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Kerry17 Sat 14-Jan-06 20:09:47


I'm Kerry I live in Taverham, Norwich i'm 23 and am mum to 2 girls Lauryn 2 and Ashley 1.

I don't know many people in the area of Taverham so would esp like to meet mums here but anyone in norwich is fine!

Lauryn has a few friends now so would also esp like to meet people with children the same age as Ashley (she was one on 05/01)

Hope to hear from some ppl soon love Kerry, Lauryn and Ashley x

mememum Fri 20-Jan-06 14:29:22

Hi Kerry.
I live in Hockering which is half way between Norwich and Dereham. I have 2 girls aged 2 and 10 months.
There has been a couple of attempts to do a meet up in Norwich but it hasn't happened yet.
Let me know when you are free and perhaps we could meet.

SmileyEyes Fri 20-Jan-06 16:29:59

Hi Emma & Kerry
I live in North Walsham and can get to Norwich quite easily. My daughter is only 8 weeks but I would happy to have a meet up.

Spagblog Fri 20-Jan-06 16:37:27

Hi Kerry, have you had a look at
It is a Norwich based parenting site and lots of the mums are near you

Spagblog Fri 20-Jan-06 20:34:04

Oh, forgot to say that I am in Norwich and have a DD 4 and a DS who will be 2 at the end of April

mememum Sat 21-Jan-06 10:50:11

Shall we have another go at organising a norwich meet up then? Hopefully this one might actually happen!

Detta Sun 29-Jan-06 20:33:46

I live just north of Norwich too, with DD 9 and DS 3. SAHM so could meet up during the day for coffee? Taverham Garden Centre has a good cafe with some great cakes....

mszebra Sun 29-Jan-06 21:01:05

SmileyEyes...I'm also in NWalsham! So is another lady who mostly lurks.

mememum Tue 31-Jan-06 15:04:12

Detta, Taverham Garden Centre sounds a good place to meet. I haven't been there for ages, they have some lovely little arts and crafts places there.
Just need a date and a time now! I'm sure there are some other norwich or norfolk mums but I don't know if they still come on here.

mumfor1standfinaltime Tue 31-Jan-06 15:24:55

Good to see Mums from Norwich! I live near the City Centre! So if anyonr wants to do some window shopping or meet for coffee let me know!

mumfor1standfinaltime Tue 31-Jan-06 15:25:47

Meant to say anyone, ds is attackin keyboard.

Detta Tue 31-Jan-06 20:37:59

Mememum I'm up for it. Mondays are the best day for me, or failing that afternoons as DS at preschool. Anyone else?

mememum Wed 01-Feb-06 15:00:23

Any day is fine for me. Just have to sort out having the car! Is city centre best for everyone or an out of town place?

Detta Thu 02-Feb-06 19:53:02

Either is fine for me.

mememum Fri 03-Feb-06 15:17:23

So far me and you then Detta! Anyone else? My mind has gone blank with regards to a good place to meet! Any ideas?

sonya291275 Fri 03-Feb-06 19:46:21

hi all

Im about 10 minutes from taverham, i am a full time mum to luke 7 sophie 4 ben 2 and zach 8 months, so it would be great to meet up sometime

mememum Sat 04-Feb-06 15:09:48

OK well that makes 3 of us. Spagblog, mszebra, mumforfirstandfinaltime and smileyeyes are you all still up for a meet up? What about week after next? Mid-week?

Detta Sat 04-Feb-06 17:21:37

Might make sense to meet somewhere that has a play area of some kind. I think there used to be one at the Sport Village (near Asda) but not sure if it's still there. Shall I find out?

Spagblog Sat 04-Feb-06 17:27:44

Sport village and kids play area is closed for refit.

Detta Tue 07-Feb-06 16:01:05

Won't go there then! Any other suggestions anyone?

mszebra Thu 09-Feb-06 20:09:13

Isn't there a pub, Brewsters? Something like that, near the southern bypass.
Funky Monkeys, Poringland playbarn, also come to mind.

DissLocated Thu 09-Feb-06 21:33:19

Hello - can i join in please? Take a wild guess where I live! Can I suggest Bedlam in the Castle Mall? It's a small soft play area, not the best I've been in but it's central.

Failing that, coffee shop in the Forum and/or children's library??

