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Bath area: American expat with baby looking for same

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AmericanInBath Sat 18-Feb-06 21:01:46

Anyone in the area American? Or anyone in Bath? Looking to meet peeps with same interests and such. Moved here 7 months ago and have a 9 month old daughter - cute as he##! Love baby, hubby, dogs, outdoors.

sansouci Sat 18-Feb-06 21:12:11

Personally, I think you're limiting your social life.

expatinscotland Sat 18-Feb-06 21:13:07

Same here. And I'm a US expat to Scotland.

I went all native, tho. My kids think I talk 'funny'.

expatinscotland Sat 18-Feb-06 21:14:16

Oh, and you can write 'hell' here. And fuck. And shit and damn and just about anything else - twat, fanny, baws, etc. No one gives a rat's arse here.

Welcome to the UK! I LOVE it!

nzshar Sat 18-Feb-06 21:58:45


AmericanInBath when i came over here in 94 from NZ i used to get asked "do i go to this pub or that club, cos thats where all the aussie,kiwis,SA's go?" It was a definite NO and always replied if i wanted to just hang with fellow southern hemispherian's then i would have stayed in NZ. Just a thought

Twiglett Sat 18-Feb-06 22:00:12

Ok I'll bite expat

what's "baws"???

I understand the other rudies

expatinscotland Sat 18-Feb-06 22:41:27

Scottish for balls, of course . As in 'fanny baws' 'fanny bawbag', etc.

AmericanInBath Mon 20-Feb-06 13:11:28

Limiting my social life by looking for someone who lives in Bath and 1. is American, 2. likes their baby, 3. likes their husband, 4. likes dogs or other furries, OR 5. likes the outdoors, which includes numerous things? Surely you can't think that I'm looking to meet someone matching all 5 factors. Mostly just someone in Bath with similar interests. Since you've replied, does that mean you live in Bath? And thanks for permission to curse...I just have to keep it quiet so baby doesn't hear me!

sansouci Mon 20-Feb-06 13:19:29

Just to add that there is some anti-American feeling on this website so by looking for a friend whose #1 criterion is to be American & living in England (Bath) is not going to get you many replies! You're probably feeling quite a bit of culture shock atm but don't worry, the natives are friendly!

cathyspam Mon 20-Feb-06 13:19:40

expat! Love your grasp of our beautiful language! Am PMSL

NotQuiteCockney Mon 20-Feb-06 13:21:08

She did say "Or anyone in Bath?". I'm sure there are folks around here from Bath.

I'm a Canadian in London, though, so not really what you're looking for.

sansouci Mon 20-Feb-06 13:31:44

A brief bit of personal info: though Canadian, I've got British citizenship through my mother & have lived in England. Also, dh is British through & through (& a bit of snob as well, unfortunately) so I know what the culture clash is about. I sound American when I speak English so am often taken for one. There is a definite feeling of "otherness" when in England but you just have to get over it.

sansouci Mon 20-Feb-06 13:34:37

BTW, expat does a brilliant job of bridging the gap. She's got the North American can-do, kick-ass attitude but has totally adapted to the local Scottish lingo & mentality, by the look of her posts!

DumbledoresGirl Mon 20-Feb-06 13:34:54

AmericaninBath - I live nearish Bath though probably don't have too much in common with you as my children are older and I am scared of dogs!

However, just wanted to let you know there are some people here who live in or near Bath and I believe they have babies so hopefully you will find a kindred spirit soon.

brimfull Mon 20-Feb-06 13:37:40

I grew up in Canada,and want to live in a big georgian house in Bath when I grow up,does that count

Distel Mon 20-Feb-06 13:53:45

I live in Bath, I have 3 children who are 6, 3 and 21 months. I am fine with outdoors, love my husband but am scared of dogs (am getting better).
I am 24 and live in Oldfield Park, where abouts are you?
Oh, I would also love a huge Georgian house, but will have to keep dreaming!!

MichMoo16 Thu 02-Mar-06 23:13:04


I live in Bath and would love to meet up, i'm 32 with a 4 month old son. Perhaps we could do coffee?

expatinscotland Thu 02-Mar-06 23:53:33

I did visit Bath. It was lovely! So was the countryside round it.

Not to keen on dogs, though, more of a cat person myself. Have two lovely cats.

Outdoors? Well, used to live there. Spent 8 years in Denver, CO, climbing, hillwalking and skiing in the backcountry.

But alas, I am hundreds of miles away in Edinburgh w/two DDs.

AmericanInBath Mon 06-Mar-06 11:28:04

Hi there. sorry it took so long to get back on the thread...Anyway, Distel, I live near Oldfield park too and would like to meet up with you and MichMoo16. How about M&S cafe or Starbucks Tues or any other day? Afternoons are best for me, but I can do mornings too. expatinscotland, my hubby and I went to undergrad in Boulder! We too were climbers and backpackers in the CO high country. We've been away from that area for 6 years now, but I still miss it terribly. Small world isn't it?!

uwila Mon 06-Mar-06 11:45:08

Hiya I'm Americanwith a 9 month old as well. But, I live outside of London and work full time. HAppy to chat on here, but doubt we'll be able to meet up in person.

twinmummy04 Mon 06-Mar-06 13:54:52

Have 1 black Lab so like dogs, I love my boys too, DH is included in that grew up in the country so liking outdoors is a must really

Live 10 mins from the centre ,I have cheeky twin boys (17mths),

Not sure if I'd get into starbucks with my double buggy normally have to sit outside


cod Mon 06-Mar-06 13:56:06

Message withdrawn

AmericanInBath Tue 07-Mar-06 09:38:32

twinmummy04: yeah, stores and coffee shops are hard to enter in this country i find, even with a single buggy, so probably no double buggy in starbucks. what about m&s cafe?

uwila: nice to meet you online! love to chat with you too. MSN IM?

expatinscotland Tue 07-Mar-06 10:05:11

far out, AIB! i haven't been on a rope in 4 years - had two kids in that time, but that's going to change soon, i hope!

twinmummy04 Tue 07-Mar-06 15:15:44

Strangley never been in m&s cafe, what do you think, would we fit ? If they have highchairs I could use the backpack and single buggy..??

I find most of Bath has tiny doorways but I think a lot of the "nice" shops like it that sticky fingers on there lovely wares then


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