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Meet in the middle at the schultuete shop!

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PiratesKnittingTreasure Mon 20-Aug-12 20:13:31

Here we are smile.

LaGuerta Fri 21-Dec-12 21:10:36

I'm present Miss!

Shock news from ChezLaGuerta....

....DH's first day of holiday today and he is ill! I am sure non of you can believe it. It's not as though this has ever happened before. The trots mainly, the boys have been much the same this week. DS1 similarly has finished school and collapsed in an exhausted heap. DS2 ok just finding some very naughty things to do.

The happier news is that we have ordered the kitchen today <gulp>

KeepCalmAndHaveAnotherMincePie Fri 21-Dec-12 21:34:47

<hobbles in>

disguisedeb Sat 22-Dec-12 09:39:21

I'm here and amazed that I made it through a whole term grin

Ethan very tired too, but looking very sweet waiting by the side of me for me to stop my work and play a game where he can rescue me. Bigones are packing poor shoppers bags in Morrisons this morning for scouts.

Sorry to hear about poorly ankle, poorly (no surprise there) husbands, and poorly Grandad

Must go, guestsd arriving later, my Bday tomorrow, Christmas and then Lisa's 18th on Boxing day.

Just in case I don't reappear, have a lovely Christmas everyone

KnittingChristmas Sat 22-Dec-12 18:03:25

Oh no LG!! shock You need to dose that man up on his multi vits girl!

Yay on the kitchen smile! When's it being installed?

And double yay for Deb surviving a term grin. And Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

GGD still very poorly - has been moved to a ward but has not spoken all day today which I'm guessing is not a good sign sad. On a purely selfish moment (and shoot me, I know AIBU sad), we're not going to get our weekend away now sad. Disappointed but trying to put it into a perspective.

KeepCalm, how's the hobbling?

Do check out my run in with a SMOG today - struggled not to hit her hmm. I know LG has already seen it grin.

KeepCalmAndHaveAnotherMincePie Sun 23-Dec-12 00:28:21

I saw, and replied to your post, on fb Knitting, and am completely with you on how society treats boys, but I'm curious as to how and why it changes when boys become men. It's interesting how society treats gender. I haven't watched Strictly, but I caught the results tonight and as far as I can see Denise van Outen has been subject to a fair bit of vitriol throughout the contest because she's been in the West End etc, but the winner of the popular vote is a gymnast, so would have a serious advantage because of flexibility, upper body strength etc, but hasn't been treated badly by the media?

That aside, ankle is much better thanks! Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas! X

KnittingChristmas Sun 23-Dec-12 10:13:30

I agree with you KeepCalm, although being a gymnast doesn't necessarily mean you can dance and he had a fair few ropey weeks. Denise didn't do herself any favours with the (largely female) voters IMO by being a bit desperate and dramatic about it all. I agree men generally still have an easier time than women in lots of ways but raising girls the way society is at the moment is only going to make that worse sad.

Christmas is going to be subdued this year - Matt's grandad died this morning sad.

LaGuerta Sun 23-Dec-12 12:26:44

I'm sorry to hear that Knitting. Hope you will all be able to celebrate the good times you had with him in some way.

I haven't seen the result show for strictly yet. Planning to watch with DS1 later. Doh! wink

Seriously though, I am getting increasingly interested and concerned about attitudes towards male children. I have got to the point of considering whether to set up a blog on it, or look into studying the subject academically. I'm not posting all the "incidents" on this thread anymore as I feel like a bore, that's how numerous they are.

Christmas all going swimmingly well here wink. DH is off the sofa and semi-functioning. For eg, he got up earlier with the boys this morning. During that time the dishwasher wasn't emptied or reloaded but he did move the big telly into the main lounge, and then collapsed onto the sofa again. Male priorities I guess. PIL arriving this afternoon, and then my parents tomorrow. House is 50% clean. I have constructed the newly purchased guest bed. We have a tree. No-one will starve. These are all positives to focus upon.

KnittingChristmas Sun 23-Dec-12 13:13:06

Oops! Sorry LG blush.

Dh is sad but aware that its "probably for the best". DS1 is now asking endless questions which are not easy to answer sad.

I think study/blog sounds a great idea - I find it fascinating. Not just the demonisation of boys but also the awful gender stereotyping of childhood. Off for Xmas drinks this afternoon with another mum of two boys (DS1's best friend) so will report back on the awfulness smile. These are fab parents - DS1 announced to me yesterday that "did you know boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls"! I agreed and asked him who told him that and he told me it was his best friend grin. He has gay godparents apparently!