I've got one dd, 21 months btw.

mszebra Fri 10-Feb-06 21:36:44

Bedlam is expensive, but I'm up for it.

mememum Sat 11-Feb-06 22:19:54

Bedlam good for me.

DissLocated Tue 14-Feb-06 14:05:32

Shall we be daring and name a date?

mememum Tue 14-Feb-06 15:39:53

Whoa there DissLocated! That could be asking alot! I shall be brave and suggest end of next week?

mumfor1standfinaltime Tue 14-Feb-06 16:11:09

Obviously not then...<slopes off>

mememum Tue 14-Feb-06 19:46:56

Here we go...Friday the 24th of February. Bedlam. Morning is best for me but can do afternoon.

DissLocated Wed 15-Feb-06 19:26:53

B*gger - can't do Fridays or Tuesdays I'm afraid.

mememum Thu 16-Feb-06 14:56:03

Not to worry DissLocated, what about Wednesday, 1st of March?
Is this ok for everyone else? Or is it just me and DissLocated? Where did mumfor1standfinaltime slope off to?

mumfor1standfinaltime Thu 16-Feb-06 15:48:54

I sloped back off to Coventry, but Im back now...Can do any afternoon if anyone is interested in meeting up..I work mornings. Live within walking distance of City.

Detta Fri 17-Feb-06 13:03:13

I'm here too! Had mega PC probs but all ok now. Can't do Wednesdays though. Afternoons best for me...

DissLocated Sat 18-Feb-06 13:58:20

Just to confuse further ... I only couldn't do Friday morning as dd is at nursary, I could attend without her but thought that might be a bit 'About a Boy ish' (she's not called Ned, btw!)

Happy to do Wednesday or any afternoon.

mszebra Sat 18-Feb-06 14:46:43

Wednesdays are best for me, if done by 2pm or so. Other days are doable but more faff on my part.

mememum Thu 23-Feb-06 10:25:34

Hi everyone, I've been meaning to post and get this meet up organised. Unfortunately DD's and me have had that sickness bug, I'm also suffering from a bad cold Anyone got any more date ideas? Hope everyone is well. I hate being ill and cooped up in the house!

mememum Sat 11-Mar-06 14:28:44

Well I was full of good intentions to get this meet up sorted but another illness has now popped up! Good old chicken pox!!
Hope everyone else is ok. Hopefully we can sort something soon, if everyone is still up for it?

ProfYaffle Wed 15-Mar-06 14:10:12

I am! (I'm DissLocated, changed my name incase my mother spots me online)

tootsweet Fri 17-Mar-06 11:20:01

Hi everyone! Its mememum with a name change! We're all much better and didn't have chicken pox but thats our s**t doctors for you!!! Anyway meet up soon?

ProfYaffle Wed 22-Mar-06 14:38:34

Tootsweet (top name!) how about we name a date/time/venue and start a new thread for a Norwich meet up and invite anyone who wants to come? At least we know there'll be two of us there!

babywhiting Mon 27-Mar-06 10:43:13

Hi I live in Long Stratton so would be up for a meet have a Dd 5 ,Ds 2 and baby due in june. would be great to meet up some time but i'm moving to Kent in 6 weeks (can i still be in the gang till then) xx

Detta Mon 27-Mar-06 10:51:58

hi, I'm still up for it. could do wednesdays for the next few weeks.

ProfYaffle Mon 27-Mar-06 14:59:05

Shall we name a Wednesday then? 12th April? Venue???

babywhiting - how spooky, a friend of mine recently moved from Long Stratton to Kent.

tootsweet Mon 27-Mar-06 15:01:27

Lets throw caution to the wind and suggest a wednesday in the next couple of weeks!?
Of course you can be in the gang babywhiting! Is there a new gang lined up for Kent?

tootsweet Mon 27-Mar-06 15:03:08

Cross post ProfYaffle! April 12th is great for me.

ProfYaffle Tue 28-Mar-06 09:33:43

Yay - it's a date. Any ideas for a venue? Still happy with Bedlam or does anyone have any other suggestions?

tootsweet Tue 28-Mar-06 10:12:59

Bedlam is good for me!

