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StitchingMoss Fri 06-Jan-12 10:52:49

Getting exciting now grin wink!

StitchingMoss Fri 06-Jan-12 11:01:25

Hello, sorry old thread was taking so long to load that I didn't have enough time to post once I had loaded it! grin

Gig, hope you meet some nice new mums in your NCT class. I think I've said before that my 2nd time around NCT group was a bit of a dead loss as there was only three of us and the other two live opposite each other! One moved into the street the weekend we started so they're now best buddies and I'm the third wheel sad. I've been so lucky with my first group though, we still see each other at least twice a week so that's been great.

No other exciting news here - start LL today and my weigh in yesterday confirmed my desperate need to lose weight sad blush. So wish me luck smile. Have a quiet weekend planned which I know will turn into a "let's get everything done around the house" mad dash, but there's so much that needs doing so we need to sort it!

LG, any news on the house?

Hi to everyone else x

TheScottishPlayer Fri 06-Jan-12 12:45:46

Hi everyone, thanks for the new thread Stitching.

Glad to hear your new NCT group seems nice Gig - it'll be nice to know some people that will be off around the same time. My first group wasn't great - I only keep in touch with one person (and her me) but I think the others do keep in touch and see each other. Not long to go - very exciting!

I was wondering about LG and the house too - eagerly awaiting the latest instalment.

It was probably lost in all the other chat, but would still be interested to hear from Stitching and Deb (with their experience in the sector) about children moving schools during primary schools and how much (if any) of a problem it is. We're contemplating staying where we are for a couple of years as it would be far more sensible financially, but we would definitely move at some point before DS had to go to high school. Local primary is fine, high school not so much.

I see on FB that mudwiggle is having a garage sale so I hope that goes well and good luck with the job hunting.

In other news, I may be in London and free to meet up on the 16th March Gig (and anyone else who fancies a trip to town) if you're free. I appreciate that you might be a bit tied up with a newborn though Gig!

Not much else to report here, apart from annoyingly our potential ttc window for this year is now even shorter because I cant get an appointment to get some dental work done for a while (including x-ray and replacement of a mercury filling). Pah.

Stitching - we've got loads to do at home too - I've downloaded a'home routine' app on my iphone which I'm finding very motivational!!

I'm sure there was other stuff I wanted to comment on from the other thread, but in the office and desperate for a sandwich now! If I don't get back on, I hope everyone has a good weekend.

disguisedeb Fri 06-Jan-12 13:40:27

Thanks for the new thread Stitching, can I join you in trying to lose some weight, maybe we can motivate each other. I used to do a weekly weigh in with friends which helped me . I'm not suggesting that we state our weight on here , but we could say how much we'd lost?BUT I do have to get rid of al the Christmas goodies in the house first so I might not be starting properl until we move.

SP - I wouldn't worry too much about moving your ds whilst at Primary, obviously the last year before the move to high school isn't the best time if it can be avoided, certainly by leaving it a few years I can't see any huge problems. saying that though each child is different and you will know how your ds copes with change.Stefan moved schools at age 5 and age 10 and coped fine both times, whereas Tristan was 3 and 8, and struggled both than me.times.

We are moving in 3 weeks today smile I have packed one box, I hope Mudwiggle is a bit more organised than me.Lots of carefully packed items rubbish which we haven't used in 1 year are ready to move to the new house.

Gigondas Fri 06-Jan-12 14:28:14

Just marking spot. Back from second lot of nct- stitching tbh I cant see this one being that close. Mainly as I like the class for tips but I dont feel that same need for companionship (can get that here or via other rl friends- having done it once I don't need to compare notes on what kids doing each week).

They all seem very nice but quite different in terms of age of kids , where they live etc so not quite the same bond . Also I was a bit put off by some of the chat at lunch which was along the "what will dh do when baby arrives as he is clueless" . I know I am lucky as dh good (and more experienced parent than me) but am always a bit meh about useless men type

And a march meet up would be good Scottish.

Gigondas Fri 06-Jan-12 15:37:08

Paying for sitting down at nct session now as completely immobile (c section recovery cannot possibly make me any worse). Luckily dd latest tv session is lazy town and she is asking me to be sportacus... Talk about bad timing/bad casting wink

Gigondas Fri 06-Jan-12 15:37:56

Unless there is a rare Lazy town episode where sportacus has put on weight, lies on sofa and eats chocolate biscuits

StitchingMoss Fri 06-Jan-12 16:25:36

grin at Lazy Sportacus!

Deb, quite happy to report in on weight loss - if it goes well you won't be able to stop me going on about it anyway! grin However, don't forget my loss could be pretty rapid because of the nature of LL - although you probably have about a third of the weight to lose that I have so we'll probably hit goal at the same time grin

SP, forgot to reply on the moving school thing - unhelpfully I'm going to say a similar thing to Deb, it is sooo dependant on the child. I have had experience of this both as a teacher and as a child. As a child we moved a lot and consequently changed schools a couple of times too both at primary and secondary. I found that I had no problem at all with moving and I think it actually improved my confidence and ability to make friends, whereas my sister hated it. My brothers, being twins, had a slightly different experience as they always had each other.

