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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

MN September Shindig

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FrankWippery Thu 09-Aug-12 11:15:31

Ok, so we have a venue, a growing list of those coming and Dances making lists.

I'm not going to give the address of the venue on this thread, but will put it in the FB Meet up Group and PM those who are not on FB. If you are and are not already in the group, please click the link and ask to be added and we shall do just that - just as soon as you have confirmed that you are coming and have made a payment of £20 to the Meet Up PayPal account.

The £20 will cover food (12-14ish decent sized canapés), anywhere between 2-4 drinks and, most importantly, cake. Depending on final numbers we have yet to decide whether to have a stock of paid for drinks - wine, beer, soft drinks perhaps, followed by a pay bar; or to do tokens of a set value that can be used for any drinks, again paying once you have used your tokens up.

The venue is just south of the river, next to Tower Bridge; BIWI, Pistey and I selflessly went and checked it out last week and it is lovely, great position and with easy transport to all London main line stations. Tube wise it has Northern Line, Jubilee Line and Circle/District lines running very close by.

With regard to food, when you have paid (please PM me or Pistey for the PayPal details as, again, I don't want to publish it for the world to see), could you please let me know any dietary requirements - allergies/vegetarian etc so that I can finalise the menu accordingly a couple of weeks before the bash.

Accommodation - we are hoping to sort out a group rate at a Travelodge, so if you are in need of a bed for the night, please do let me know and we can add you on to our list.

I will C&P the list of who is coming after this post. If you are coming and are not on it, please add yourself.

I think that's everything..... Any other questions, just let me know and I will, hopefully, be able to answer them.

BellaVita Thu 27-Sep-12 17:09:35

You called Frank? grin

GetOrfAKAMrsUsainBolt Thu 27-Sep-12 17:19:22

Is anyone from MNHQ coming?

BellaVita Thu 27-Sep-12 17:24:38


HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 27-Sep-12 17:27:44


Is anyone from MNHQ coming?

Yep. So you better all behave. <peers over specs>

BellaVita Thu 27-Sep-12 17:29:50

<<quakes>> grin

Pagwatch Thu 27-Sep-12 17:30:58

Excellent news helenmumsnet.

Expense account?

OrangeandGoldMrsDeVere Thu 27-Sep-12 17:44:46

Helen do you know what a smirnoff Ice is?......

Pagwatch Thu 27-Sep-12 17:46:40

grin at MrsD

Loved that moment.

BIWI Thu 27-Sep-12 17:49:00

Behave? Well there's a first time for everything, I suppose.

Frank is baking cakes for the bunfight. Did she not tell you?

GetOrfAKAMrsUsainBolt Thu 27-Sep-12 18:02:30

Helen were you not there last year when alouise fell off the chair mid song? [Grin]

What is everyone going to wear? I have a black dress or a black dress. Zandra rhodes eat your heart out.

JugglingWithPossibilities Thu 27-Sep-12 18:38:00

I'm going to be a bit late - as have to sneak out after supper from my very sensible and sober Quaker weekend meeting ( which serendipidously brings me to London this weekend from the sticks.) Reassure me that I won't be the only one joining you a little later in the evening ? All this talk of stern looks over glasses is making me nervous wink < imagines everyone looking up together very disapprovingly as enter the room > Oh, and be sure to save me a slice of one of these yummy sounding cakes don't throw them all at each other before I get there smile

ColdHandLou Thu 27-Sep-12 19:58:58

Yes it was ME from last night & I'm coming grin
Going to see if DH can get me a badge made tomorrow . . .

ColdHandLou Thu 27-Sep-12 20:01:19

Oh and I wear glasses but I don't do stern looks <reassuring>

FrankWippery Thu 27-Sep-12 20:10:46

Don't be ridiculous HelenMN. Have you actually seen who is on the list? Behave? Yeah right.

Bella I did indeed. Touch the cake and you will be sleeping in DD3's den at the end of the garden.

GetOrf I'm wearing my jams. This is a shrewd move as it will enable me to simply fall into bed when I get home. I might put a bow in my hair to glam it up a bit. Or I might not.

FrankWippery Thu 27-Sep-12 20:32:54

Full Moon on Saturday night/Sunday morning BTW. Just saying. grin

GetOrfAKAMrsUsainBolt Thu 27-Sep-12 21:08:52

Juggling nobody will look over the rims of their glasses at you, not at all.

I love the word serendipidously. [Grin]

JugglingWithPossibilities Thu 27-Sep-12 21:18:18

So, what do we do when we arrive ...

.... just elbow everyone for the biggest, shiniest badge, and join in with the bunfight ?!

Or is there anything I should know ? smile

GetOrfAKAMrsUsainBolt Thu 27-Sep-12 21:26:36

I just drank my first glass of wine very quickly out of nerves.

And then everyone just talks bollocks like they do on here every day!

JugglingWithPossibilities Thu 27-Sep-12 21:33:07


Portofino Thu 27-Sep-12 21:45:59

I have been to the Neuhaus shop and have 1kg of Belgian choc. It does not look enough imho but I am now bankrupt. grin

bigTillyMint Thu 27-Sep-12 21:52:33

1kg!!!! WooopeeDoooo smile

BIWI Thu 27-Sep-12 21:52:52

OMG. My low carb regime is going straight out of the window ...

FrankWippery Thu 27-Sep-12 22:02:00

I wouldn't worry BIWI, I'll be taking care of it on Saturday afternoon. I'm kind like that.

BIWI Thu 27-Sep-12 22:02:41

You'll just get fat then.
<sticks tongue out>

BellaVita Thu 27-Sep-12 22:57:51

Dd3's den sound just like my kinda place Frank grin

Am a bit tiddly. Went to help a friend in need tonight, we consisted of a bottle off cava and some red.

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