ProfYaffle Tue 28-Mar-06 11:08:31

Shall we all carry carnations and a rolled up copy of the Times?

babywhiting Tue 28-Mar-06 11:12:19

i'm in Kent with partners parents that week!!! sorry....but you all go and enjoy yourselves!!! xx

Detta Tue 28-Mar-06 11:22:31

Never been there, but isn't Bedlam somewhere that you leave your children while you shop? Also, have DD who is 9 so not sure she'd be allowed in. Sorry, I'm sounding like a party pooper!

ProfYaffle Tue 28-Mar-06 13:42:06

Bedlam's a soft play place not a creche or anything. It's quite small as soft play goes and you pay by the half hour. I'm not sure what the age range is tbh. Is there somewhere you'd rather go? Wroxham Barns is my only other idea but open to suggestions.

tootsweet Tue 28-Mar-06 15:09:32

Can I just say I have no idea of good places to meet! Wroxham barns sounds good but can everyone get there?
ProfYaffle you always beat me to suggestions! I was going to suggest a carnation idea. Now are we great minds or the fools who seldom differ?
Babywhiting how are you feeling? Am I right in thinking you're having a rough time at the moment? I thought I saw you on a thread this morning saying how low you are? Wanted to send a message on it but my DD1 hurt her foot so had to deal with the tears. I know you can't make it to the meet up that week but if you fancy meeting just to chat just let me know. You sound as if you have a lot on your plate at the moment.

Detta Tue 28-Mar-06 20:45:52

I've obviously got the wrong end of the stick again! Wroxham Barns is fine for me also, although tricky to get to if there's anyone who doesn't drive.

ProfYaffle Wed 29-Mar-06 10:16:31

Wroxham Barns is a bit of a trek for me tbh but at least dd can sleep in the car. Shall we agree to meet there unless anyone objects or comes up with a better idea? What time and how will we all know each other?

TS = great minds, obviously!

zebrabra Sun 02-Apr-06 22:05:34

I'm just posting here so I can check back to see what you all decided.
Wroxham Barns is exceedingly convenient for me, but I suspect Poringland Playbarn is nicer & more convenient for more people.
All these places will be very busy in Easter break, everyone remember. I'd rather go in term time when I only have 2 children to keep track of.

tootsweet Mon 03-Apr-06 11:55:35

Zebrabra, I'd completely forgotten about Poringland. Good suggestion. As I've said before anywhere is ok for me. What times were we thinking of? My little one will sleep in the car so its not a concern about routines for me but just wondering about everyone else?
Any ideas for recognising each other? Physical description?

ProfYaffle Mon 03-Apr-06 13:50:24

I'm happy with the playbarn as well. Don't mind what time really, dd's quite flexible about her sleep.

Recognising each other, hmmm, how about fancy dress to reflect our MN names? Me and Zebra will be easy to spot.

Maybe we could agree to congregate in a particular spot in the playbarn like the sandpit or one of the tables near the toddler section or something??

zebrabra Tue 04-Apr-06 14:03:17

I don't know if I'll go or not gals, but i note they don't open before 9:30 , and I think they like only under3's in the main indoor play area before a certain time, 10:30?). I'd suggest 10am.

tootsweet Sat 08-Apr-06 15:05:31

Don't think I'll be able to make wednesday. Had a rough couple of days. DD2 was admitted to N&N with viral gastroentiritus yesterday and Ive just pranged DH's car. Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! DD2 is now home and on road to recovery but not sure if she'll have recovered by then. My nan is also very ill at the moment aswell so not sure what will happen there either.

Spagblog Sat 08-Apr-06 15:41:51

How did I miss this!
How dare you organise a Norwich meet up without me
Next week is tricky though.

ProfYaffle Sat 08-Apr-06 21:41:31

Shall we have a term time date then? What day of the week? What happened to the op? Come back Kerry!

ProfYaffle Sat 08-Apr-06 21:43:07

PS. TS - hope your dd and Nan are OK.

Spagblog Sun 09-Apr-06 09:56:56

I'm free next week now.
Anyone? Anyone???

ProfYaffle Sun 09-Apr-06 09:58:56

I'm free but it doesn't sound like TS and Zebra will be able to make it.

tootsweet Mon 10-Apr-06 14:28:08

Hello!!! DD2 is fine!!! Nan is fine!!! DH is going to take the blame for the car!!! Life is good!!!

