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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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tahira Mon 06-Mar-06 14:10:20

I have a 14 month old daughter and live in Essex. Me and my husband moved into the area from London 18 months ago and haven't had the opportunity to make any new friends.
Would be great to hear from any local mums who would like to meet up for a coffee and a gossip and for our kids to play!!!
Please get in touch!!!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 06-Mar-06 14:15:24

Where in Essex are you?

Mumatuks Mon 06-Mar-06 14:16:32

oh you just missed our last meetup (some of us) There are quite a few of us... where are you?

tahira Mon 06-Mar-06 14:47:06

I'm in Hornchurch-problem is I don't drive!!!

Mumatuks Mon 06-Mar-06 18:10:09

I'm just over the other side of Brentwood road, so I qualify as Romford, but I know Hornchurch quite well.

tahira Mon 06-Mar-06 22:15:24

Hi Mumatuks
forgive my ignorance but how does a meetup work? where do you usually meet and do the kids get a chance to meet up and play aswell or is it just for mums?

Mumatuks Tue 07-Mar-06 07:49:38

Hi Tahira,
Our last meet up was at Kidspace in The Brewery shopping centre. All of us have quite young babies, but I know there is a mum with a little boy about the same age as your DD.
If you keep an eye out on the Meet Up threads, as I think we were planning on meeting again in a few weeks time.

tahira Tue 07-Mar-06 09:43:05

Hi Mumatuks
That sounds like a lot of fun. Would be great if you could keep me informed as to when your next meet up will be.

pol25 Thu 16-Mar-06 10:49:59

I am in Romford with DD who is 19mths and baby due in sept... Anyone fancy a coffee???

thomaswmum Fri 31-Mar-06 12:47:27

hiya all.i used to live in chadwell heath and miss it alot,im now in loughton and feel alone,i have a 19mth son who is full of it all the time,and need other mums to talk to,i feel like the only mum under 30 around here

Bubbaloo Fri 31-Mar-06 13:42:05

Hi Thomaswmum,
I'm in Chadwell Heath with a ds who is 10 months.
I'm always around for a chat-CAT me if you like.

thomaswmum Mon 03-Apr-06 11:31:35

hi bubbaloo,how long have u been in chadwell heath?

Bubbaloo Mon 03-Apr-06 14:38:22

We've lived here for about 9 years now.We used to live in Barkingside,but moved here shortly after we got married.
How long have you been in Loughton?
My dh used to play snooker every friday night,in Loughton!

thomaswmum Tue 04-Apr-06 13:52:55

lived in loughton for a about 13years on and off,came back just before my son was born,my family only live up the road so its nice just to have mum there when things get to much

babygirl05 Tue 27-Jun-06 10:09:25

Hi Tahira
I have also moved to Essex last year, i have a 8 month old little girl. I havent had much chance to get out and meet anyone also!

bubblagirl Wed 19-Jul-06 18:00:08

hi pol25, and everyone else lol

i live in brentwood and have a 14 mth old son quite often go shopping in romford always up for chatting to anyone lol gets quite lonely all friends are slowly leaving me behindlol love being with my boy though wouldn't have it any other way just need to speak to more people like me

hays Wed 13-Sep-06 13:20:28

Hi, I have a 23 month old boy and Im 21 weeks pregnant with my second baby. Just found out yesterday that Im having a girl, so Im well chuffed, I can start buying lots of pink stuff. I live in Canvey Island, and I don't have any friends who are pregnant or who have kids, so it would be nice to hear from any expectant Mums in the local area so we can talk about pregnancy things and to meet up and have a chat. Hope to here from you. H

Kjobson84 Fri 04-Jan-08 13:44:53

hi i have to young boys and pregnant with my third due this summer im in basildon essex it would be nice to hear from any other mums near my area or surrounding area to tlk to or meet up with it would be nice to tlk to someone with kids all my friends dnt have any and are leavung me behind so hope to hear from someone soon x

iMum Wed 09-Jan-08 15:54:33

Hello, Im in southend and have 2 boys. likewise would be good to make friends with mums and their kids

TrueBlue Sat 19-Jan-08 20:13:08

Hi, I am relatively new to the area too and have been living near Brentwood since last summer. I would love to get to know some more people. I have a boy who's in Reception and a girl who's 2.5. Best day for meet-ups for me is a Monday.

weezypops Thu 13-Mar-08 14:10:33


We've just moved into our new place in Westcliff and I'm struggling to find good information about things to do as a parent in Westcliff, so I decided to set up a forum for us all. I'm hoping that as it grows we can exchange information and advice, as well as everyday chatter and nonsense.

At the moment it's pretty small, so I'd appreciate you coming over and having a look. It's easy to post, and you can drop me a line if you need any help. My username over there is weezypops, but as I'm one of the few people who has posted anything it should be easy enough to find!

I'd like the website to include parents (including Dads, if they're interested), future parents, Grandparents... anyone and everyone really, so please please send the link to anyone you think might fit the bill, even if you're not interested yourself. It's going to take a while to grow, but I hope we can get there.

The link is:

I hope you'll join me.


TammyB Sun 23-Mar-08 21:29:26

Hi all i live in westcliff with my 2 boys aged 2 and 8 weeks would like to chat to anyone re kids etc and if local maybe meet up.

iMum Wed 26-Mar-08 12:38:31

I'd really fancy a meetup-Im in southend, perhaps a nice coffee smoewhere?

tashstrat Wed 26-Mar-08 20:53:34

Hi there

im new to this site! but just wanted to ask any mums from Southend out there who know of any good baby clubs!! i have 5 month old boy! thanks x

keevamum Wed 26-Mar-08 20:57:30

Hi Everyone, I am also an essex mum would love to come along for a meet up. True blue you sound as if you may be near me. I have a 2 year old DD and a 7year old DD....Anyone fancy a coffee?

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