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Kerry17 Sat 14-Jan-06 20:09:47


I'm Kerry I live in Taverham, Norwich i'm 23 and am mum to 2 girls Lauryn 2 and Ashley 1.

I don't know many people in the area of Taverham so would esp like to meet mums here but anyone in norwich is fine!

Lauryn has a few friends now so would also esp like to meet people with children the same age as Ashley (she was one on 05/01)

Hope to hear from some ppl soon love Kerry, Lauryn and Ashley x

RoryGillmoresEvilTwin Thu 23-May-19 22:31:39

I'm a lp in Norwich. My ds is 7. Anyone about and fancy a meet up?

amyk91 Wed 16-Jan-19 23:32:07

I have a 2 yr old.boy and a 3 month old boy
Been living in norwich since march..but dont have family or friends here, so anyone in the same boat give me a buzz
I live in norwich

EarlhamMum Tue 16-Oct-18 13:40:53

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

tinkerbell28 Thu 01-Sep-11 21:17:03

hi my name colleen im a mum of 3, i just moved to hainford would love to meet mums and friends

bayfield Fri 14-Jan-11 09:31:49

anyone tryed the doctor fish pedicure?? im having it done today private in wroxham norwich with a friend a lady is doing it from home cant wait wanted to know what it feels like? anyone else brave enough to have it done her number is 01603 784311

canterbury1 Sun 24-Oct-10 22:22:44

my name is laura i got a baby girl she 10 months older i live in norwich i would liked to meet other mums

canterbury1 Sun 24-Oct-10 22:17:27

hi my name is laura i got a baby girl she 10 months and i live in norwich i would liked to meet other mums

canterbury1 Sun 24-Oct-10 22:09:23

my name is laura i got a baby girl she 10 months older i live in norwich and i would liked to meet other mums

canterbury1 Sun 24-Oct-10 22:06:58

my name is laura i got a baby girl called jessica she 10 moths older and we live in norwich i would liked to get to no other mums

canterbury1 Sun 24-Oct-10 11:04:54

my name is laura i live in norwich i have a little girl she 10 months older i would liked to meet other mums

worleywinterwonderland Mon 04-Dec-06 14:57:25

hi, have you tried the pool in bungay, its excellent for the kids. it has a shallow end that you walk in to, so they can sit and just have the water lapping up them, a seperate kids section which flows in to the larger pool. it also has a slide. they have larger family changing rooms also. we are regulars even though we live 15 miles away, but it is so nicer to go there. they have a fun session on a weds ot thurs afternoon (sorry cant remeber which after noon) and they ave floatyballs and a kids instructer to help if you want it.

sorry its long!!

jesica Fri 01-Dec-06 00:54:39

HI I am a young mum of 24 I have just joined mumsnet, I am a student at uni and have lived in Norwich city for a couple of years now. I have an eight year old son and would love to chat to any mums in the area.

Katymac Mon 20-Nov-06 16:28:15

The pool at Wroxham is nice (not completely private - but very clean)

tootsweet Mon 20-Nov-06 16:25:28

Hello. I'm going to completely change the topic in this thread! Does anyone know of private swimming pools that you can hire for a session each week? Preferably Norwich area but can go further afield in Norfolk. Have been taking the girls to Riverside but its so filthy and busy lately that Ive been putting off going. Will check back later but thanks in advance if you can help!

ShowOfHands Fri 10-Nov-06 19:40:26

Hi Mel1976. I'm also in Norwich and pg for the first time. I'm due on 17/05/07 so I'm about a week further along than you. Come and join us on the May Antenatal thread here

mel1976 Fri 10-Nov-06 19:28:24

hi all, im new to mumsnet, and im pregnant with my first baby, my due date is 23/05/07. im now 12 weeks pregnant...i would love to find out if there are any "mums and babes" type groups in norwich for mums to socialise and babies to learn new things and meet other babies of a similiar age group?? anyways, thats all from me, cheers mel

LeilaS Wed 04-Oct-06 08:43:40

Did you meet up and are you going to again? Only just found this thread and would like to meet up with other Norwich mums. Any takers? I have a two year old boy by the way.

margaretkaj Wed 09-Aug-06 21:56:21

Hello chocolateleaf

Don't know if too much time has gone by, but I too live in Norwich. I have a son, Alfie, who is 14 months old and we are keen to meet more families in the area.

chocolateleaf Mon 05-Jun-06 22:08:57

Hello everyone, this thread seems to have gone a bit quiet! Howevber thought i'd introduce myself, I'm Andrea, and I've got two little kiddies, Jasmine who is 2 and Sam who is 10 months. I'm a SAHM and live in Norwich city centre and would love to meet up with some new people!

lilstarry1 Fri 26-May-06 13:56:26

Bah. I forgot to check back.
Was the meet up a success?
Anyone fancy doing it again.
I'd love to get out for an afternoon.

tootsweet Mon 01-May-06 22:15:26

I am. I'll be there. See you tomorrow.

ProfYaffle Mon 01-May-06 18:30:35

Everyone still on for this? 3pm, Kids library tomorrow?

Spagblog Thu 27-Apr-06 19:55:26

Awwww. I have to pick DD up from school at 3pm.

milkmoustache Thu 27-Apr-06 19:36:53

OK I've cracked it: I will make a crappy little MN sticker and wear it prominently (not on my forehead), may even put one on DD as well - it'll stay for,ooh, 30 secs.
Please feel free to make your own stickers so I don't feel like the only plonker...

How exciting! This is the first bit of organising (of adults) I've done since I went on maternity leave so I hope it comes off and everyone can come. See you there...

tootsweet Thu 27-Apr-06 17:53:43

Thank god for that! Someone sorted us out at long last! All fine for me.
Not sure how to dress for a tootsweet! Someone might come and lick me!

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