don't want to say (gently) that it's never going to happen in case it does, but I don't want to say anything to suggest we might in the future and get his hopes up and he might tell people

I hope everyone is enjoying school so far - LaG, is DS1 next week?

Gigondas Thu 06-Sep-12 20:30:57

Yes I am back and happy to discuss curtains- polka dots sound ok. I would be cautious about "themed" rooms
As if ds is anything like big gig he will go off whatever you choose before you have decorated.

Could your erratic cycles be cos you have been unwell and stressed- I know that mine could go to pot. But I do think tests a good idea as will rule out basic stuff. No advice about what to say ds - big gig never said anything when I was ttc so i didn't have that issue.

As far as I can tell big gig loved school as seemed very happy but uncommunicative .

We have added to playmobil land with a school (schultuete are apparently something you get in Czech republic so nanny understood when said it was an equivalent grin).

Another scan tomorrow so fingers crossed .

MySecretSelf Thu 06-Sep-12 22:18:36

Apologies for random selection of user names I'm populating the thread with.

I hope the scan goes ok tomorrow Gig - what time are you in?

I'd be surprised if illness/stress etc messing with my cycles. I've always been scarily regular. Every fourth friday - 1pm nurofen to stave off period pains. 1.10pm... Honestly, no joking about being able to set your watch by me grin

On bedrooms - I completely hear you re: 'themes'. He's begged for a batman theme and I've compromised on 'superhero'. His bedding etc will all be stars or stripes though. Any superhero/batman touches will be with cheap pictures etc. On the curtains, I've been canvassing opinion around the office today and the consensus is that although having two pairs of curtains up on the rail was a bit random it would probably work. So I think I'm going to go with that. I've actually sent back the luvverly star curtains I like and have seen some stripe curtains that are already pencil pleat - 2 pairs of them and I will be done.

God, I've got the dullest chat just now.

Much more interstingly - did anyone watch new Dallas last night? It's my new guilty pleasure grin.

MySecretSelf Thu 06-Sep-12 22:20:17

Ooh, I'm a bit keen on the playmobil school. I think more for me than DS though blush. I have thought about getting DS the school gym plus some of their athletes - a sort of playmobil olymics if you like. They missed a trick with the olympics I reckon!

Gigondas Fri 07-Sep-12 09:18:50

They had/ have a selection of athletes you can buy as I bought them for me big gig.

Who am I kidding - playmobil is for me and I think pirate feels the same grin

Scan at 2. Then should get some idea on Tuesday (along with kidney function test I did on Wednesday - I know my heart ok as lady told me who did test ). It's all standard to check am ok/and what chemo doing (as much to check that no other damage) but still makes me bit nervous. I am better than I was.

On unrelated topic, Big gig has developed a toilet fearhmm while I was "inside" last time , she went to loo where toilet was either blocked or one of those odd ones where flush comes up quite high . This made her hysterical (tears and shaking) - she keeps talking about it and has got periodically upset again whenever she needs to use the loo (ESP , sorry If tmi, needs to poo). Was really upset this Morning and has started to put off I think going to loo as scared. Any ideas on how to calm her - tried talking and reassuring already ?

Oh secret two tone/bed spread sounds good. And If changed that much (envy to be that regular) prov would go to Gp.

MySecretSelf Fri 07-Sep-12 10:03:35

Glad to know it's not just me re playmobil. Although DS's pirate ship and accessories leave me cold.

Poor Big Gig sad - no ideas unfortunately, hopefully you'll get more wisdom from the others.

I'm not surprised you get nervous at the scans! I'll be thinking of you this afternoon.

You're right re docs - I will make an appt.

Gigondas Fri 07-Sep-12 11:11:46

They have lovely toy Xmas market ...

MySecretSelf Fri 07-Sep-12 13:44:51

I saw that last year. Do you have it?

MySecretSelf Fri 07-Sep-12 16:34:56

How did you get on this afternoon Gig?

Gigondas Fri 07-Sep-12 18:57:31

Was fine - don't find out anything til next week.

I may have bought the Xmas market for me big gig this year wink

MySecretSelf Fri 07-Sep-12 19:24:33

I'm tempted...

Gigondas Sat 08-Sep-12 19:40:04

Go on you know you want to grin

MySecretSelf Sun 09-Sep-12 10:16:03


What's everyone been up to over the weekend? I'm still very excited about not having studying dominating my weekends. grin grin

Gigondas Sun 09-Sep-12 21:02:16

Went into town to Thames river festival yesterday and out for lunch today. Watching Paralympic closing ceremony now.

Feeling tired which I think with tests plus chemo next week is making me feel moe worried than usual .

PiratesKnittingTreasure Sun 09-Sep-12 21:10:18

I love the boys' Pirate ship grin blush! The gymnastic stuff is cool too - I'm a bit of a playmobil fan have to say smile. <makes mental note to check out Gig's new playmobil stuff this weekend>! grin

Hope all results good this week gig smile. As for toilet thing, could you take big Gig into the toilet to show her what happens at a time when she doesn't need to go? Maybe ask school about it too, they may have some ideas?

