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Kerry17 Sat 14-Jan-06 20:09:47


I'm Kerry I live in Taverham, Norwich i'm 23 and am mum to 2 girls Lauryn 2 and Ashley 1.

I don't know many people in the area of Taverham so would esp like to meet mums here but anyone in norwich is fine!

Lauryn has a few friends now so would also esp like to meet people with children the same age as Ashley (she was one on 05/01)

Hope to hear from some ppl soon love Kerry, Lauryn and Ashley x

mememum Tue 14-Feb-06 15:39:53

Whoa there DissLocated! That could be asking alot! I shall be brave and suggest end of next week?

mumfor1standfinaltime Tue 14-Feb-06 16:11:09

Obviously not then...<slopes off>

mememum Tue 14-Feb-06 19:46:56

Here we go...Friday the 24th of February. Bedlam. Morning is best for me but can do afternoon.

DissLocated Wed 15-Feb-06 19:26:53

B*gger - can't do Fridays or Tuesdays I'm afraid.

mememum Thu 16-Feb-06 14:56:03

Not to worry DissLocated, what about Wednesday, 1st of March?
Is this ok for everyone else? Or is it just me and DissLocated? Where did mumfor1standfinaltime slope off to?

mumfor1standfinaltime Thu 16-Feb-06 15:48:54

I sloped back off to Coventry, but Im back now...Can do any afternoon if anyone is interested in meeting up..I work mornings. Live within walking distance of City.

Detta Fri 17-Feb-06 13:03:13

I'm here too! Had mega PC probs but all ok now. Can't do Wednesdays though. Afternoons best for me...

DissLocated Sat 18-Feb-06 13:58:20

Just to confuse further ... I only couldn't do Friday morning as dd is at nursary, I could attend without her but thought that might be a bit 'About a Boy ish' (she's not called Ned, btw!)

Happy to do Wednesday or any afternoon.

mszebra Sat 18-Feb-06 14:46:43

Wednesdays are best for me, if done by 2pm or so. Other days are doable but more faff on my part.

mememum Thu 23-Feb-06 10:25:34

Hi everyone, I've been meaning to post and get this meet up organised. Unfortunately DD's and me have had that sickness bug, I'm also suffering from a bad cold Anyone got any more date ideas? Hope everyone is well. I hate being ill and cooped up in the house!

mememum Sat 11-Mar-06 14:28:44

Well I was full of good intentions to get this meet up sorted but another illness has now popped up! Good old chicken pox!!
Hope everyone else is ok. Hopefully we can sort something soon, if everyone is still up for it?

ProfYaffle Wed 15-Mar-06 14:10:12

I am! (I'm DissLocated, changed my name incase my mother spots me online)

tootsweet Fri 17-Mar-06 11:20:01

Hi everyone! Its mememum with a name change! We're all much better and didn't have chicken pox but thats our s**t doctors for you!!! Anyway meet up soon?

ProfYaffle Wed 22-Mar-06 14:38:34

Tootsweet (top name!) how about we name a date/time/venue and start a new thread for a Norwich meet up and invite anyone who wants to come? At least we know there'll be two of us there!

babywhiting Mon 27-Mar-06 10:43:13

Hi I live in Long Stratton so would be up for a meet have a Dd 5 ,Ds 2 and baby due in june. would be great to meet up some time but i'm moving to Kent in 6 weeks (can i still be in the gang till then) xx

Detta Mon 27-Mar-06 10:51:58

hi, I'm still up for it. could do wednesdays for the next few weeks.

ProfYaffle Mon 27-Mar-06 14:59:05

Shall we name a Wednesday then? 12th April? Venue???

babywhiting - how spooky, a friend of mine recently moved from Long Stratton to Kent.

tootsweet Mon 27-Mar-06 15:01:27

Lets throw caution to the wind and suggest a wednesday in the next couple of weeks!?
Of course you can be in the gang babywhiting! Is there a new gang lined up for Kent?

tootsweet Mon 27-Mar-06 15:03:08

Cross post ProfYaffle! April 12th is great for me.

ProfYaffle Tue 28-Mar-06 09:33:43

Yay - it's a date. Any ideas for a venue? Still happy with Bedlam or does anyone have any other suggestions?

tootsweet Tue 28-Mar-06 10:12:59

Bedlam is good for me!

ProfYaffle Tue 28-Mar-06 11:08:31

Shall we all carry carnations and a rolled up copy of the Times?

babywhiting Tue 28-Mar-06 11:12:19

i'm in Kent with partners parents that week!!! sorry....but you all go and enjoy yourselves!!! xx

Detta Tue 28-Mar-06 11:22:31

Never been there, but isn't Bedlam somewhere that you leave your children while you shop? Also, have DD who is 9 so not sure she'd be allowed in. Sorry, I'm sounding like a party pooper!

ProfYaffle Tue 28-Mar-06 13:42:06

Bedlam's a soft play place not a creche or anything. It's quite small as soft play goes and you pay by the half hour. I'm not sure what the age range is tbh. Is there somewhere you'd rather go? Wroxham Barns is my only other idea but open to suggestions.

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