So, in short, I don't think there is anything wrong with moving schools but I think it will depend on S how well he manages the transition. Does that help?confused

Must go, have counselling appt.

Gigondas Fri 06-Jan-12 16:34:41

Can you do star jumps like sportacus mum? That would be a no dd.

Am happy to Join the health kick when over c section

StitchingMoss Fri 06-Jan-12 18:45:56

Forgot to say, am up for London meet up!

Gigondas Fri 06-Jan-12 22:40:33

Any name suggestions welcome - we are going round in circles here

TheScottishPlayer Fri 06-Jan-12 22:45:55

I liked Violet if that helps. What's your current shortlist?

Gigondas Fri 06-Jan-12 22:50:14

Think we are there on middle names - ivy Matilda but first names are either lilian (lily), violet or grace with a late entry for Sophia.

TheScottishPlayer Fri 06-Jan-12 23:19:09

I really do like Violet, my first thoughts on Lilian were a bit hmmm (but in a more positive way than hmm iyswim), but actually I do like it and think it complements DD1's name well. And well, it's only one letter away from a frankly under-rated and under-used name wink)

TheScottishPlayer Fri 06-Jan-12 23:24:56

Well, 2 letters away blush but you know what I mean!

StitchingMoss Sat 07-Jan-12 10:26:22

Prefer Lily or Sophia to Violet tbh. Still love Grace though!

Gigondas Sat 07-Jan-12 10:44:17

Dh has added Eloise (ok) and Amy to list . I do like grace but worry its too common. Am not so precious that name has to be never heard of but better not to be a 2 in a class type name.

Wallowing on sofa today as sore. And have been given full license to do if by dh gringrin

Gigondas Sat 07-Jan-12 10:44:54

What is everyone else up to?

TheScottishPlayer Sat 07-Jan-12 10:59:55

Oh, I really love Eloise. I had it on my list when pg with DS.

DS staying with GPs tonight as we're off to a party. Most looking forward to sitting on the sofa with my kindle in peace for an hour or two before getting ready to go out. grin

Be great to see you in London in March Gig and Stitching. Will Mudwiggle be back by then? We should be booking travel this w/e so once I've done that I can start making plans. Any thoughts on a good meet up venue?

Gigondas Sat 07-Jan-12 11:02:31

I should be reading but am watching a rerun of a new life down under blush

Where are you going to stay when you are down Scottish?

TheScottishPlayer Sat 07-Jan-12 12:25:22

I should be doing housework while DH is taking DS to do the recycling but I'm catching up on corrie with a cuppa! I'm staying in Victoria Park Gig.

Mudwiggle Sun 08-Jan-12 10:05:21

I'll be back - a meet up would be fantastic!

Back on the weightloss path again here too. So far this year I have done no exercise and put on weight - best laid plans and all that. Have downloaded weight watchers app and not eaten crap tonight, which means today was 100 times more successful than yday.

Garage sale pretty good. No packing here either, but that's cos we're getting rid of everything and coming back with just one suitcase each.

Love the name Eloise, though there do seem to be a lot of Ellies around. DS1's friend called Elowen which is suitably out there enough for me to like too. Used to like Lilian, but had an annoying boss by that name... not that that will matter to you. I think you put Matilda as a middle name, I like that as a first name. But ignore me, I still have doubts over DS2's name nearly a year later. Actually asked DH if we could change it last week.

Bugger battery going...

Are you finding the counselling helpful Stitching?

disguisedeb Sun 08-Jan-12 11:11:57

wish I was close enough to meet up, maybe one day...

Gig, hope you feel a little better after resting on the settee, not up to much today, cooking sunday lunch, Tristan had a friend over to sleep last night and stefan was out at a friend's sleepover, so all change!feeling full of cold , hoping it will pass soon.

ok stitching, when we have eaten al the goodies in the house then I will start with the weigh in, by then you should have lost loads and be way ahead.would still love to know how much you lose each week.

LaG - where are you?hopefully packing

disguisedeb Sun 08-Jan-12 11:17:18

names -
1.Sophia (Tristan's best friend from Austria and a lovely girl)
5.Violet(just have images of it being shortened to Vi)

Gigondas Sun 08-Jan-12 12:14:09

Thanks all - Agree re violet being horrid in its short form. grin at not liking names cos of people at work mudwiggle - that ruled a lot of names out here!
Still really sore so taking it easy and made a classic mistake (stitching will wag her finger) of googling. Firstly quite hard to find anything on exactly what I have but worse all the stories of people with various types of pelvic pain which never cleared up. This obsessing/worrying me than birth/newborn stuff as am so immobile and pain so bad.

Sorry self centered . I did laugh about dh going on tip run Scottish - this is a big treat if dd gets to go with dh.

Deb- have you got any teaching lined up or are you focussing on move?

Hi to lag if she is lurking

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