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USA Mums - SF/Bay Area/ Foster City/San Mateo etc ?

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mojomummy Fri 09-Dec-05 13:36:53

Hi, my Dh is thinking of re-locating to work just outside San Francisco in the next 6 mths or so.

I wondered if there are any MNetters out there, where you live, where/what you recommend etc ?

MUMBOjingleJUMbells Sat 10-Dec-05 21:38:14

My dh had the opportunity to work for a couple of month-long stints in the Bay area for his company. I also went out (pre-children) for a couple of holidays whilst he was there. He had accommodation in Mountain View (off Highway 101), which was lovely but I understand that property is very expensive. Lots of good restaurants.
It was about a 30 minute train ride to central San Francisco. I believe that Fremont (off Highway 880) is slightly cheaper in terms of property.
We both loved the Bay area. DH is off there again for a couple of weeks in January . Great shopping at Stanford, Great Mall, Hillsdale and outlet shopping at Gilroy. Great scenery at Half Moon Bay, and Sausalito.


philippat Sat 10-Dec-05 22:10:16

Me and DH lived (pre kids) in Lafayette in east bay for a couple of years. Loved it loved it loved it! Does it need to be south bay? The airport is a bit of a major consideration (they come right in over your head if you live San Mateo or Foster City - oh I'm feeling all nostalgic now thinking of the flight in)

The north end of Berkeley is really lovely. Lafayette I really thought was perfect - sort of village-y atmosphere. Orinda is equally nice, as is Moraga (although that's not on BART). Walnut Creek is also really pleasant suburban area with good shopping in quite a nice outside-wander-round-almost-english-if-you-discount-the-nice-weather sort of way.

The SF peninsula does get really foggy and is considerably cooler and more changeable weather than east bay or south bay proper (San Jose).

SF itself is gorgeous but incredibly expensive, even in very multicultural areas like Market. Mountain View is crazy prices. Parts of Oakland are very affordable, but there are also areas that you need to be very careful of, it's a high crime area.

One of my friends lived on Alameda. I'd really recommend it for families - lots of parks, great schools, nice local shopping, lovely beach.

Do you have endless £ (or is his company paying)? It's a very pricey part of the world.

mojomummy Sat 10-Dec-05 23:28:11

thanks for the info !

His company is in Redwood Shores, so Foster City is a popular choice with other employees out there. Not endless £'s, but we are hopeful of some sort of living allowance to afford a 3 bed apartment. Will be one car between us, so I will need to drive him into work, or else use public transport.

Will look up those places you've mentioned thanks. If anything else comes to mind, please let me know.

Eshay Wed 14-Dec-05 15:15:23

Hey, I lived in the Bay Area for 2 years as an au pair and loved every minute of it. My first year was in San Jose (South Bay) and my second year in Redwood City. I would advise against SJ as it is a pretty dead town but the more north you go, the better it is, ending in wonderful SF itself.

There are so many things to do and such great things to see so nearby. SF itself does get a bit cold due to the fog but we didn't have fog in Redwood City at all.

I would strongly recommend having 2 cars though as life without a car is pretty difficult. Public transport is not all that great, unless you are in SF itself. Really, life without a car can be quite lonely and traffic can be diabolical so you would probably be sick of driving your DH to and from work every day so you can have the car.

There are so many things to do for kids there too. 'My' boys were always busy going to various sportsclubs, drama classes and play dates. There was never an afternoon where we didn't have several things to go to. So life as a surrogate mum was very busy but that is the way American families like it. How old are your kids?

TR001 Thu 21-Jul-11 02:22:31

Hi, recently relocated to Foster city from London, any other UK mums out there in San Mateo/peninsula? We have two girls (3,6) and we're all very keen to make friends!

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