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StitchingMoss Fri 06-Jan-12 10:52:49

Getting exciting now grin wink!

disguisedeb Tue 10-Jan-12 22:55:58

Gig, sorry you're so fed up, how many sleeps is it now until baby?

LaG, if you're theoretically exchanging in 2 weeks, where are you moving to?

Stitching, how was the gardening course, did you kill any plants?smile, loved your ds's comments

Mudwiggle, hope your ds had a good birthday.

SP, we get the keys on 27th , and have a few days cross over with this place so I'm hoping to be in properly by 31st.Going to measure windows tomorrow, with it being new there are no curtain poles.

disguisedeb Tue 10-Jan-12 23:06:42

also gig, what happened with the piano christmas present, did your dd ever see it?

LaGuerta Wed 11-Jan-12 09:37:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gigondas Wed 11-Jan-12 12:33:52

The piano is upstairs waiting for baby or preferably deportation to France. So I chickened out wink

Replies re meet up Scottish- might have some issues with that day but will try to sort.

What is most urgent in terms of refurb lag?

Had nightmare time getting into hospital appt yesterday (baby fine). Involved a train journey (quickest way to get there) which was torture- am sure people thought I was in labour on train (certainly got some lovely looks from one woman hmm). Then nearly fainted (stopped by dr) at hospital as was doing consents- I am very squeamish so surgery talk Set me off. So am on a stay near home policy now.
Better news is dr thinks that giving birth (ESP as less weight) and stronger pain mess will make it manageable post birth and will make sure physio checks me
Out. Also offered to do it early if really gets too much but think I will stick with next week if I can.

LaGuerta Wed 11-Jan-12 16:53:19

That sounds horrible Gig sad

The house is liveable as it stands. It will need to be thoroughly cleaned and we could move in. The vendors are splitting up and they have let their 5 kids go a bit feral so it needs a complete cosmetic overhaul. However the layout is just wrong so there is a bigger medium term project to move the kitchen from the dark north facing front to the south facing rear. I will be impressed if get that done this year based upon the speed that we have renovated our current house.

Gigondas Wed 11-Jan-12 16:56:50

That doesn't sound too bad if it's mainly cosmetic with some longer term projects . I think sometimes it helps to live somewhere for a while so can see what works . We had a big open plan loft with a glass ceiling - lovely (it was part of when the house was an art school) but impractical. Space was too big , too hot in summer and too cold in winter so we divided it in two and put a shower room in. Now use it a lot more but wouldn't have thought to do that when first moved.

LaGuerta Wed 11-Jan-12 22:13:42

I think that's right Gig - that living in it for a bit can help. There are a number of different configurations that the ground floor could be changed to, I think we will need a spell of musing about it before making a decision. Also, we are very slow to get these projects moving.

disguisedeb Thu 12-Jan-12 10:36:11

LaG -I think I remember that house, I assumed with the time it was taking with yours that you'd have lost out, so that's really good news.So are you on track for school applications then?

Gig, here's a ((hug)) for you, how are you feeling today

Stiching, you get one too ((hug)), I never even mentioned your sore mouth, how is it now, any better with the AB's?

I know we don't normally do the hug thing but if I lived closer you could have one irl.

Everything Ok here apart from having some wobbles about our new rental house, we went to see it to measure up yesterday and aren't sure of it's actually been ever signed off with building regs?It was built 2 years ago, 1st builders went bust, someone else took over and it's now in the hands or a repossession company. Couldn't see any sign of insulation in roofspace and it was soooooo cold in the house. I know it's been empty but it seemed very cold for a brand new house.I'm still desperate to move and the boys have already planned their bedrooms.

LaGuerta Thu 12-Jan-12 11:29:48

Oh no Deb that doesn't sound great. Can you check the building regs out with the council? They should have all of that available for conveyancers and probably the public too confused.

You see the house is in such a mess that it had been in the market for a few years so there wasn't too much chance of anyone else snapping it up. I worry that we like it and no one else does hmm. That must say something about us.

I think schools is ok. W Sussex have a late apps date of 1 March which you have to have exchanged by. I have just been on the phone to Surrey LEA though checking to see whether I should apply here pre 15 Jan just in case... Eek!

