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Meet in the middle at the schultuete shop!

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PiratesKnittingTreasure Mon 20-Aug-12 20:13:31

Here we are smile.

Gigondas Fri 26-Apr-13 14:35:15

Shoud be out on Sunday - slowly getting less sore.

Any potty updates?

LaGuerta Mon 29-Apr-13 13:13:12

Did you get home yesterday?

I packed the potty training in on Wednesday after a barrage of cluster missiles and psychological warfare (on his part) broke me wink.

Thursday was sooo much more chilled out as a result. Just as well as it has been busy here. I got in at 1am on Friday night after a mums from DS1's class night out. shock We were only in the local pub, but it doesn't seem to stick to any licensing laws. Then Saturday night DH and I went to see Josh Widdicombe (from the last leg on c4) do stand up. I cried with laughter. Last night was another late one, applying for another job that I am also not wholly qualified for.

Does anyone else find writing covering letters really hard. By the time I have finished bigging myself up, I just hate myself for doing it.

Gigondas Mon 29-Apr-13 15:39:01

Yes am home and pleased to be here.

Sounds like busy week - job search sounds good even if might be tough and yes, covering letter is hardest bit as I always find tone so hard -dont want to sound desperate .

LaGuerta Mon 29-Apr-13 17:01:47

Glad you are back home. How are you feeling?

Added to need on the covering letter not to sound too desperate, or too cheesy, I have DH who considers himself to be 'something of a recruiting expert' (said in Daddy Pig's voice), saying that my efforts sound too down on myself and I need to be more 'whoop whoop'. confused

DomesticCEO Mon 29-Apr-13 22:52:32

Sounds like a wise decision on the potty training LG - stressful potty training is just no fun at all blush.

Exciting about the job! After 20 years of working in the public sector I'm very out of touch with covering letters and CVs as we have to fill in generic application forms which are hugely boring! KWYM about selling yourself though - it's not something that I think women are very good at in general blush.

Gig, hope you've had a restful day today and not been tempted to overdo <Dr Domestics peers over her glasses and gives Gig one of her best teacher stares> wink grin.

Dh back from Vegas and v fed up - his boss who he got on with really well has moved on and been replaced with a prize arsehole sad. I've tried to reassure him that it doesn't matter, but it bloody does sad.

DTisMYdoctor Mon 29-Apr-13 23:34:27

Thought I'd pop in as resident RL recruitment expert wink. CV's are for selling yourself, covering letters are for why you you're applying and highlighting any really key selling points. One page only, don't just repeat what's in your CV. I'd be happy to look over any applications if you want an objective opinion? In the words of my DSis, I'm brutal though (having recently set about an application for her).

Gigondas Tue 30-Apr-13 06:43:25

I am feeling much happier and calmer to be home-pain is ok but need to be careful not to overdo it (looks guilty at CEO for guessing right therewink). I need to put some weight back on as lost some while in (dietician helping).

You are right the boss thing does matter-hope not too dire for dh CEO.

Big gig being wilful and not doing what asked t school continues -this is not going to be an easy one to fix I think.

LaGuerta Wed 01-May-13 23:03:12

CEO - sorry that your DH has work woes. That's a bummer when he sounded so settled in that role. He needs to give it time though to see how things pan out. It may not all be doom and gloom.

DT - thanks for the offer of cv assistance. I may take you up on it at some point. The good news is that I am already following your cv and covering letter rules. I may have been jesting, but DH has always done a fair bit of recruiting in a similar field. Whilst he is also a harsh critic, I do respect his opinion.

I have discovered that the buzz word for what I am trying to achieve career wise is "on-ramping" grin

Gig - it's a tough one with your DD1 I am sure. It might be one of those situations that you have to let it play out over time in combination with plenty of tough love from home and school. <unhelpful>

I had a pfb moment today where I pointed out to DS1's teacher that he hasn't had the class teddy since before feb half term. grinblush He has been increasingly sad about it. I don't think it is done on merit so it's not a case that he is not well enough behaved. TBH I am a bit "meh" about her. She seems to have quite obvious favourites. hmm

Gigondas Thu 02-May-13 21:01:09

Woo -I see interesting news in the dt household .

