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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

A big thank you

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Suew Sat 01-Dec-01 21:40:29

... to Marina for organising today's lunch.

Well worth the trip :)

When's the next one?

Batters Sun 02-Dec-01 10:49:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pupuce Sun 02-Dec-01 12:05:43

Funny batters I had a similar incident last night.... I put in my jumper and then it went into the dryer.... no need to tell you what size it is now ..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

When's the next one Marina..... this does mean that I also had a great time.... Thanks

Cam Sun 02-Dec-01 13:31:29

Also a big thank you - I had a great time, enjoyed every minute and look forward to the next one!

Cam Sun 02-Dec-01 13:40:31

Forgot to add that when I got home last night I won £63 on the lottery - so even managed to cover the cost as well!

Fms Sun 02-Dec-01 22:29:47

For those of us who didn't make it, how did it go? What did you discuss?... and HOW MUCH DID YOU DRINK????!!!

Marina Mon 03-Dec-01 10:18:07

Glad everyone had fun - I put it down to the calibre of the assembled company, it was great to meet everyone, and as Batters says, we all met quite nervously and left with several new friends made.
Can recommend Vinopolis as a place to meet unreservedly: food is as good as I remember, wine (the answer Fms, is lots!) as good as it should be at an exhibition centre devoted to wine, wine waiter pretty cute too. But the best thing was the chat, which was just like the online version: friendly, wide-ranging, witty and mutually supportive without being remotely PC. We didn't leave until 5.15pm...
Photos were taken (while everyone was still sober enough to give informed consent) and may be posted on the website soon.
Thanks to everyone for coming and commiserations to a couple of folk who had to pull out at the last minute. We'll get you next time, ladies. :O (Courtesy of Lizzer, who travelled 300 miles to be with us and was packing in Christmas shopping and ANOTHER party as well, phew).

Pamina Mon 03-Dec-01 13:07:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cam Mon 03-Dec-01 13:35:18

Fms: we ate very well and drank lots (and lots)and we talked non-stop (of course). Pamina: we all told our real names and nicknames except one. It was very very enjoyable and very friendly so next time, do not be shy everyone and come!

Jodee Mon 03-Dec-01 13:48:47

Sounds like a great time was had by all! I think maybe I will braver next time and come along too!

Tigermoth Mon 03-Dec-01 14:10:41

Didn't the afternoon fly by? Late on, I glanced at the window to check on the weather and then realised it was dark. Great to talk to everyone and not have to say IMO and BTW or have to interrupt a converastion to do some work. Nice to see real smiley faces, too.

Hope that all those with a long journey made it back OK.

Looking forward to the next one - and meeting even more people.

PS Lizzer I did remember the Berocca tablets but forgot to give you one of them at the time. Hope you did not have reason to need it.

Lizzer Tue 04-Dec-01 15:14:29

Finally here! What a whirlwind weekend, not that I'm complaining :O (I love him) Thanks once again to Marina, you're the best! I still can't believe it all happened, think my head is still lolling around in Oxford circus though, and couldn't concentrate last night at all at college!

It was so nice to see everyone and I had so much fun, it was a shame I had to leave early but 5.15!!! Shocking! The food and wine was v nice but head began pounding after trawling shops for clothes, luckily I had topped up by 9.30 and hit the town looking, well, not that special really (as I was just saying to Suew as I left, jeans are as about as dressy as you need to be!)

Me and friends had nice night out and didn't get to bed til 4 - oh my life! I was so glad I was on the train home and not driving, don't think I would've been fit. Don't think even berroca would've helped me then Tigermoth!

Its weird now knowing what everyone looks like, but actually better as you can imagine them saying what they have written. Poor everyone else for having ME in their heads forever though- GAH!

So yes, everyone should be a bit braver next time and COME!

Oh, and someone tell Bloss about the shock of her life she will get soon (Am hoping you will read this, so say if you do...)

Once again my little man says just how I'm feeling :O

Chanelno5 Tue 04-Dec-01 19:23:38

Glad you all had a great time. I'm very sorry I missed out on all that wine...oh yes, and chat! I would love to come to the next one.

Butterbeertroot Sat 14-Jul-07 20:35:34

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