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bored in barnsley

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born2twinkle Mon 06-Mar-06 22:16:17

I'm in Barnsley and Bored!! DS is 20 months old, wonder if anyone knows of any nice toddler groups in the afternoons (I work mornings) none of my friends have babies, also I can't drive but live near the town centre.

deli79 Thu 09-Mar-06 09:17:09

I am also in Barnsley and bored! My DD is also 20 months. Am trying to find a mother and toddler group to go to, just not sure where to look for a decent one. I have a car so can get around most days unless DH has pinched it! WIll have a look around and let you know, bye for now.

alibo Thu 09-Mar-06 13:13:21

hi there "bored in barnsley's"!!! . there are a few of us on here from barnsley; NBG and trace2 are usually around. whereabouts in barnsley are you? i live in mapplewell, near darton, and go to a toddler group in mapplewell. its at st johns church hall on greenside, if you know it. its on tuesday mornings 9.30 till 11.30. hope thats a help! i have met up at the eastfield arms near mapplewell with some of the barnsley bunch; hopefully we can organise another meetup somewhere soon.

born2twinkle Sun 12-Mar-06 21:43:08

Hi there,
I didn't think there were many fellow Barnsleyites on here, I've lurked on Mumsnet for around 2 yeras but never posted until the other night.
Deli, I think there is a mother and toddler at that church (flashy new one) up Huddersfield Rd on Monday and tuesday afternoons. But so far am too chicken to go also its a long walk for me
There's toddler groups in Ardsley and at St Peters Church on Doncaster Rd but they are in the mornings (boo!).
Bye then!

Nbg Sun 12-Mar-06 21:46:34

Ooooh hello!

I'm in Barnsley too!
I'm just around the corner from Alibo and go to the same toddler group.

I am moving out of the area soon though.

Nbg Sun 12-Mar-06 21:52:19

Oh and Alibo
So sorry I haven't rung you. Have been mega busy but will be at playgroup on Tues.

alibo Mon 13-Mar-06 09:34:54

hey nbg, yep will see you tuesday! am going to a jewellery party on weds night; you're welcome to come with us if you fancy it?! its one of the mums from thurs toddler gp thats having it. it starts at 8ish, i'll be driving.

shillie1 Fri 14-Jul-06 14:42:34

Hi, I am a first time older mum from Barnsley. Looking for any info on mother and toddler groups near town centre. Thanks.

sarahhal Sat 15-Jul-06 22:56:45

Have you seen the thread about the meet up at Cannon Hall on Thursday?

Hope you can join us!

lewsmummy Sat 15-Jul-06 23:07:19

Canon Hall meet here

Kelly78 Tue 24-Jul-07 20:04:59

Hi i have just moved into the area Balby Doncaster. Was hoping to find any groups or mother and child groups where my son and i can meet new people. My Son is 8 i am 29 (not 30 yet, holding on 29 forever)Also 30 weeks pregnant!! Have been looking out for activities and coffee mornings, to no avail... Hope you can help.....


lindsayjane Sun 29-Jul-07 08:41:58

Hi - glad to see I'm not the only one from Barnsley on this thing! I'm 22 weeks with first baby and just wondering if there are any maternity/post-natal clubs/classes in the area? I know they do a mothers & toddlers group at the new Salvation Army in Hoyland & also there's one at The Bluebell Inn (playmania) but I don't know what they're like. :-)

lindsayjane Sun 29-Jul-07 08:47:04

oops, sorry... meant antenatal!!

joshua2011 Tue 21-Jun-11 18:05:07

Hiya im from Barnsley too, athersley. im 23 and have a 5 and half month old ds i can drive but tend to stay in all the time and i think my ds is loosing out so would love to find some mother and baby groups to attend or baby things to do. av only recently moved here so not totally familier with the areas, xx

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