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Olympic Park

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StitchingMoss Fri 06-Jan-12 10:52:49

Getting exciting now grin wink!

Mudwiggle Mon 09-Jan-12 07:15:50

Gigondas - My SPD cleared completely post birth. However I feel like a Pollyanna to your woes, ELCS easy, breastfeeding no problem this time, etc. So we won't mention backpain, post op infection...

DS2 is one 2m! So all the memories are flooding back.

Talking of weight, DS2's weight has increased threefold in the last year whereas I've lost a third. I've still got more to lose, but I thought there was a nice symmetry to those stats.

LaG - where thou are thou?

Gigondas Mon 09-Jan-12 07:19:59

Pollyanna good- that's what I need. Am definitely eeyore as feel sore, tired and isolated as house bound.

That year has gone quickly . Happy birthday for tomorrow

TheScottishPlayer Mon 09-Jan-12 08:30:51

Morning all. I realised that I completely neglected to say thanks to Deb and Stitching for their thoughts on moving schools, so thank you! We're cracking on with the things that we need to do around the house and will get a valuation in the Spring and see how things are then.

I'm hoping the reason that LaG isn't here is that she's manically trying to prepare for a house move. Stitching - have you heard from LaG at all?

Mudwiggle - delighted that you are also up for a meet up (and sad that it's too far for you Deb). We've still to book our travel but the plan is to go to London on the 16th March, so would be free to catch up on the 17th. Any thoughts on places that would be entertaining for the DC and let us have a good blether?

Good luck to all on the weight loss. I really need to lose a few stone - I'm working up to trying out the shred again.

StitchingMoss Mon 09-Jan-12 09:49:10

FWIW Gig, I don't know any young Graces and only taught one in my six years of teaching - but then these things tend to be regional. DS1's name is only 21st in the top 100 names but I think all of them live near us hmm.

Have just texted LG as I haven't heard from her in a while - hoping no news is good news but will keep you posted.

Yay to a meet up smile - are we allowed to bring dhs grin? Is yours coming with you SP?

Mudwiggle, great news on the weight loss grin.

Gig, I can't have a go at you about googling - have a very sore tongue tip at the moment and convinced myself (via google) that I either have oral cancer or diabetes blush. Have booked a doc's appt for tomorrow as I've had it for four weeks and it's not clearing up, but won't mention my google exploits to the GP as I know she'll be hmm about it blush.

My SPD hasn't entirely cleared up I'm afraid, but it's certainly nowhere near the level is was when I was pg, and don't forget I'm still carrying a shed load of excess weight (one of the reasons for needing to lose it). I'm working on lots of core exercises at the moment to strengthen my core and pelvic floor which should also help. It's really only twinges if I've overdone the walking but not real pain so try not to worry.

Deb, I weighed myself this morning and it's looking good already grin but I'll only do a weekly update!

Right, house is now all tidy ready to be trashed again by the NCT gang grin!

TheScottishPlayer Mon 09-Jan-12 13:55:31

Afternoon all - 1st back to normal Monday here with DS and I'm worn out trying to entertain him all by myself!!! We've had gym nippers, the park, lunch, phonics, lego and trains. And it's not even 2pm yet. Work isn't this exhausting grin

Re: meet up - I wasn't planning on bringing DH (I think he's planning a rare trip to the footie) but I have absolutely no objection to other people's being there.

Have fun with your NCT crowd this afternoon Stitching.

Gigondas Mon 09-Jan-12 14:24:12

Re meet up i may bring dh but depends on rugby (if it's a weekend meet up).

Have just rung the pelvic partnership (odd name but seem to be best place for advise) and got details of 2 physics. Also off to osteopath now which may well
Help. Pilates did seem to help as managed to struggle to session last week. But was much worse this weekend cos may be I sat on it (have not really been sitting but Lieing since I gave up work and I think
That has helped).

Thanks for tips on grace- the dice is still rolling on name so could be any of those. And know what you mean- my name wasn't esp common when I was kid except in my school.

Let us know if you get news from lag stitching .

Anyone seen the thread about peppa pig making kids behave badly?

TheScottishPlayer Mon 09-Jan-12 16:14:16

I just had a skim of the peppa pig thread. We don't watch peppa pig too much here. Largely because it's so short and the back to back episodes are interspersed with so many adverts! We're fairly recent converts to Disney Junior here - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins and Jake & the Neverland Pirates are all very popular.

How was the osteopath Gig?