We went to a wedding this weekend - bit weird as we knew absolutely no one there blush. Was fun though - esp the father of the bride who kept on making jokes about the fact it was her 2nd wedding! shock

We also spent today tidying the garage - big yawn, but so badly needed doing and I'm so pleased we've done it. Can actually move in there now!

Have had ILs up looking after the kids - MIL being usual loony self. Getting stroppy cos we can't see them again for a while, despite the fact that FOUR of the weekends we can't make are because she's busy! The one weekend she's free, we're busy but she was intimating we could always change our plans hmm. After having this strop about not seeing the GC for a while she spent this afternoon reading the paper while FIL entertained them hmm.

Secret, you must be wondering how to fill your time?! grin As for your periods, envy at being that regular, but 2nd Gig that if they've changed I would go to the GP. Always worth getting these things checked out. Really feel for you about what to say to DS sad. Does changing the subject work or is that a cop out? blush

Right, need to relax and knit - sooooo tired blush

LaGuerta Mon 10-Sep-12 16:19:19

Your MIL antics sound familiar Pirate! How is work this week? Is it just post holiday blues (I always used to be terrible after a holiday) or are you deep down unhappy with the job? An I right in thinking that you finish at Christmas?

Which day do you get results Gig? Sorry you have had an anxious weekend. sad how is big Gig doing with her toilet issues? School ok today?

Secret - sorry you haven't had any luck YET ttc. sad I am sure Pirate and Gig's advice is sound, if you want to take things to the next step.

Deb - how is Ethan settling in?

DH back to work this morning after a two week staycation. We had a really lovely time pottering around with the odd day trip here and there. I always find it reassuring how well we all get on when work stresses are removed from the situation. That makes it sound as though we don't get on normally, which isn't the case, it is just that DH works very hard and is very tired (as am I) when he is here.

I am feeling a bit chewed up by the home visit from DS1's YR teacher this afternoon. She is very nice, but had talked to preschool on the phone where they raised some "issues". 1) his speech, which I had already mentioned 2) was his behaviour shock I didn't know I had a child with behaviour issues. There were 3, maybe 4 incidents at the start of last term where he had got too physical with other children and hadn't stopped when asked, so they took him out of the situation and then informed me about it at pick up time. They said that it wasn't malicious and wasn't even pushing, more just being in other children's faces. They said to me that it wasn't a big deal but they wanted me to know incase he mentioned it to me. After the first few weeks of term it seemed to stop. The teachers certainly didn't raise it with me. I was surprised that they had talked to his new teacher about it, and I feel a bit upset because I feel his card has been marked (which is a bit daft of me). Of course during the visit both boys were very lively/boisterous because they were excited, and this must have confirmed the preconceptions of the teacher and the TA. I also did a particularly bad job of responding to the teacher when she directly put it to me what preschool have said, as DS was sitting there listening, and I was surprised. I tried really hard not to be defensive, or to laugh it off, but I suspect I did both. Gahh! Now I've written it down I feel better about it actually, I know I'm over reacting. I am finding school starting over a week after everyone else is really dragging the build up out far too long.

MySecretSelf Mon 10-Sep-12 16:29:44

I'd feel exactly the same as you LaG! FWIW, the incident you described as 'being in other children's faces' sounds like completely normal behaviour. I'd really hate the idea of DS being labelled because of normal 4 year old behaviour.

Pirate - I do try to change the subject really with DS, I just really feel for him sad. I'm going to try and work up the courage to visit my crap GP surgery.

Sorry you're feeling down this week Gig - what day are you in for chemo? Sending virtual hugs from the miserable windswept and rainy North.

PiratesKnittingTreasure Mon 10-Sep-12 19:31:28

Gig, really sorry I didn't see your post last night - x-posted blush. Sorry you're feeling down, hope all the tests come back good and you have an 'up' week xxxx

LG, re: work, I think it's partly post-holiday blues and partly my manic new working hours. School hours make life so much more complicated and I need to take a step back and do something less stressful I think. I don't like my job (love the people I work with but not the work) and I think I've kind of 'clocked off' already unfortunately, even though I don't officially finish until February sad.

Sorry home visit was stressful - I do think you're probably worrying about nothing but I can see how the delayed start must be hard when everyone else is in there and getting on with things. Don't worry too much about DS1's card being marked - I think Reception teachers are a bit more aware than that of how much kids can change when they get to school. Maybe try and catch up with her in a couple of weeks and see how he's getting on?

Secret, it's so hard isn't it? I won't patronise you by telling you there's loads of advantages to having one child cos I know I wouldn't have appreciated that if I were in your situation. Is it financially viable for you to get an 'MOT' at a private clinic? An initial consultation would usually cost in the region of about £200 and wouldn't need to lead to any further treatment. It would probably give you a better picture of what's going on. I don't have much time for GPs tbh blush.

Right, I have panel papers to read. Yawn!

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