ProfYaffle Mon 10-Apr-06 14:29:49


Fimbo Mon 10-Apr-06 14:43:15

Fimbo waves nervously to everyone.

<<Still not coming though - LOL >>>

tootsweet Wed 12-Apr-06 09:53:17

Not sure what was happening about this meet up but wanted to apologise for not making it today if it does happen! DD1's eye has swollen up like a small balloon. She had peri orbital cellulitus before so trip to docs and N&N beckons.
Never rains but it pours eh?

ProfYaffle Thu 13-Apr-06 15:29:18

That sounds horrid TS, hope she's OK. I was under the impression we had cancelled until term time so I don't worry about it.

zebrama Tue 18-Apr-06 11:18:51

I just found this website for Norfolk families .

lilstarry1 Tue 18-Apr-06 17:05:22

O how ignorant I have been.. didn't realise there was a Norfolk thread..
Would love to meet up. Unfortunately I'm one of the tricky ones because I can't drive! I do live near the city centre so if there's ever a meet up happening there I'd love to be informed.. I reckon the forum would be a sound place (crash the children's library perhaps!).

I'm SAHM to Beebe who is 11 weeks old! I know another mum who'd probably be interested too, she doesn't use MN (I will guide her here!)..

Keep me up to date! (how exciting!)

zebrama Tue 18-Apr-06 17:40:52

Funky Monkey's might be another possibility. Vulcan Rd. in north city; those who don't drive might be able to bus it or share a taxi from city centre.

tootsweet Mon 24-Apr-06 11:44:44

Hi everyone! We are all fit and healthy now so I can now come along to a meet up! Do we dare to attempt to arrange another date?

milkmoustache Mon 24-Apr-06 13:52:18

Hi everyone

My DD is 1 tomorrow and we are based in Thorpe St A - we are always on the lookout for new groups to gate-crash so once a date/venue is decided hopefully we'll see you there. How about...
Wednesday afternoon? The forum? Just a suggestion to get things going.

ProfYaffle Mon 24-Apr-06 16:55:25

yes, why not go for another date?

Am I the only one who's clicked on 'Northwich Mums' by mistake?

tootsweet Tue 25-Apr-06 14:45:13

milkmoustache - love the name and welcome! As you can tell we need a push to get this started!
What about next week? What days are now best for everyone?
No, you're not the only one PY! I got so confused and wondered who the hell these people were!
Do you think we'll be able to persuade Fimbo to come?

milkmoustache Wed 26-Apr-06 10:20:22

Let's get organised! Shall we try the Forum next week, just so we can get started - we can always change the venue next time. Afternoons are good for me - Mon, Tue or Wed are all fine. 2.30 -ish?
I've been racking my brains to think of a way of recognising each other - maybe an empty Mothercare bag tied to the buggy?!

ProfYaffle Wed 26-Apr-06 10:36:18

Hoorah - some direction! Tues or Weds good for me.

tootsweet Wed 26-Apr-06 14:24:40

Ooh Tuesday is good for me. DD1 has started pre school on wednesday mornings and is worn out by it all, bless her!
You'll know me as I'm the one who'll have the harassed look on my face, shouting 'Lily - come back!', whilst chasing after my DD2!

mumfor1standfinaltime Wed 26-Apr-06 14:34:39

God is this still going?
I live in Norwich as I said miles down the thread.
Info on the Forum for those who dont already know -

Forum tiny tots -

every wednesday at 2pm
every Thursday at 10am
For the under 2s, singing and stories

Forum bear club -

every Friday at 10.30am, stories for the under 5s

Forum family time -

every Sunday at 2.30pm, any age welcome

Forum book club -

every Saturday in term time, at 2.30pm for independant readers.

tootsweet Wed 26-Apr-06 14:43:07

mumfor1standfinaltime, you should have known we were never going to have organised anything! Like I said we needed a push! Think illness had lot to answer for. Well it did on my part!!

milkmoustache Wed 26-Apr-06 19:36:20

Right - I'm breaking the habit of a lifetime and being pushy: Tuesday at 3pm it is. I went to the Tots singing session today and it was mayhem - it would be impossible to meet up then!
If we meet in the kid's library, maybe we can grab a coffee later on. Still not sure how to recognise each other - any bright ideas, anyone?

