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Newcastle/north east meet up following on from northeners thread?

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miranda2 Thu 27-Nov-03 11:50:11

Dear all,
as there seem to be a group of us, would you like to meet up? Maybe in the new year?
I'm in Heaton in Newcastle.

popsycal Thu 27-Nov-03 17:43:46

sound as though this could ne a good idea,,,,

popsycal Thu 27-Nov-03 17:44:40

sound as though this could ne a good idea,,,,

popsycal Thu 27-Nov-03 17:44:44

sound as though this could ne a good idea,,,,

popsycal Thu 27-Nov-03 17:45:18

oop keen arent i!

Beccarollo Thu 27-Nov-03 17:46:07

I'm in

popsycal Thu 27-Nov-03 19:51:53

who else then!?
anyone fancy before xmas???
i am already getting a btscared aboutthis!
hw do we recignise each other etc

miranda2 Thu 27-Nov-03 21:01:21

I guess we appoint a venue and then each turn up wearing a red carnation.

popsycal Thu 27-Nov-03 21:03:37

taht would be hilarious!
then what do we say to each other?"

Beccarollo Thu 27-Nov-03 21:19:58


popsycal Thu 27-Nov-03 21:44:50

hi becca!

popsycal Thu 27-Nov-03 21:45:32

hi becca!

popsycal Thu 27-Nov-03 21:45:36

hi becca!

Beccarollo Thu 27-Nov-03 22:28:26

What sort of location would we meet at? Any ideas?

marsup Thu 27-Nov-03 22:52:26

I'm told that Arlecchino on Heaton Rd is quite good for big groups. Has anyone eaten there? (it's just that I find this Heaton theme too convenient for words and thought I'd encourage it!)
NB my baby is due 6 Jan... maybe we could plan for a bit later in the new year! As for what to talk about... ooh dear, this is starting to sound like a blind date.

Ruth21 Fri 28-Nov-03 07:04:57

Have eaten twice at Arlechino. First time was the very first night we moved to Newcastle and it was delicious, but I think that must have been hunger and exhaustion because the second time we went it was pretty bad, one of our group ordered pizza and it seemed like it could easily have come from Iceland. (Not the country. Though I don't suppose Icelandic pizza is really the best.) Maybe we were just unlucky but that put us off and I haven't been back.

Ti Amo in Sandyford/Jesmond Vale is a nice cheap Italian caff and very child friendly (though sometimes they overdo the Italian waiter thing). I am on maternity leave after today (hooray!) so on for all meet-ups. It's only just across the park from Heaton, marsup, honest!

popsycal Fri 28-Nov-03 14:02:07

gosforth high street?

Beccarollo Fri 28-Nov-03 20:25:18

There are a few nice places on Gosforth High Street - Pizzunzi, Pizza Express, a nice indian, Buon Appetito and a nice chinese

popsycal Fri 28-Nov-03 20:27:51 sitting in someones house!!
what about made in italy...
or am i just thinking of that cos its child friendly!>?

Beccarollo Fri 28-Nov-03 20:29:49

Made in Italy isnt there anymore! Its now Pizzunzi

popsycal Fri 28-Nov-03 20:30:24

dear me - shpws how long it is since i went out!!!

popsycal Fri 28-Nov-03 21:08:20

any other really depends who is coming and where abouts they are coming from

Ruth21 Sun 30-Nov-03 13:36:36

Are we talking about lunchtime or evening? I would really prefer lunch due to being 38 weeks pregnant and trying to get early nights. I also currently have ridiculous evening schedule of antenatal yoga one night, NCT the next, so would like to keep a few evenings for me and dp before babe arrives. Are you all at work at lunch times? Any part-time workers/SAHMs?

Beccarollo Sun 30-Nov-03 13:38:28

Im a SAHM until March next year :D

marsup Sun 30-Nov-03 14:52:55

Maybe a weekend lunchtime would get around the problem of who can come during the week?

Gosforth high st ok - it's handier for me if it's somewhere on the metro line.

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