Am sure it will get sorted lag but these things are always long struggle. School play was good tho big gig was done in when came home. I know the feeling as have very little energy myself and need to put on some weight so doing lots of eating.

CEO - you hiding in case we say you killed the thread?

Deb -how are you?

DTisMYdoctor Thu 02-May-13 21:56:23

Yes, much excitement in our house (see FB), hence limited time for posting of late.

No problem re:cv LaG, I hope my brief post came across as tongue in cheek rather than bossy and know it all! Happy to cast an objective eye if you ever need it though.

Waves to all - back to celebratory fizz. I am reading even if not posting much.

Gigondas Fri 03-May-13 03:03:38

When is by election?

Between sore arm and kids having some disturbed nights so on phone to dr about pain relief in morning ( not sure he can help with kids wink). It's probably not helping my energy not sleeping (facepalm moment here ).

LaGuerta Fri 03-May-13 11:21:33

What is a facepalm moment? Head in hands?? confusedHope you have got some help from dr. For the kids perhaps medised is what you're looking for wink.

Very exciting news DT. Is it a safe seat? I assume it can be done around his current job?

I am enjoying the politician's husband at the moment. Are you tempted to go for a Balls/Cooper double act?

DomesticCEO Fri 03-May-13 13:11:15

Helloooo <waves> smile

smile at worried about being the thread killer grin - just been really busy with stuff to get ready for this weekend with the charity and I'm away for the weekend. Going away in about 3 hrs actually so really must pack! blush

LG, facepalm is when you slap your forehead with the palm of your hand because you've just had a "lightbulb moment"! Gig, I suspect lack of sleep is not going to do your recovery any good at all sad. Could you not get one of the nannies to have them for a night? I know one night won't cure it but there's nothing like the power of restorative sleep!

Lol at the Balls/Cooper - I think you should go for it DT! I'm loving Politician's Husband - although can't get used to David with blonde hair!

LG, following the career talk with interest - I'm starting to have serious thoughts about going back p/t in Sept but think realistically it won't happen til Sept 2014 when DS2 goes to school.

We've had some sad news here today - dh's uncle died this morning. I feel gutted for FIL as his dad died only four months ago and now he's lost his little brother. They hadn't really had much to do with each other for years because their wives didn't get on (there's a surprise hmm) but had reignited their relationship in the last few months. He's devastated.

Anyway, must go and get our packing sorted. Not sure dh's going to be up to much when he gets home.

Hope all well with everyone and you've all got a fab weekend planned.

LaGuerta Fri 03-May-13 14:12:01

Thanks for clarifying facepalm. So sorry to hear about your FIL's brother. That must be really tough on your DH and his Dad too of course.

Hope you have a good weekend doing charitable stuff

I think David Tennant (we're not on first name terms) is excellent in the Politician's Husband. I am not watching it thinking that it is David Tennant, he IS Aidan. The hair dye helps me in this respect.

Are you thinking p/t teaching or something else?

Our weekend was blissfully unplanned. Then, at about 10.30 last night DH announced that he wants to invite all his colleagues over for a BBQ this weekend shock. We don't even own a working BBQ. This is most out of character for DH in terms of organising a social event, but, most typical in terms of lack of advance planning. <groans> I am praying that a substantial number have prior plans.

DomesticCEO Fri 03-May-13 14:27:32

I call him Dave when we're alone wink. I agree with you about him being Aidan - but then I think that that's what makes him such a good actor, because he is so convincing what ever part he plays!

I'm not doing charitable stuff this weekend - just setting it up for someone else to do smile. It's the May Fayre here on Monday which is a huge event at which we have a stall. However, I already had a weekend away booked with NCT friends.

I think I'll probably end up going back to teaching because I really don't know what else I'm qualified to do blush. So enjoying the freedom of being at home though - tis a quandry.

Dh has just got home so better go. His sister broke the news to him via text hmm just as he was going into an exam. Not the nicest way to receive bad news. She texted me and I texted her to tell her I would phone dh and break the news to him but it was too late. Such a thoughtless thing to do. Like mother like daughter eh? hmm

LG, grin at your dh's plans! I assume he's doing all the prep, shopping, cooking, etc, and you'll just be sitting back with a G&T? wink

DomesticCEO Sat 04-May-13 18:07:35

You tricked me!!!!!