Glad your dh has managed to move the telly - essential Xmas preparation wink.

KeepCalmAndHaveAnotherMincePie Sun 23-Dec-12 14:31:40

I'm so sorry Knitting. <hugs>

And sorry for spoiling Strictly final LaG blush

Gender stereotyping stuff is really interesting. I completely hear you Knitting about gymnastics doesn't necessarily make you a good dancer, but on the 10 minutes I saw of the show (expert that I am grin), I saw him doing back flips, and jumps with the splits etc - all of which his 'day job' would help with, but I never read anything about that in the tabloids. The DVO reports were relentless. I don't know how she came across on the show about it, but I think the media coverage would have upset anyone.

Anyway, I was very tipsy when I posted last night so I'm impressed it was vaguely coherent! I'm also impressed I managed to ponder when and why society views males more favourably once they're adults and would be curious to know whether attitudes towards male children have/are changing and what impact that might have on how men are viewed later.

I really should get on with Christmas stuff. Am feeling very stressed about it. Despite all my Christmas prep, my ankle issues buggered everything up and now I have loads to do. Poor DS has been terribly neglected over the weekend while DH and I try and get everything done and been a bit sad so I feel massively guilty. I've cut back my expectations on what we can achieve, but I still have a houseful coming on Boxing Day so it's not like I can just think 'fuck it' to all the housework!

Gig - how is your Christmas panning out with MIL?

Well done on surviving the term Deb and I hope you're having a lovely birthday today!

Gigondas Sun 23-Dec-12 20:10:33

Knitting so sorry about dh grandad- sad even if not a complete shock.

I can share some of your concern about gender stereotyping as you get some nonsense about girls. The whole pink stinks thing for a start so I definitely think there is mileage in a study lag.

Yes we have dodged mil- saw her today. On a more sobering note, she is definitely getting more confused and Without tmi seems to be losing it in other ways as is generally less able to take Care of herself.

At risk of no sympathy from lag (who has had this issue before), mini gig doing the early waking as hungry thing so dh and I somewhat tired.

Keepcalm - my best plans are not going to plan as I have felt so tired! So I am also playing catch up (and know I am getting very shouty with big gig).

Right wine and midsomer murders await and maybe at some point knitting littlest god daughter might sleep before her parents break wink.

LaGuerta Mon 24-Dec-12 06:28:31

Of course you have sympathy on sleep issues. DS2 as a Christmas gift to us has taken to waking with a poo at 5.20 for the last 3 mornings.

Sorry that MIL doesn't seem to be so well. Such a hard thing for families cope with.

Thanks for the encouragement on the blog / study idea. It cuts both ways. I have seen the Punk Stinks campaign, and Let toys be toys one too. Yet so many people are so unthinking in that they give their children.

Right, Christmas Eve beckons. Today we really will get DS2 a present blush

LaGuerta Mon 24-Dec-12 06:29:33

Oh and have a wonderful Christmas everyone if I don't get back on. smile

disguisedeb Fri 28-Dec-12 19:20:13

Hope you've all had a great Christmas, we have. Big wooden rescue centre from elc for Ethan was a big hit. Plastic Mike the knight castle Mum got him remains untouched! So many new dressing up outfits that he had a day off today, must be the 1st day he hasn't dressed up in about a year ( and I'm not exaggerating)

Lisa enjoyed her first English Christmas, and her 18th and now she's having a holiday in Germany. We're missing her.

Stefan seemed to get lots of smelly stuff and walks around smelling like a Lynx advert. Tristan got a bass guitar!

Anyone got any old school shoes size 10G? Bought some in the sale without Ethan and of course they're too small, so went to local shop, not his size and online they haven't got the same school shoes in the sale sad

disguisedeb Sat 29-Dec-12 18:00:15

shoes sorted, ordered clarks online from brantano, 2nd pair half price and 7% cashback

all alone overnight as persuaded NIgel to take his muym back with boys so I have time to concentrate on school work. No interruptions, what shall I have for tea?I don't remember the last time I was alone in the house and never overnight. Shame I've got my work to do!!

KnittingChristmas Sat 29-Dec-12 18:25:04

Hi all, we're home smile.

A bit of a sombre Christmas at the in laws (went down Boxing Day) because of Grampy's death. DS1 has been needing a lot of reassurance and FIL was, understandably, very flat. I think having his grandsons around helped, but he also spent a lot of time on the phone to officials, friends and family doing all the sorting out required sad.

