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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Durham / North East Meet Ups - 2012

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juneybean Mon 19-Dec-11 20:47:17

Hello hello! Here I am with good intentions to behave and show up to some meet ups since I utterly failed in 2011! grin

So we need ideas for daytime meets and of course we must not forget our night time meets wink

[b]Daytime Ideas[/b]
Saltwell Park, Gateshead
The Giants Den, Team Valley
Botanic Gardens
Beach (in the summer of course, unless we want airborne children!)

Okay so ideas for January daytime, I think cake is definitely in order so I propose the one that's next to Ebony, the huge place, down some steps, uhh... Slug & Lettuce is it? CAKE!

January night time? Is this something we want to plan? I know we're always poor after Christmas!

Indith Wed 11-Jan-12 10:01:24

EDD 21st Feb so interview date is 10 days over. Have done 14 days over before which would be handy and 3 days over which is also doable. At teh moment I quite fancy 37/38 weeks!

Been on the phone ot them this morning, attempting to sound all proper and reasonable but just gabbling (head all over the place). There is a session on Feb 9th which would be just perfect but it is full. If anyone drops out of it they will let me know (please, please please let someone drop out!) otherwise I can play it by ear so long as I keep them updated (taking someone to hold baby during tasks so I can feed in between isn't a problem). Although no date yet for later session it is very likely there will be one later in March so if the worst comes to the worst and I go and give birth the night before the interview or something then as long as I add them to my list of people to phone I shouldn't miss out. Really don't want to have to reapply next year just because I can't make the interview. Don't want to have to reapply at all I want to nail the interview and this time next year be getting ready to start uni in March!

Think am going to come on Mon, I'll just keep dd off nursery and tell them I have an appointment in Durham that means I won't be able to pick her up so she's having the day off. Screw them if they complain, she isn't settled well enough to leave her for dinner yet.

spiffysquiffyspiggy Wed 11-Jan-12 11:25:30

OOOH- well done Indith! Are the interviews in Newcastle? Am more than happy to be baby holder in chief if they are! Education is covered by Equalities legislation so they would have to make sure their admissions process does not discriminate. Which might cover not being flexible on interview dates for a woman about to give birth. Equalities and Human Rights Comission might be worth a ring if you do have problems.

You could form part of the interview process if you go into labour on the day- anyone who faints or runs away gets disqualified grin

LeggyBlondeNE Wed 11-Jan-12 14:55:49


Indith Wed 11-Jan-12 16:35:09

I just got another e-mail inviting me to the 9th Feb session! Woohoo! (And bloody hell that isn't far away and it has been way too long since I have done anything like this!)

stickyLFDTfingers Wed 11-Jan-12 17:25:47

that's good news Indith. Time to start talking to yourself in the mirror! (If you don't do that already wink)

KaraStarbuckThrace Wed 11-Jan-12 17:53:25

Indith, great news about the interview! I was reading the posts and wondering who to kill to get you your Feb 9th date smile
BTW - you didn't tell me whether you want me to bring your baby clothes back? Let me know if you want me to bring them on Monday. If you want me to drop them off at your house we can do.
Are any of you going to the LLL meeting in Washington on Saturday BTW? If so I will see you there.
Leggy - yey for your DB and DSIL, hope they are settling in their new home okay. Hope your DSIL can meet us for cake smile
SLF - I let DS loves playing Sonic and Super Mario Bros on Nintendo DS <<hangs head in shame>>
Spiggy - I'll get DS T-herding before you know it ;)

StealthPolarBear Thu 12-Jan-12 08:27:29

Hi everyone. Well done Indith, was wondering how that was going. Good luck for it.
Kara what time is the meeting? Tempted if you're going but going to mum and dad's around lunchtime. It's a long way for yoou to go! Is it still really busy and would dd be the oldest?

spiffysquiffyspiggy Thu 12-Jan-12 09:30:51

I'm very good at helping people prep for civil service interviews but don't think I'll be much cop at a midwifery one! Is it a 1-2-1 interview or do you have to do anything else? I'll be around in Newcastle on the 9th so if you need cake to help you recover I can come and meet you any excuse for cake really

Kara- DS will have to be quick- T has a fair turn of speed now. grin Although he does stop every now and again to try and stand up. What time is the LLL meeting? I might come along if you are going.