Gigondas Thu 12-Jan-12 12:08:27

Lag this place was on market for a while as divorcing couple left it sort of 90% done (a lot of quick paint cover up). I think new place will be great ESP once you have got it way you want and a lovely area to live. What is verdict on applications locally? Also do you know which schools you like in new area?

Deb- house is likely cold if left empty. It's amazing how different it feels If no heating on.

I should get up now - tempting as it is to carry on Staying lieing down.

LaGuerta Thu 12-Jan-12 12:17:57

If you don't have to get up stay on bed! It's where I would be with a good book given the choice.

I can apply here now and there once we have exchanged (and withdraw Surrey application). I think this is what I will do.

The three schools there are all outstanding or good. We could well not get into the closest one in the village and walking distance because it is voluntary aided and very very good. Definitely will be my first choice. The next most likely to get into (just gone up to 90 intake) is also outstanding but I didn't like the vibe so much. It felt chaotic. It also is infants only and the onward junior school doesn't have a great reputation or ofsted. So my second choice will be the "good" school in the opposite direction which feels ordered and caring, and small enough for the children to be individuals. It is also primary so goes through to 11.

Gigondas Thu 12-Jan-12 12:20:40

I would definitely go for one that goes to 11 - e will have to change at 7 which is manageable but in an ideal world would prefer to wait til 11.

Might hit the kindle store now lag. Let's face it this time next week dd2 could be here.

LaGuerta Thu 12-Jan-12 14:01:30

Exactly! I can recommend Judy Blume!

I have just asked MNtech to remove my post from yesterday about the house. I named the village which is a bit of a distinctive name and I don't want it to show up on future searches that MNetters may do.

Gigondas Thu 12-Jan-12 14:02:41

Fair enough re removing post- I have done same myself.

I really do need to sort my hospital bag at some point - lazy arse emoticon (I did go down and have lunch/play with dd).

Gigondas Fri 13-Jan-12 18:30:59

What is happening re school apps lag?

StitchingMoss Fri 13-Jan-12 19:37:28

Thank you for the kind words about my health worries, and the hug Deb smile. The ABs haven't made any difference at all so I have another appt with the GP next Thursday. Thankfully dh and I decided to spend the money on BUPA cover with his work so I can get referred quickly. I know with my socialist credentials this may seem like the height of hypocrisy, but we decided we'd be rather screwed if I was out of action for any length of time because we have no one else to provide childcare blush.

Deb, sorry to hear about your housing woes - any updates?

Gig, meant to say, if Ivy is a family name I would still use it. No one will link it with Beyonce's ridiculous celebrity child daughter at all. If you were going to call her Blue I would perhaps gently try and persuade you otherwise grin!

So first weight in last night.

<drum roll>

9 lbs grin!

Right off to list all my CDs on Magpie!

Gigondas Fri 13-Jan-12 19:45:12

Thats great stitching re weight grin and I think getting a quick appt so you know where you are is best way to go.
Be warned magpie is addictive -
There is a barely a cd or DVD left here now smile.

Very sore and fed up - was crying in bed at 4am this morning sad . Baby can't come soon enough as hopefully will ease things (will weigh less and have access to wine painkillers). Feeling a bit easier after quiet day but I have new sympathy /admiration for anyone who has spd/PGp ESP thru a pregnancy.
Any good weekend plans ? Won't shock
You to know not much planned here aside from braving hospital trip to do pre birth stuff on Sunday - dh driving as decided that was easier than the train ride of
Horror . Dh has been elaborately planning most comfortable way to let me sit which seems to be based partly on research on how they moved beached whales and partly on what people who sleep in vans on mattresses do (he seems to think as car has dark glass no one will notice someone slumped in back - I am not sure what to thinkconfused).

StitchingMoss Fri 13-Jan-12 20:02:47

Aw, bless you Gig, big (((((((hugs))))))). It really does get sooo much better once you've given birth. I think the high of the birth, the painkillers and the needs of a newborn all help! My exercises have really paid off too as I could progress onto pain-free lunges this week which I was very chuffed with. Hoping to be running by the Summer smile. There is life after SPD I promise - but the sleep is dreadful so rest whenever you can (No getting out of bed when you don't need to! grin).

