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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Any mums in Isleworth or surrounding area

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Roslyn Fri 10-Mar-06 12:21:56

Hi there,
I am a mum of two living in Isleworth. I am currently seperated from my HB and have found that it is quite lonely not having any friends in the area. Would like to know if anybody is up for a chat. Thankfully i am well on te road to recovery so have no fear there shall be no tears!
I really just want to broaden my circle of friends and have some fun and have the same for my DD's who are 3 and 6.would love to hear from anyone local or even Richmond and surrounding area.

emmavl Fri 10-Mar-06 12:33:03

Hi Roslyn,
Have you seen the thread from yank mum ( she posted a new message this morning) they have got meet ups in richmond / kew / kingston area?

I live near staines , but used to live in kingston. im a single mum of a two year old boy

emmavl Fri 10-Mar-06 12:34:35

Hi Roslyn,
Have you seen the thread from yank mum ( she posted a new message this morning) they have got meet ups in richmond / kew / kingston area?

I live near staines , but used to live in kingston. im a single mum of a two year old boy

emmavl Fri 10-Mar-06 12:35:17

Hi Roslyn,
Have you seen the thread from yank mum ( she posted a new message this morning) they have got meet ups in richmond / kew / kingston area?

I live near staines , but used to live in kingston. im a single mum of a two year old boy

Roslyn Fri 10-Mar-06 12:56:28

Hi emmavl,
Thanks for the reply. I will look at that thread.Don't think me nosy but have you always been a single mum. I t's just feels so strange as i am gonna have to get used to being a single mum too!Would you fancy a meet up?

YanksUponThames Fri 10-Mar-06 22:51:08

Hi Roslyn -
My ds is 3.5 and we definitely need to make friends and get some playmates too! We're here with dh for his 2-yr job assignment, and he found us this tiny flat in Richmond. Do you live near the H37 bus route? That's the quickest one for me to go to Hounslow for shopping. If you can get to Richmond, there are lots of buses and trains (nat rail and Tube). Check out our "Yank Mum in Richmond area" thread and see other people I'm planning to meet with (hopefully as soon as the weather stops pissing and freezing ). I haven't been to Syon Park yet, but some of the other mums like to go there and maybe several of us to meet there some time. There's an indoor soft play area here in Richmond that I want to visit soon called Hugo's. Let us know if you want to meet up! Or at least correspond.

emmavl Sat 11-Mar-06 10:23:57

Hi everyone. I have been a single mum since my little boy was 4 months old. Id definatly love to meet up! the boy and i are well trained when it comes to using public transport ( i dont drive) but richmond is on the same train line as my town and i can get a bus from staines to hounslow, so im pretty flexible. It would be great to meet some mums!

YanksUponThames Sat 11-Mar-06 11:28:04

Hi emmavl -

I'd love to meet up! Here in Richmond, or Hounslow if that's in between, or I could head out there some time, or Kingston if you like. I'm not a single mum at the moment (knock wood), but my mum was and raised me & my sister be herself, so I know what the living is like from that end. Good luck with everything; let me know if I can help from this distance!

emmavl Sat 11-Mar-06 14:04:31

It would be great to meet up! anywhere is fine for me. I know kingston well as i used to live there but i can also get to richmond easily! im about Mondays and fridays, when are you free for a meet up?

collision Sat 11-Mar-06 17:18:12

Why dont you go to Isleworth to the One o clock club which is on every day and great and cheap! There are lots of mums there with children and the facilities are lovely and the garden is great.

Now where is it?

It is nr the swimming pool on the main road through Isleworth on the road with the church on the corner! HTH

emmavl Sat 11-Mar-06 17:27:30

Thanks for that collision!
Ive never been to isleworth before so havent got a clue where this one o clock club is, but ive just discovered that its only 25 mins by train for me. Is it near the train station?