On names, I never met anyone with my name until I had left school altogether. Mind you, I hated my name growing up. I always wanted to have a 'cool' 'boys' girls NN like Alex or Charlie.

Gigondas Mon 09-Jan-12 16:28:09

Have always been quite a Disney junior fan - with exception of special agent Oso , it's pretty good and minimal ads. I have actually blocked some channels due to ads/content.
I think within reason most pre school stuff is ok in moderation and If you pick up kids on silly ideas they get in it.
Osteopath was very restful - although him being a bit shocked at how swollen muscles are was a bit blush (dh has kindly likened it to a baboons bum!). Am going back when got ok post c section but will take baby in when get back from hospital and feel up to it (I haven't heard anyone saying anything negative about osteopathy for babies).

TheScottishPlayer Mon 09-Jan-12 17:01:03

DS is going through a bit of a special agent Oso phase. I do like the minimal ads. DS loves scooby doo so we recorded some episodes on a channel I forget (boomerang maybe) and it had adverts in the middle of each episode. We soon weaned him off that grin.

Well, I'd better go and wake him up - he had an ill-timed nap in the car earlier while I was en-route to the supermarket so we came how. I now suspect we have nothing in for tea. Oops.

Gigondas Mon 09-Jan-12 17:03:45

Marmite pasta night?

Guilty mum moment here as dd Gettimg her boosters (decided to do it pre baby). Nanny gone as not sure i can walk there sad

Tbh I think am at risk of getting more down- its not good when Mn is your main source of communication and you feel like life passing you by.

StitchingMoss Mon 09-Jan-12 21:00:48

Would you like a visitor Gig? I know you haven't got long til due date but happy to come over for a natter if it would help? Big hugs x

Tv - I thought all the fuss about PP was a load of crap. We watch lots of PP here and the boys have actually learnt a lot of good stuff from it. Yes, we do get the "but that's for boys/girls" comment but tbh they get far worse from the kids at pre-school. As for kids being taught to jump in muddy puddles from PP, words fail me! hmm

We don't have Sky, only Freeview, so if we're not watching CBeebies we use DVDs instead - no adverts grin!

Mudwiggle, the counselling is helping thank you - and the drugs blush. Feel so much better than I did in December, which is a positive sign as I normally hate January!

I think I will bring dh with me to meet up, but if no one else's dh comes then I may let him go for a wander while we natter grin! I just don't fancy the commute into London with two lively boys blush grin. Especially as the last time we ventured onto a train platform DS2 tried to throw himself under an Intercity hmm.

Oh and LG is fine: "Can't open link to new thread from MN mobile app and haven't got round to it on big computer. Got new phone for xmas. All fine: house move ok I think. Also I have actually read a whole book." grin

I'll leave LG to tell you what it was grin grin!

Right, off to have another exciting food pack!

TheScottishPlayer Mon 09-Jan-12 21:43:11

Really sorry to hear you're so down Gig. It's completely understandable. I had six weeks between finishing work and having DS and I was beyond bored but I didn't haven't the mobility problems you have. Fingers crossed things are vastly improved once DD2 arrives.

Really glad to hear the counselling is helping Stitching. That's great news. I've no problem with your DH tagging along - having met your two lovely boys I can understand why you need an extra pair of hands. It'll be nice to see your DH again to.

So my train tickets are booked, so Sat 17th for a meet up then? Any suggestions for venue?

TheScottishPlayer Mon 09-Jan-12 21:46:07

Oh, what boosters did DD get Gig? DS got something (cant remember what blush) around his 3rd birthday but I didn't think he was due anything else anytime soon. Actually, I think it was his MMR booster.

LaGuerta Mon 09-Jan-12 23:11:11


Here I am. blush

All fine with us I think. I have just been on a bit of a social networking holiday for a couple of weeks. Mainly because I got a new phone for Christmas and was then too lazy to re download the apps and remember all the logins to them etc. So, I have been wasting my Internet time by cruising the sales, but mostly not buying anything. After days of my life looking for a great deal on a new buggy I have just ordered this: newbuggy
It's not meant to be as good as a. BJCmini, but then it is a fraction of the price and I only wanted to spend £50-£100. It arrives tomorrow. Eek. I am not a pram nut at all and apart from six months with a double have made do with one Chicco travel system that we bought ex display before DS1 was born. The Chicco now has no effective brake and squeaks wherever it is taken. Can you tell I am still trying to justify it to myself?

