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Kerry17 Sat 14-Jan-06 20:09:47


I'm Kerry I live in Taverham, Norwich i'm 23 and am mum to 2 girls Lauryn 2 and Ashley 1.

I don't know many people in the area of Taverham so would esp like to meet mums here but anyone in norwich is fine!

Lauryn has a few friends now so would also esp like to meet people with children the same age as Ashley (she was one on 05/01)

Hope to hear from some ppl soon love Kerry, Lauryn and Ashley x

mememum Fri 20-Jan-06 14:29:22

Hi Kerry.
I live in Hockering which is half way between Norwich and Dereham. I have 2 girls aged 2 and 10 months.
There has been a couple of attempts to do a meet up in Norwich but it hasn't happened yet.
Let me know when you are free and perhaps we could meet.

SmileyEyes Fri 20-Jan-06 16:29:59

Hi Emma & Kerry
I live in North Walsham and can get to Norwich quite easily. My daughter is only 8 weeks but I would happy to have a meet up.

Spagblog Fri 20-Jan-06 16:37:27

Hi Kerry, have you had a look at
It is a Norwich based parenting site and lots of the mums are near you

Spagblog Fri 20-Jan-06 20:34:04

Oh, forgot to say that I am in Norwich and have a DD 4 and a DS who will be 2 at the end of April

mememum Sat 21-Jan-06 10:50:11

Shall we have another go at organising a norwich meet up then? Hopefully this one might actually happen!

Detta Sun 29-Jan-06 20:33:46

I live just north of Norwich too, with DD 9 and DS 3. SAHM so could meet up during the day for coffee? Taverham Garden Centre has a good cafe with some great cakes....

mszebra Sun 29-Jan-06 21:01:05

SmileyEyes...I'm also in NWalsham! So is another lady who mostly lurks.

mememum Tue 31-Jan-06 15:04:12

Detta, Taverham Garden Centre sounds a good place to meet. I haven't been there for ages, they have some lovely little arts and crafts places there.
Just need a date and a time now! I'm sure there are some other norwich or norfolk mums but I don't know if they still come on here.

mumfor1standfinaltime Tue 31-Jan-06 15:24:55

Good to see Mums from Norwich! I live near the City Centre! So if anyonr wants to do some window shopping or meet for coffee let me know!

mumfor1standfinaltime Tue 31-Jan-06 15:25:47

Meant to say anyone, ds is attackin keyboard.

Detta Tue 31-Jan-06 20:37:59

Mememum I'm up for it. Mondays are the best day for me, or failing that afternoons as DS at preschool. Anyone else?

mememum Wed 01-Feb-06 15:00:23

Any day is fine for me. Just have to sort out having the car! Is city centre best for everyone or an out of town place?

Detta Thu 02-Feb-06 19:53:02

Either is fine for me.

mememum Fri 03-Feb-06 15:17:23

So far me and you then Detta! Anyone else? My mind has gone blank with regards to a good place to meet! Any ideas?

sonya291275 Fri 03-Feb-06 19:46:21

hi all

Im about 10 minutes from taverham, i am a full time mum to luke 7 sophie 4 ben 2 and zach 8 months, so it would be great to meet up sometime

mememum Sat 04-Feb-06 15:09:48

OK well that makes 3 of us. Spagblog, mszebra, mumforfirstandfinaltime and smileyeyes are you all still up for a meet up? What about week after next? Mid-week?

Detta Sat 04-Feb-06 17:21:37

Might make sense to meet somewhere that has a play area of some kind. I think there used to be one at the Sport Village (near Asda) but not sure if it's still there. Shall I find out?

Spagblog Sat 04-Feb-06 17:27:44

Sport village and kids play area is closed for refit.

Detta Tue 07-Feb-06 16:01:05

Won't go there then! Any other suggestions anyone?

mszebra Thu 09-Feb-06 20:09:13

Isn't there a pub, Brewsters? Something like that, near the southern bypass.
Funky Monkeys, Poringland playbarn, also come to mind.

DissLocated Thu 09-Feb-06 21:33:19

Hello - can i join in please? Take a wild guess where I live! Can I suggest Bedlam in the Castle Mall? It's a small soft play area, not the best I've been in but it's central.

Failing that, coffee shop in the Forum and/or children's library??

I've got one dd, 21 months btw.

mszebra Fri 10-Feb-06 21:36:44

Bedlam is expensive, but I'm up for it.

mememum Sat 11-Feb-06 22:19:54

Bedlam good for me.

DissLocated Tue 14-Feb-06 14:05:32

Shall we be daring and name a date?

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