Deb, your Christmas sounds lovely and boooo about being home alone but having to work! E has exactly the same size feet as DS1 grin. Biggest hits in our house were the dolls' house, remote controlled cars and lego! grin at the Lynx - I was having a conversation only this morning with dh's old headmaster (and family friend!) about boys and their personal grooming habits grin.

KeepCalm, I didn't really see the media coverage of the SCD/DvO thing as it wasn't covered in The Guardian grin wink but I agree with you about the complete double standards towards men and women on a lot of these things - and more generally. One of the things that always drives me mad is the amount of importance given to personal appearance of any woman who appears in the media, e.g. blonde divorcee 33, appeared in court today alongside her ex-husband hmm.

Anyway, looking forward to a quiet evening tonight - going to watch the Olympic superstars thing in a minute and then some House this evening before falling into our own bed smile.

Hope all of you are enjoying Christmas x

Gigondas Sat 29-Dec-12 20:54:23

Nice that you are home but am sorry that ds1 upset knitting.

deb enjoy the time out even if you have got work to dosmile.

Am in France and having a great time (had a brilliant Xmas day at home as got the family oddities out the way beforehand. Mil was ok but confused, god knows what is going on with my step dad but is clearly in a huff as didnt come to visit with my mum).

Hits of Xmas were some eggs with chicks in that cluck for mini gig and the playmobil swimming pool forbig gig (I did get fed up trying to make playmobil and cook Xmas lunch tho).

Off for night away in a castle with a lovely restaurant In champagne tomorrow- am very excited .

DomesticCEO Sat 29-Dec-12 20:57:59

Wow! Sounds lovely Gig, have fun grin

(it's knitting with a new name, btw grin)

Gigondas Sat 29-Dec-12 21:05:28

grin Great name- I like my old name too much to change.

DomesticCEO Sat 29-Dec-12 21:53:15


disguisedeb Sat 29-Dec-12 22:40:03

domestic sorry it was a sad time this year for your family ,

Gig, have a fantastic time at the castle,sounds wonderful.

disguisedeb Wed 02-Jan-13 23:16:45

Boo hoo, where are you all ?

TheJanuaryProject Thu 03-Jan-13 17:36:51

Happy New Year from Scotland everyone! I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and New Year overall, though of course I am sorry that yours has understandably been a bit sombre DomesticCEO (great name). I have changed my name in keeping with my new year resolution which I've named the January Project. First task - to completely re-organise our haphazard home filing system.

We've had a good Christmas here - a few issues but I won't go into details in as they'd all really identify me! DS loved his presents and spending time with his cousins and we squeezed a few nice days out in among the family obligations, ankle mobility issues and the lurgy that descended upon me. Back to work tomorrow though sad. I'm quite excited about the New Year with a significant birthday, some weddings and NO STUDYING! grin

Present hits here included the Batman imaginext stuff, puppets, usbourne 'see inside' books and a Playmobil redcoat ship. I don't think we had any real (excuse the pun) turkeys. What did DS2 get in the end LaG?

How was the Castle Gig? That sounded like a lovely treat. With or without the mini-gigs?

<looks up from wide range of newspapers read in the January household> Domestic, I read that Claire Balding was complaining in the Telegraph wink about the words that are used to describe woman e.g. bossy as opposed to assertive etc. Which I think ties in to what you were saying about appearance etc. I was sharing some of your stories about how families with boys are treated over dinner with friends the other night and they were all appalled.

Deb, I hope you enjoyed your home alone night despite the work. That must have been bliss for you!

TheJanuaryProject Thu 03-Jan-13 17:37:33

Oh, and Deb, the idea of Stefan walking around smelling like a Lynx ad made me chuckle!

DomesticCEO Fri 04-Jan-13 10:24:11

Hi all, you must be wondering what to do with your time with no studying JP?! grin

We had remote controlled cars (hardly played with since Boxing Day hmm), playmobil and lego mainly - the last two have been big hits as always. Oh, and a dolls' house which is being turned into a fire station as I type!

Off to the panto this afternoon - I know, I know, but we were offered cheap tickets by the Scouts and I couldn't say no blush. Wish me luck!

LaGuerta Fri 04-Jan-13 16:03:39

Hello and Happy New Year!

Phew, I kind of need a holiday after Christmas. It was intense but got through it without throwing my toys out of the pram (just).

No holidays for us though as we have the builders starting on the new kitchen a week on Monday. I am panicking a bit about having to live off a microwave and hot plate upstairs for a minimum of 5 weeks but inevitably longer.

DS1 is currently watching Jason and the Argonauts and is firing lots of questions about it at me which I am unable to answer. Better go and pay some attention.

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