I have also ordered some knitwear from the Great Plains sale as per the S&B board recommendation. Some big bargains but the prices go up as well as down.

As far as I can tell all is fine with the house move. I am still waiting for confirmation from the new buyers that they are happy with the survey results. Our house is a wonky Victorian end of terrace so there is certainly scope to get worried although IMO the house isnt about to go anywhere. Theoretically we are meant to exchange in two weeks shock. I will believe it when it happens.

I am certainly not packing. However I have made a few feeble attempts to get rid of unwanted stuff. I am mindful that we will end up taking a lot of unwanted stuff to a bigger house and then never have any incentive to get rid of it. So far I have freecycled a spare ironing board and two presents that my Mum has given me for various Christmases blush <bad daughter>. I also binned some of the plastic rubble that my children have amassed but doesn't seem to have a purpose.

I should be here on 17 March one way or another and would love to meet up. Actually there is a slim chance of going skiing in March, but it seems more likely that by the time the move goes through we will be officially skint. Do we have to bring children? I am much more in favour of drinking wink, but will bring mine if it is essential.

Gigondas - really sorry that these last few weeks as proving miserable for you. I would love to come and see you but my boys aren't going to make for restful playdates, so probably better not to. You will get lots of good drugs post c section, by the time I had stopped taking them I realised that my SPD was gone. Hope you have a similar experience.

Ah, baby names...

Grace - a gorgeous name but I don't think it matches your DD1's name these days in terms of being special or distinctive. I mean that it has had a bit of a glut in popularity in the last ten years. In particular I think of a vile teenager that I mentored when I was still working, and a Gracie at DS's nursery school whose mother dresses her (she is 2) in patent diamanté lelli Kelly boots, fake fur coat and nail varnish.

Lilian/Lily - lovely but again I would be put off because it seems to be quite popular too. Many of the people who I know on FB seem to have named their child Lily

Violet - goes well with DD1. Is it a bit botanical in combination with Ivy? Same is true of Lily thinking about it.

Eloise - very pretty, my favourite

Amy - I am liking this more and more in the last year or two, largely because it is the name of my best friend's DD.

Random names that I like that might "fit" are: Constance/Connie, Beatrice, Elspeth, Vita (just a weird one that I have a soft spot for but will never be allowed to use)

Mudwiggle - I am surprised that you have wobbles about DS2's name. I think it is a great choice. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Deb - happy packing.

Leo - so is David Cameron being naughty on the independence question? (I seem to think that you aren't in favour, but then you aren't such a big fan of DC either)

Stitching - thank you for texting me. I realised I was AWOL and needed the kick. Glad you are feeling better.

The book that I read was... this grinblush. It was very easy reading and I enjoyed it, but given that I haven't read a whole book during 2011, easy reading is what I need. I really miss reading.

Mudwiggle Tue 10-Jan-12 05:21:56

Hello LaG! I love the name Vita.

Good old JB! I didn't know she did adult books. Just jumped on local library website and reserved it, I need some easy reading too. Recently read the Hunger Games (teen book) before the film came out and quite enjoyed it.

StitchingMoss Tue 10-Jan-12 12:00:01

Hmm, not sure about Vita - makes me think of margerine for some reason! blush

I was also suprised at your wobbles about DS2's name Mudwiggle - what would you have gone for instead? I wish wish wish I had put my foot down about DS1's name but it's far too late now sad.

PMSL at "do we have to bring the children"! grin I'm assuming that SP's DS will be there so might want some company grin.

On a more serious note, can someone please tell me to pull myself together after my visit to the doc this morning blush. I have a sore spot on my tongue and a sore throat, both of which haven't cleared up for about three/four weeks. The doc was very vague, gave me some ABs but said she wasn't to see me in a week if it doesn't go away and she's going to refer me to a facial consultant. I've now convinved myself that I have cancer as both are symptoms of mouth cancers sad. I'm really scared and I know I'm being stupid but I think it's because I'm low anyway that I'm being so irrational. Also my friend died of cancer at 39 so it's always been a big milestone for me. Please tell me not to be so stupid sad blush.

StitchingMoss Tue 10-Jan-12 12:02:16

wants not wasn't

StitchingMoss Tue 10-Jan-12 12:13:49

Sorry, reading that back I realise how melodramatic it sounds - bloody google blush.

Gigondas Tue 10-Jan-12 12:14:24

I really like both ds2 name mud and ds1 name stitching.