I've killed the thread sad.


disguisedeb Sat 04-May-13 18:12:59

Just a quickie to say hello, love the being on first name terms with David Tennant, I don't like the blonde either.

Gone down to 0.8 and getting a whole day off which is great, also go
t an excellent last placement teaching student at moment who is teaching 80% of timetable, I'm able to get on with a whole pile of stuff at school instead of teaching. I wonder how I'll cope when she finishes.Introducing nursery into my class in september - Nursery/reception and Year one, I will be completely grey by october half term.

house sale going through slowly, just deciding about survey , and other stuff

Lisa should be back next weekend for 4 weeks for exams, but we've got quite used to life without her blush, don't know how Nigel will cope with the extra washing she creates!!

Off to sil and bil tomorrow, they've had a fostering disaster and need hands on time with their nephews, so going overnight, should be good.

Take care evryone

disguisedeb Sat 04-May-13 18:13:27

Oh I saved the thread smile

DTisMYdoctor Sun 05-May-13 08:13:02

Ahem, DT is MINE. Love Politician's Wife - I thought there were some great scenes in it. The bedroom scene was terribly disturbing.

I shall send a fb message with update on DH's thing - too outy to put anything on here.

Sorry to hear your sad news CEO, I hope DH is ok.

LaGuerta Sun 05-May-13 11:31:54

BBQ update... About 20 people tomorrow <runs for the hills screaming> DH is out doing the shop now. I am trying to go with the flow, but that's not exactly my style. I did out my foot down about him playing squash tomorrow morning though.

Sorry for the nosey questions DT blush. Don't feel compelled to answer them at all if you don't want to.

Hi Deb, glad school is going well. Will you get another German student next year?

DTisMYdoctor Sun 05-May-13 14:10:18

Not nosy at all LaG - nothing secret!

Good luck with the barbecue. I'm jealous of BBQ weather! Though we might get to the dizzy heights of 15 C tomorrow. Was thinking of going out for the day, but now think we might have a potter about tidying up the garden, as it will be our last chance until we're well into summer.

Gigondas Sun 05-May-13 15:39:23

Sorry about your news CEO - but hope you are having a nice weekend .

Deb- hope you can help ils and fingers crossed for quick sale. That new class sounds full.

Dt- will be looking out on FB.

Lag- 20 people! I hope there is gin.

Having nice weekend - even managed to get out on walk to playground. Tomorrow am off shopping while big gig is at a party. Must be feeling better (actually sleeping bit better which does help).

LaGuerta Thu 09-May-13 13:23:43

Where did you all go?

The BBQ was fun and eating leftovers is always nice. We have some neighbours coming over this weekend as a "thank-you for putting up with the building works" thing. Don't think we will get such good weather.

No job hunt news. I have signed up to LinkedIn, but I feel very rusty and a bit exposed.

I have a sad WWYD. One of our neighbours texted last night to say that her DH has been in a v serious road accident. They don't know how bad yet but spinal injuries sound likely. She's not a close friend but they have been very sociable since we arrived here. Is there anything practical I can do to help? She knows we can look after their DC if needed. Would a casserole to heat up if she doesn't feel like cooking be a good idea? hmm

DTisMYdoctor Thu 09-May-13 13:42:17

Oh, that's such sad news LaG. I definitely think some food that is easy to heat up or can be frozen would be useful. They'll no doubt be spending a lot of time at the hospital so probably won't have the time to cook etc. After I had DS, a friend brought round a few things in those aluminium style containers for our freezer and it was a godsend.

Gigondas Thu 09-May-13 20:33:15

Sorry been battling mini gig up at night and then bad sleep habits so feeling zombie like.

The food idea is good as is looking after kids. Bear in mind may well need help fir some time as dh will presumably be in for lengthy spell of being laid up. Just saying for personal experience that being home doesn't mean all ok. Also if ask direct what can do to help (eg take kids, cook etc) that is more useful than generic offers of help.

House being decorated so we have mini gig in with us fir few nights.. It's all fun here ( big gig seems to like being in spare room).

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