Good luck with the hospital visit on Sunday. Nothing planned here - another quiet one. Our last quiet weekend for months so making the most of it!

grin re the CDs/DVds - dh is out hence doing it tonight. He's a dreadful hoarder but also will want the money so I'm hoping if I do it now he won't be tempted to keep all the crap old ones we've been hanging on to for years!

Gigondas Fri 13-Jan-12 20:15:16

Dh was like that too til he saw how much some of his old crap vintage cds were worth.
Am sure it will be fine in due course but you know how you can't see that at time . Am resting up and thinking ahead for my night shift strategies (i cant seem to sleep the whole night so maybe it's some kind of training regime )

StitchingMoss Fri 13-Jan-12 20:32:39

Yes, I gave up on sleeping towards the end - read loads of books, knitted, watched tv, surfed the 'net. Dh moved to the spare room so he got a full night's sleep and I could rest in the day. Sucks doesn't it sad.

TheScottishPlayer Fri 13-Jan-12 20:38:12

More un-MN style hugs from me too Gig. It must be awful. I hope the journey to the hospital is ok - how long will it take?

Well done on the weight loss Stitching! I'm still watching my Shred dvd gather dust!

How's things with the move progressing LaG? I agree on the living somewhere for a while before deciding on any changes, especially with big projects.

Any update date on the house for you Deb?

Don't be embarrassed about BUPA Stitching - if it makes you feel any better, I had it once myself wink. For me, the absolute no is private ed, but while I don't agree with private health care per se I'd go private for DS in a heartbeat if I had to.

I need to get on to magpie too - I've got a whole load of CD's I want to get onto iTunes first and then time for a clear out!

Nothing too exciting this weekend - museum tomorrow with DS, casual dinner at friends tomorrow night and studying sad on Sunday. I'm finally going to start writing my management report (dissertation type doc). It's only about 3 years late blush

StitchingMoss Sat 14-Jan-12 20:41:36

Thanks SP smile.

Just made nearly £100 on Magpie - and still more to do! Result smile.

Good luck with the studying tomorrow x

TheScottishPlayer Sun 15-Jan-12 09:37:08

£100! That's good. How many CD/DVDs did you send? Had dinner at friends last night which was unexpectedly a late one so feeling a bit weary this morning - I don't think much progress will be made on the studying front. Scanning in cd's to magpie might be as much as I could manage grin

LaGuerta Sun 15-Jan-12 16:23:55

School application completed last night. At the 11th hour I put a different school in as 3rd choice. Eek! I took out the one I don't especially like but is second closest and has a 3 class intake on the basis that we are likely to end up there anyway so effectively it becomes the fourth choice.

We visited the new village yesterday, introduced ourselves to the neighbours. Poked round the garden of the now vacant new house (no surprise that iinside and outside is a bit of a mess). Quite excited. Also worrying that something is going to go wrong this week. We are meant to exchange a week tomorrow.

Feeling in need of sleep this afternoon but no chance of getting any. Aerobics this morning and not enough sleep at night (at any point in the last 3.5 years)

Ummm....apart from flogging CDs how is everyone.

Stitching - can you move after Zumba?

Gigondas Sun 15-Jan-12 16:38:10

That seems like a really sensible plan to give yourself an extra option lag.

Impressed by aerobics story and sympathy re lack of sleep - have pretty much given up on that now.

Re magpie, I think we made about £200 quid in end - that was for probably a couple of hindered cds , about 70 DVDs and some of dss old games. The odd choices seemed to make most - for instance the George formby DVD my sister bought as a joke one Xmas was worth about £4. Who knew?wink

Managed to get to hospital slump by car slumped on a camping mattress - dd seemed to think this was perfectly normal and was quite keen to tell mw how big her sister was . So all in all I couldn't feel much more blooming and glam in late pregnancy wink. Dh has promised photos of this inelegant method of transport.

Mw nice tho (as Is likely on duty when I am there as is head mw). Has said they will help with feeding post c section and proper anti inflammatory for leg . I have dumped in a basket packed hospital bag too. Any tips on what I should take as have forgotten all this?

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