Indith Thu 12-Jan-12 12:32:56

It is a full day thing. Q&A with current students first, then lunch then watching a video of a user experience and doing a written task on that followed by group work and finally an individual interview. I may need cake afterwards grin.

I told nursery dd won't be in on Monday so I shall see you lot for cake smile Kara if you want to offload clothes then I'll have the car so no problem smile.

spiffysquiffyspiggy Thu 12-Jan-12 12:54:07

Yay for cake! H will be happy to see D smile Looks like there will be a few of us this time- do you think we should warn them to stock up their cake supplies? grin

KaraStarbuckThrace Fri 13-Jan-12 20:03:33

Meeting is at 10am, Rainbow Centre Washington.
I am going to lunch at M's straight after as I am giving her a lift.

Indith, wow sounds intense! I will put the date in my diary so I can send you a good luck message!

juneybean Fri 13-Jan-12 22:23:46

Did we say 10.30am for Monday? Just arranging a swim around it grin

spiffysquiffyspiggy Sat 14-Jan-12 09:40:17

sorry Kara- only just woke up [lazy cow emoticon] Let me know for next time though.

juney- I'll be there about 10:30. Don't think I've seen you since I had T shock

juneybean Sat 14-Jan-12 11:41:40

shock yay I get to play with new (but now bigger) babies!

KaraStarbuckThrace Sun 15-Jan-12 11:44:20

Cool Juney, you can play with the babies while rest of us eat cake ;)

Indith Sun 15-Jan-12 11:58:10

Will you be limited to babies Juney or will you play with dd too? She steals entirely too many of my chips <sulks> Maybe I should just stick her with T and tell her to practice grin.

spiffysquiffyspiggy Sun 15-Jan-12 11:59:15

I can get H to give her a tutorial in baby brothers and that will keep HER busy as well. grin

Indith Sun 15-Jan-12 12:04:49


juneybean Sun 15-Jan-12 12:13:36

Ooo I'm sure I could spare a cuddle for D as well!

L's nearly 2, I'm running out of baby-ness to cuddle sad

Indith Sun 15-Jan-12 15:55:24

That is the flaw in nannying, you only get called back once they are past the proper baby stage.

juneybean Sun 15-Jan-12 19:28:27

So I've sat with the slug and lettuce menu open on my computer, I think I want cheesecake. You just know they'll have none in stock...

KaraStarbuckThrace Sun 15-Jan-12 21:01:09

Fingers crossed for you Juney!

Indith, forgot to sort those clothes out. I will bring your snowsuits though, and we can sort out a time when i could drop off the clothes at your house if that is okay, that way at least you are not having to carry them!

juneybean Mon 16-Jan-12 13:19:24

Lovely seeing you all again and especially nice meeting our newbie! Spiggy get her on this thread!

Is Indith wanting a night out before or after baby 3?

Shall we arrange another day time meet for beginning of Feb? Up til now I can do any Mondays (that seems like the best day?)

Indith Mon 16-Jan-12 13:50:18

I'm having a night out with the husband in Feb! Save the MN one for when I can partake of cocktails grin.

Good to see you all. Dd fell asleep within 30 seconds of the car starting, currently snuggled watching Mr Tumble smile.

spiffysquiffyspiggy Mon 16-Jan-12 15:55:08

DD cried all the way home and then wee'ed all over my new rug (2 mins after I told her to go for a wee and she said she didn't need one) <sigh> How long til bedtime?

I'm off Mon and Tues next week if anyone wants to do anything.

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