ProfYaffle Thu 27-Apr-06 12:13:37

Hooray for milkmoustache - no takers for my fancy dress idea then??

tootsweet Thu 27-Apr-06 17:53:43

Thank god for that! Someone sorted us out at long last! All fine for me.
Not sure how to dress for a tootsweet! Someone might come and lick me!

milkmoustache Thu 27-Apr-06 19:36:53

OK I've cracked it: I will make a crappy little MN sticker and wear it prominently (not on my forehead), may even put one on DD as well - it'll stay for,ooh, 30 secs.
Please feel free to make your own stickers so I don't feel like the only plonker...

How exciting! This is the first bit of organising (of adults) I've done since I went on maternity leave so I hope it comes off and everyone can come. See you there...

Spagblog Thu 27-Apr-06 19:55:26

Awwww. I have to pick DD up from school at 3pm.

ProfYaffle Mon 01-May-06 18:30:35

Everyone still on for this? 3pm, Kids library tomorrow?

tootsweet Mon 01-May-06 22:15:26

I am. I'll be there. See you tomorrow.

lilstarry1 Fri 26-May-06 13:56:26

Bah. I forgot to check back.
Was the meet up a success?
Anyone fancy doing it again.
I'd love to get out for an afternoon.

chocolateleaf Mon 05-Jun-06 22:08:57

Hello everyone, this thread seems to have gone a bit quiet! Howevber thought i'd introduce myself, I'm Andrea, and I've got two little kiddies, Jasmine who is 2 and Sam who is 10 months. I'm a SAHM and live in Norwich city centre and would love to meet up with some new people!

margaretkaj Wed 09-Aug-06 21:56:21

Hello chocolateleaf

Don't know if too much time has gone by, but I too live in Norwich. I have a son, Alfie, who is 14 months old and we are keen to meet more families in the area.

LeilaS Wed 04-Oct-06 08:43:40

Did you meet up and are you going to again? Only just found this thread and would like to meet up with other Norwich mums. Any takers? I have a two year old boy by the way.

mel1976 Fri 10-Nov-06 19:28:24

hi all, im new to mumsnet, and im pregnant with my first baby, my due date is 23/05/07. im now 12 weeks pregnant...i would love to find out if there are any "mums and babes" type groups in norwich for mums to socialise and babies to learn new things and meet other babies of a similiar age group?? anyways, thats all from me, cheers mel

ShowOfHands Fri 10-Nov-06 19:40:26

Hi Mel1976. I'm also in Norwich and pg for the first time. I'm due on 17/05/07 so I'm about a week further along than you. Come and join us on the May Antenatal thread here

tootsweet Mon 20-Nov-06 16:25:28

Hello. I'm going to completely change the topic in this thread! Does anyone know of private swimming pools that you can hire for a session each week? Preferably Norwich area but can go further afield in Norfolk. Have been taking the girls to Riverside but its so filthy and busy lately that Ive been putting off going. Will check back later but thanks in advance if you can help!

Katymac Mon 20-Nov-06 16:28:15

The pool at Wroxham is nice (not completely private - but very clean)

jesica Fri 01-Dec-06 00:54:39

HI I am a young mum of 24 I have just joined mumsnet, I am a student at uni and have lived in Norwich city for a couple of years now. I have an eight year old son and would love to chat to any mums in the area.

worleywinterwonderland Mon 04-Dec-06 14:57:25

hi, have you tried the pool in bungay, its excellent for the kids. it has a shallow end that you walk in to, so they can sit and just have the water lapping up them, a seperate kids section which flows in to the larger pool. it also has a slide. they have larger family changing rooms also. we are regulars even though we live 15 miles away, but it is so nicer to go there. they have a fun session on a weds ot thurs afternoon (sorry cant remeber which after noon) and they ave floatyballs and a kids instructer to help if you want it.

sorry its long!!

canterbury1 Sun 24-Oct-10 11:04:54

my name is laura i live in norwich i have a little girl she 10 months older i would liked to meet other mums

canterbury1 Sun 24-Oct-10 22:06:58

my name is laura i got a baby girl called jessica she 10 moths older and we live in norwich i would liked to get to no other mums

canterbury1 Sun 24-Oct-10 22:09:23

my name is laura i got a baby girl she 10 months older i live in norwich and i would liked to meet other mums

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