And Its my turn to say stop worrying stitching - and no googling! At least Gp is Doing something - it could well be something horrid and recurrent like a fungal or viral infection which would explain why it isn't shifting. Also of the two people I know who had facial type cancers , it took a long time to develop (in one case was made a lot worse as didn't get help) and both were treated. So I know it's worrying but I do think part of that is that you are focussing on this now (understandably) and therefore it's hard to contain it. Also you are getting help -chances are its not what you think but getting help is the best thing to do.

Thanks for offers of visits - will let you know stitching. And I don't mind boisterous visitors lag as long as they don't expect me to join in. Feeling bit more
Upbeat today.

Lag I am glad that move is pressing on finally and new pushchair seems good (we refurbed our old one and got a new one so eBay time I think when baby bigger).

The names suggestions are all really helpful.

grin at book- were you not tempted by latest sweet valley High book?

StitchingMoss Tue 10-Jan-12 12:27:47

Thank you Gig blush. I know I'm being irrational and silly and dh has just told me the same thing - and also reassured me he'll still love me if I can't talk blush. He actually said it would have it's advantages but got slapped for that grin.

I love DS1's name but unfortunately so does everyone else - it is sooo fecking common and I hated being one of 5 of my name at school. He is already one of four at pre-school sad. Ho hum, dh has a common name and says he doesn't care so maybe it is a girl thing smile.

TheScottishPlayer Tue 10-Jan-12 12:54:19

Hi everyone, ooh, where to start...

As appealing as a drinking meet up would be, yes, I will have DS in tow and he'd probably appreciate some company grin. I've booked my train tickets so am free throughout the day on Sat 17th March.

On the referendum, you're right in that I'm no fan of DC LaG but I do think that we should have the referendum sooner rather than later and that their needs to be a consensus between the major parties about the date, the question and who gets to vote. It's too important an issue for Scotland for it to be engineered to suit any one party's agenda which is what is seems like to me that the SNP want to do.

Stitching - on your GP visit, I think that you're probably worrying unnecessarily but I appreciate why it's bothering you. As Gig says, your GP is going to refer you and I'm sure she thinks it is likely to clear up. I'm a bit obsessed by anti-biotics and always insist on getting a swab for bacterial infection before taking them (partly because my GP has on several occasions tried to insist on giving me antibiotics for a specific type of infection that has always, without fail, cleared up on it's own and swab tests always show that it isn't bacterial).

On boys names - I like all your boy names Mudwiggle and Stitching. However, I'm with your DH Stitching - I don't think boys are bothered about other people having the same name. Anyway, even if you had chosen something not so popular all you need is a celeb to choose the same name and they're everywhere you look. Classic names like your DS's wont date in the same way that a more unusual name that becomes trendy do. Also, a slightly less popular name is no guarantee - DS's is hardly popular and hasn't risen in the baby name charts (not that I check blush ), but I keep meeting people who have someone with that name in their family. On the celeb front Gig, has Beyonce using Ivy made you swither at all on that as a middle name?

On reading, grin at JB - I too want to read more this year. I got a kindle for Christmas and managed a whole book before the New Year! Can't remember what it was called, although I quite enjoyed it. If I remember, I'll post the title.

Right, I must get back to work so big waves to all and I'll look forward to reading some suggestions for meetup. And also, glad you're feeling a bit better today Gig.

Gigondas Tue 10-Jan-12 12:57:32

Yes ivy off the list now which is a shame as is a family name.
Agree that need to have a referendum - I wonder if the eu referendum calls
Will come back If the likely changes in eu go ahead this year.

TheScottishPlayer Tue 10-Jan-12 18:39:45

That's a shame if it's a family name Gig. Is it a definite no-no for you now? By the time your DD is all grown up, the fact that Beyonce had a daughter with the same middle name would be forgotten I'd have thought.

I made the mistake of reading a thread about the independence referendum on here and really wish I hadn't. Some comments really sickened me. There's so much lies and mistruths out there, and I think it's really damaging people's perceptions of Scotland (and vice versa). The thought of independence really scares me! (I'm eyeing up Cardiff as an alternative grin)

Deb - when's your move?

LaGuerta Tue 10-Jan-12 18:49:54

When did Beyonce have her baby. I missed that.

Gigondas Tue 10-Jan-12 18:56:55

Saturday- clearly --you don't have time
To read shit I do-- are more highbrow in your news reading wink
Baby girl called blue ivy ...

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