Any body fancy a meet up?
My little darling is a bit of a monster but i promise he won't bite!

cece Sat 11-Mar-06 17:27:36

do you mean Redlees Park

emmavl Sat 11-Mar-06 17:41:14

where is redlees park?

cece Sat 11-Mar-06 18:49:55

by Isleworth swimming pool and the library. think it is called Twickenham Road. Depends which bit of Isleworth you are in. It is nearer to the old Isleworth rather than the bit towards the A4.

emmavl Sat 11-Mar-06 18:56:57

thanks. Are you local cece?
how old are your children?

cece Sat 11-Mar-06 18:58:44

Used to live in Hounslow!

emmavl Sat 11-Mar-06 19:00:23

Roslyn, do you know where this place is? what days are you around for a meet up?

sfxmum Sun 12-Mar-06 10:00:46

hello all
i used to live in hounslow, now live in kew. my dd is 9months old. we have been talking about a meet up in richmond over at yank mum thread.
i avoid isleworth because i work there(sorry) be going back to work in june, so, at the moment any ref. to that area kind of makes me feel ill
but up for meet over in richmond. anyone with under 12m babies?

emmavl Sun 12-Mar-06 10:54:35

well im up for a meet anywhere! anybody else got any ideas for a meet up place?

Roslyn Sun 12-Mar-06 11:54:33

Hi ,
Sorry,was @ work all day yesterday.emmavl, i know teh one o'clock club been there quite a bit with my daughter.I know it is quiye short notice but if anyone would like to meet up 2morrow we could do that. I also work fulltime so and am off allday tomorrow.Emmavl to get to Redlees Park you take the train to Twickenham, then the 267 towards hammersmith,& get aff at the stop for Isleworth library.
Let me know if anyone is up for tomorrow and we can meet up.

emmavl Sun 12-Mar-06 23:00:46

yeah that sounds good is anybody else up for it

YanksUponThames Sun 12-Mar-06 23:44:10

Hi all -

I would like to meet up with you all soon, and the one o'clock club at the Library sounds great -- I haven't been yet, and want to. But can I hope to do it next time (assuming y'all do it again soon) instead of tomorrow? My dh has a nasty fever (flu?) at the moment, my ds and I have just recovered from a tedious (but non-feverish, non-snotty) cough -- and I wouldn't want to pass any germs along if we happen to be carrying -- and to top it all off, ds also just squashed his face at the Old Deer Park playground today (slid off swing while trying to gently bring it to a stop, and fell on his face). Fortunately nothing actually broke, but his nose and cheeks are scraped and puffy -- but he's sleeping peacefully and breathing through his nose on both sides all right (and his attitude/comfort has been great all the rest of the day, so he can't be hurting too badly), so I think we had a lucky close call.

So can you give me a shout if anyone wants to get together again in a few days or a week or two? Is the war memorial square bus stop the best one to use on the H37 route from Richmond?Thanks!

Roslyn Mon 13-Mar-06 00:09:56

Hi All,
I will be " the one o'clock club tomorrow so i could meet you athe library if you want emmavl, lets say at 12:45. I always have day off during the week so we should definetly arrange to meet up some time yanksuponthames.
Hope to see you tomorrow emmvl,

emmavl Mon 13-Mar-06 07:49:32

Hi all,
Really sorry going to have to pull out on meet up today, woke up not feeling to great
Im around this friday or next monday though if anyone else is available?

YanksUponThames Tue 14-Mar-06 18:41:46

Hi all!

Roslyn -- Yes! I'd definitely like to meet up soon. I think our household is (or soon will be) no longer contagious. Would you prefer your area, or would you like to meet up in Richmond? Either is fine with me.

emmavl -- Hope you haven't come down with whatever (sort of flu) my husband has. (been moaning around the flat the past few days, feverish and completely knackered) My son and I had a tiresome cough (and son had a bit of fever briefly), but we seem to be well over it now.

If anyone else would like to meet up in Richmond (or St Margarets, or Twickenham, or Isleworth, or...), give me a shout.

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